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Frequently Asked Questions

International Academy FAQs

1. What is TC Williams International Academy?
The TC Williams International Academy is a program for recently arrived immigrants. The
International Academy employs a rigorous experiential and project based curricula to ensure
that each student develops the skills and knowledge to pursue a productive and fulfilling life,
to participate thoughtfully in a community, and to succeed in a diverse and global society.

2. Who are International Academy students?
International Academy students have been in the United States less than three years upon
entering the ninth grade. They come from all over the world and have a wealth of cross
cultural and linguistic abilities.

3. Where is the International Academy located?
The International Academy is located in T.C. Williams High School at 3330 King Street
Alexandria, Virginia 22302

International Academy Internship FAQs
4. What is the Internship Program?
The Internship program is an experiential learning opportunity for eleventh graders.
Through internship students explore a particular career interest and develop workplace skills
under the mentorship of a professional.

5. How long is the internship program?
Internship is a 15 week program in which students work approximately 75 hours. As
Internship is a school course, students follow the school calendar and bell schedule.

6. What is my interns schedule?
To comply with the school calendar and bell schedule, students attend internship every other
day from approximately 2p.m. to 4:30 p.m.
7. When does internship start?
2014 internships commence January 2015 and run through April 2015. Mentors will receive
a calendar.

Intern FAQs
8. What duties can an intern perform?
Initially, an intern can perform entry-level tasks. However, once interns have acclimated to
the site and have received training from a mentor, they should be given progressively more
challenging work. Interns are expected to leave the experience with a deep understanding of
the skills required of the profession.

9. Will the intern be proficient in English?
All interns speak English as a second language at an intermediate or advanced level. Many
interns can speak and understand more than two languages. They are culturally and
linguistically diverse and savvy.

10. Is the intern paid?
The internship is an academic, nonpaid placement. However, students can be hired for paid
positions during schools breaks and after graduation.

Mentor FAQs
11. What is the role of the mentor?
The mentor provides the intern with an orientation to the workplace and gradually trains the
intern in as many different aspects of the business as possible. The mentor will treat the
intern as a member of the team and hold him or her to the same level of accountability as
other employees.

12. What logistical responsibilities does the mentor have?
The mentor will sign the interns time card and report excessive absences to the Internship
Instructor. Mentors will periodically evaluate the interns performance and discuss the
interns progress with the Internship Instructor during site visits. Each intern will have two
site visits.

13. Can I interview students?
Yes. Interviews will take place during the month of November. Student will spend a
significant amount of time researching businesses and engaging in mock interviews in order
to prepare for their interview with you.

14. What if issues of comportment arise?
An Intern is to be held to the same standards of comportment as other employees. If issues
arise the Internship Instructor should be contacted immediately so that the situation can be

15. Can I fire an intern?
All interns take an internship course to prepare them for the responsibilities of an internship
and engage in continual reflection of their growth and progress. However, if an intern or
mentor deems the placement is not working, the mentor may terminate the internship.

Internship Instructor FAQs
16. What is the role of the Internship Instructor?
The Internship Instructor prepares students for internship and monitors their progress
throughout the experience. The instructor will periodically communicate with the mentor to
get feedback and help support the interns growth and development. The Internship
Instructor will also conduct a minimum of two site visits per intern in order to officially
evaluate progress and conference in person with the mentor.

17. How can I reach the Internship Instructor?
You will be provided with the Internship Instructors email and telephone number. However,
you may also call the Academy Leader, Danielle Wierzbicki, or Department Chair, Susannah
Courand, at (703) 824-6842 with any questions or concerns.