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The Money Mindset

The Money Mindset

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The Wealthy Have Learned That in Order to Find Financial Freedom, it is Crucial to Have the Proper Mindset Making Wise Decisions and Directing Your Course Into Correct Actions That Accumulate Wealth
The Wealthy Have Learned That in Order to Find Financial Freedom, it is Crucial to Have the Proper Mindset Making Wise Decisions and Directing Your Course Into Correct Actions That Accumulate Wealth

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Published by: phoenixfire2 on Sep 05, 2014
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The Money Mindset and Living Financially Free

Intro............................................................................................................................................................... 3
The Basics....................................................................................................................................................... 3
Envision What You Want ............................................................................................................................... 5
What Do You Bring To It................................................................................................................................. 8
What Is ee!ing You Do"n............................................................................................................................ ##
Ta$ing The %te!s To"ards Wealth................................................................................................................. #3
Final Words .................................................................................................................................................. #&
In this e'(oo$ you)ll discover the *oundations o* the +ani*estation !rocess and the in(uilt !o"er o* your
+ind to !roduce "hatever truth you !re*er. You)ll dive into the e,!loration o* your a"areness and *ind
that it)s a+ong the +ost un(elieva(le and e,citing do+ains one +ay inha(it. Welco+e to the endless
!otentiality that)s you- Everything in your li*e is a conse.uence o* "hat you understand/ "hat you
e,!erience and ho" you interact "ith your a"areness. These *actors +a$e u! the ele+ental source
*ro+ "hich everything else develo!s.
Learning a(out yoursel* +ay (e the +ost ca!tivating enter!rise one +ay i+agine. Mani*esting is a
!o"er o* consciousness at the inner level/ and isn)t deter+ined (y any outer conditions. We all share
the sa+e inside source0 no one gets +ore or less. The sole di**erence is that a *e" individuals are +ore
cogni1ant o* it than other !eo!le. But/ "ith this and "ith a *avora(le attitude to learn/ you are a(le to go
as dee!ly as you "ant. This is your "illingness to e,!lore the un$no"n.
The Basics
The +ore you understand a(out the un$no"n the +ore you really co+!rehend ho" little you
understand. It +a$es you +odest and (rings you (ac$ to the do+ain o* "onders/ +iracles and +agic. 2
do+ain in "hich everything is conceiva(le.
3lease study this e'(oo$ "ith a "ide'o!en +ind. You don)t have to trust everything that)s "ritten here '
si+!ly e,!lore as a scientist "ould do. When you hit a !assage that)s hard to gras!/ ta$e a (rea$ and
!onder it a"hile. Let your +ind !rocess this *resh in*or+ation. 4ead this e'(oo$ a cou!le o* ti+es/ ta$e
your ti+e and !roduce your o"n e,!eriences.
Those "ho truly "ant to attain a *inancially *ree +indset/ have only to set their +inds on it/ and ac.uire
the !ro!er +eans/ as they do in relation to any other ai+ "hich they "ant to achieve/ and it can (e
easily done.
But ho"ever si+!le it +ight (e to +a$e revenue/ I have no dou(t +any "ill agree it)s the hardest thing
in the "orld to hold on to it. It consists +erely in s!ending less than "e (ring in0 that a!!ears to (e a
really si+!le issue. 2 lot o* +y readers +ight say/ 5"e co+!rehend this6 this is +indset/ and "e $no"
+indset is "ealth0 "e $no" "e can)t eat our ca$e and have it as "ell.5
The Basics
True +indset is +isconceived/ and individuals go through li*e "ithout !ro!erly gras!ing "hat that
!rinci!le is.
7ne says/ 5I)ve an inco+e o* so +uch/ and here is +y neigh(or "ho has the sa+e0 yet yearly he
*lourishes and I *all short0 "hy is it8 I understand all a(out +indset.5 9e thin$s he does/ (ut he doesn)t.
There are +en "ho (elieve that +indset consists in scri+!ing/ in cutting o** t"o cents *ro+ the "ash
(ill and doing all sorts o* little/ +ean things. Mindset isn)t +eanness.
The +is*ortune is/ li$e"ise/ that this class o* individuals let their +indset a!!ly in only one direction.
They *ancy they)re so "onder*ully *rugal in saving a !enny "here they should s!end t"o cents that they
thin$ they can a**ord to "aste in other directions.
