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First Grade Back to School Night

September 3, 2014


Seattle University Redhawks
Santa Clara University Broncos
TCU Horned Frogs
CSU Sacramento Hornets
You are the first and most important teachers of
your children and we are proud to be part of the

Coach T, Ms. Riegel, Ms. Julin, Mrs. Hernandez

Minutes Focus
0-5 Learning Goals
5-25 Strategy to Reach Our Goals
25-35 Home to School Connection
35-40 Important Events
40-45 Volunteer Hours and Resources
45-60 Classroom Tours and Questions
Big Goals for First Grade
First Graders will
Achieve a 4+ on the End of Year Writing Assessment
Master at least 300 Sight Words
Achieve 4+ levels of growth on STEP
Achieve 80%+ on 1st Grade Math Benchmark
Achieve 1.7 years of growth on ELA and Math NWEA MAP Test (New)
Achieve 1.2 years of growth on ELA and Math NWEA MAP Test (Returning)
Math Benchmarks
Math and Literacy NWEA
Progress Monitoring
Writing Assessment
Daily Schedule
Components of Our Day
Community Meeting (focus on speaking and language development)
Read Aloud (focus on critically thinking about literature)
Guided Reading (small group reading instruction)
Phonics (letters, sounds, spelling patterns)
Shared Reading and Poetry Journals (phonemic awareness and phonics)
Reading Centers and Writing Workshop (building strong writing habits)
Do Now
Math Meeting
Lesson/Independent Practice
Math Journals
Enrichment (Art, PE, Science, or gardening)
Online Learning Programs
Tutoring (for some students)
Meet the Enrichment Teachers

Coach Santiago
Physical Education

Ms. Wileen

Mr. Mario

Mr. Laskey
Health and

More Important Team Members
Mr. Etcheverry
Ms. Vero
Office Manager
Mr. White
Business Operations Manager
Mr. Robinson
Assistant Principal
Ms. Lavi
Assistant Principal
Educating the Whole Rocketeer
Were not forgetting about the fourth R

Feelings Fuel Behavior
Kimochis are tools to help Rocketeers:
describe their feelings
recognize feelings of others
thoughtfully regulate their behavior so
they can be successful

There will be moments in first grade
when our Rocketeers will have upset



We can work together to make sure
that Rocketeers feel good about



The Clip Chart and Behavior Report
We Value Homework
Summer HW Celebration
More celebrations coming!
HW should be done every day.
Families should work together to complete HW.
Families can help Rocketeers take pride in the quality of their work.
No Homework?
Talk to student
Note home
Phone call home
Conference with parent and administration
High Quality Homework Example
Small things that make a big difference
Rocketeers should come to school dressed for success.
Rocketeers should wear clothes and shoes that they can handle on their own.
Rocketeers should have a routine that allows them to get 9-10 hours of sleep.
Rocketeers should be on time to school and plan ahead if they will be absent.
Rocketeer families should check and empty HW folders everyday.
Only Math and Literacy HW and Book Bags need to come back to school.
How to Best Contact Us
Email us! Text or call us!
Ms. Riegels Email:
Ms. Riegels Phone: (408) 641-5261
Ms. Julins Email:
Ms. Julins Phone: (952) 518-6996
Ms. Hernandezs Email:
Ms. Hernandezs Phone: (408) 393-5454

Classroom Website!
Important Events
What When
Workshops Throughout the year, evenings
Conferences November, March, June
Community Meetings and Coffee w/ Mr.
Fall Field Trip Fall
Spring Field Trip Spring
Shout-outs to Parents
Thanks for coming to community
Broncos= 24
Horned Frogs = 25
Redhawks= 25
Hornets = 27
Parent Volunteer Hours
Ideas for fulfilling the 30 hour ask
In the classroom: talk to teachers
You are welcome any time!
Its helpful if you let us know ahead of time by emailing us so we can have something
ready for you
In the office: talk to Ms. Vero
In the school: talk to Mr. White
At home: as requested and as projects are available