The Competitors

a. Competitors and Their Products
No Name of Competitors Name of Product Major Strength Weaknesses
1 Pasti Boleh Sdn. Bhd.
 Sg Siput, Perak

1. Frozen quail
2. Puyuh salai

1. Main supplier of quail
2. Produce variety of quail
1. High delivery
2. Quail heredity
high in price

2 Puyuh Best Sdn.Bhd.
 Seremban,

1. Frozen quail
2. Puyuh salai

1. Strategic location.
2. In the middle of food stall.

1. Just operated.
2. Small
business and
less attractive.

b. Competitors Product Analysis
Benefits Puyuh Frozen Pasti Boleh Sdn. Bhd.

Puyuh Best Sdn.Bhd.

Quality High Same Same
Customer service On call
(24 hours)/7days

No On call
(24 hours)/5days

Pricing Affordable Same High
Overall customer value High Average Average
Packaging Seal packaging Seal packaging Seal packaging

Cash on delivery Yes Not in service Not in service
Warranty of product High Same High
Equipment Very good Good Good

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