Be*ore $erosene oil "as e,!osed/ one +ight sto! overnight at nearly any *ar+er)s house and get a
really good su!!er/ (ut a*ter su!!er he +ay atte+!t to read in the living roo+/ and "ould *ind it
i+!ossi(le "ith the ine**ective light o* one candle.
The hostess/ seeing his .uandary/ "ould state6 5it)s rather hard to read here evenings0 "e never have an
additional candle e,ce!t on s!ecial occasions.5 These s!ecial occasions ha!!en/ !erha!s/ t"ice a year. In
that "ay the "o+an saves 5/ &/ or #: dollars6 (ut the in*or+ation "hich +ay (e gained *ro+ having the
e,tra light "ould/ naturally/ *ar out"eigh a ton o* candles.
But the di**iculty doesn)t end here. Feeling that she is so *rugal in candles/ she (elieves she can a**ord to
go o*ten to s!end ;: or 3: dollars *or ri((ons and *rills/ +any o* "hich are not essential. This *alse (elie*
+ay *re.uently (e seen in other instances.
You *ind great (usiness+en "ho save old envelo!es and scra!s o* !a!er. This is all 70 they +ight in this
"ay save 5 or #: dollars a year/ (ut (eing so *rugal <only in !a!er=/ they (elieve they can a**ord to
s.uander ti+e0 to have e,!ensive !arties/ and to drive their *ancy cars. This is an illustration o* 5!enny
"ise and !ound *oolish.5 I never $ne" a +an to succeed (y a!!lying this sort o* +indset.
True sound *inancial +indset consists in al"ays +a$ing the !ro*it e,ceed the e,!enditure. Wear the old
clothes a (it longer i* essential0 give u! the ne" !air o* gloves0 *i, the old dress6 e,ist on !lainer *ood i*
need (e0 so that/ under all conditions/ unless so+e une,!ected accident ha!!ens/ there "ill (e a
allo"ance in *avor o* the !ro*it.
2 !enny here and a dollar there saved/ goes on accu+ulating/ and in that "ay the desired result is
acco+!lished. It re.uires so+e training/ !ossi(ly/ to achieve this +indset/ (ut "hen once used to it/
you)ll discover there)s +ore satis*action in rational saving than in irrational s!ending.
9ere is a *or+ula "hich I advocate6 I)ve *ound it to "or$ a great cure *or e,travagance/ and !articularly
*or +ista$en +indset. When you *ind that you)ve no sur!lus +oney at the end o* the year/ and yet have
a great inco+e/ I advise you to ta$e a cou!le o* !ieces o* !a!er and +ar$ do"n each ite+ o*
3ost it daily or "ee$ly in ; colu+ns/ one headed 5essentials5 or even 5co+*orts5/ and the other headed
5lu,uries/5 and you)ll discover that the latter colu+n "ill (e dou(le/ or +ore/ larger than the *or+er. The true
co+*orts o* li*e cost (ut a s+all !ortion o* "hat +ost o* us +ay earn.
Thin$ o* the $ee! u! "ith the >ones) attitude6 7ne +ay say0 5there)s a +an "ho has an inco+e o* *i*ty
thousand dollars annually/ "hile I have (ut one thousand dollars0 I $ne" that young +an "hen he "as
!oor li$e +ysel*0 no" he)s "ealthy and thin$s he)s (etter than I a+0 I)ll sho" hi+ that I)+ as good as he
is0 I "ill go and !urchase a *ancy car0 no/ I can)t do that/ (ut I)ll go and rent one and ride this a*ternoon
on the sa+e road that he does/ and there*ore !rove to hi+ that I)+ as good as he is.5
My *riend/ you don)t have to do all that0 you +ay easily !rove that you are 5as good as he is05 you)ve
only to (ehave as "ell as he does0 (ut you can)t +a$e any(ody *eel that you)re rich as he is. 2lso/ i* you
act li$e this/ and "aste your ti+e and s!end your inco+e/ you)ll re+ain !oor/ in order that you +ight
$ee! u! 5a!!earances/5 and/ a*ter all/ deceive no(ody.
You)ll not advance in the "orld/ i* your envy *orces you into de(t. In this country/ "here "e (elieve the
+a@ority ought to rule/ "e (rush aside that !rinci!le in re*erence to style/ and let a hand*ul o*
individuals/ calling the+selves the aristocracy/ run u! a *a$e standard o* !er*ection/ and in striving to
rise to that standard/ "e !er!etually $ee! ourselves !oor0 all the ti+e grinding a"ay *or the sa$e o*
outside a!!earances.
9o" +uch +ore sensi(le to say/ 5We)ll regulate our e,!enditures (y our inco+e/ and save so+ething *or a
rainy day.5 Individuals should (e as sensi(le on the issue o* +oney as on any other su(@ect. Li$e
+ove+ents !roduce li$e e**ects. You can)t accu+ulate a *ortune (y ta$ing the road that leads to
i+!overish+ent. Those "ho live (eyond their +eans/ "ith no thought o* a set(ac$ in this li*e/ +ay
never attain +onetary inde!endence.
Men and "o+en used to satis*ying every i+!ulse/ "ill *ind it di**icult/ initially/ to cut (ac$ their various
unnecessary e,!enses/ and "ill *eel it a great denial to live in a littler ho+e than they)ve (een
accusto+ed to/ "ith less e,!ensive *urniture/ less !ricy clothing/ less entertain+ent/ and additional
e,travagances0 (ut/ a*ter all/ i* they)ll try saving a 5nest'egg/5 or @udiciously investing/ they)ll (e sur!rised at
the @oy *ro+ !er!etually adding to their little 5(undle5.
The old suit/ and the old hat/ "ill "or$ *or another season0 the "ater tastes (etter than cha+!agne0 a
(ris$ "al$ "ill !rove +ore sti+ulating than a ride in the *inest auto0 an evening s!ent !laying a *a+ily
ga+e "ill (e *ar +ore !leasant than a 5: dollar night out/ "hen you (egin to $no" the !leasures o*
Thousands o* +en are $e!t !oor/ and tens o* thousands are +ade so a*ter they)ve ac.uired riches/ in
result o* living (eyond their +eans. 5Easy co+e/ easy go/5 is an old and true adage. 2 s!irit o* !ride/
*ulness and vanity/ "hen allo"ed to have *ull s"ay/ is the undying !ro(le+.
Many individuals/ as they set out to !ros!er/ instantly start s!ending *or lu,uries/ till in a short ti+e their
e,!enses eat u! their inco+e/ and they (eco+e ruined in their a(surd atte+!ts to +aintain
Envision What You Want
Most individuals never consider "hat they "ish in their lives. They live "ithout this $no"ledge or
!re+editation and (eco+e victi+s o* their o"n condition. Wor$ is si+!ly a(out a @o( ' to +a$e do
*inancially. Li*e (eco+es a series o* trou(les li$e choosing to live so+e!lace (ecause the rent is
ine,!ensive/ never reali1ing ho" to (e in relationshi!s or (eco+ing ine**ective !arents. The list carries
on and on.
%ee It
Inside you there)s a hungering *or +ore. Is it +eaning/ contact or a richer understanding o* li*e8 Ao one
has ever ac.uainted such individuals "ith the conce!t o* !er!etual !ossi(ility. 52s a +an thin$eth/ so is
he.5 2 +a@or +ode to +ani*esting the li*e you "ish is to thin$ over "hat you "ish out o* li*e. What is it
that you "ish to do "ith your li*e8 2 great e,ercise is to ta$e a sheet o* !a!er and !ut do"n the ans"ers
to the acco+!anying .uestions6
• What is +y dee!est "ant8
• What "ould I li$e to achieve in +y li*eti+e8
• What "ould I li$e to achieve this year8
• Where "ould I "ish to (e in *ive years8
• Where "ould I "ish to (e in t"enty years8
• What a+ I great at8
Bhec$ into all *ields o* your li*e6
• Your line o* "or$
• Your relationshi!s
• Your "ellness
• Your *inancial state o* a**airs
• 9o" you have *un <ho" you s!end your vacations=
2*ter you)ve !ut do"n a list o* "hat you "ish to achieve in your li*e/ you)ll need to set !riorities *or
the+. %i+!ly ta$e the list that you !ut do"n and !rovide every to!ic # ' 5 !oints. # (eco+ing the least
crucial to *ive !oints (eco+ing the +ost. Ao" you)ve !riorities in your li*e/ "hich "ill hel! you
deter+ine "here you "ish your attention to (e. It)s an easy e.uation6 co+!rehend si+!ly that you "ish
to s!end +ost o* your ti+e "ith the nu+(er # +atter on your list. %!end so+e"hat less ti+e "ith the
nu+(er ; entry on your list ' and so *orth *or nu+(ers 3 through 5.
There)s no need to slice the day into ti+e slots. >ust (y doing this e,ercise you)re !rogra++ing your
consciousness to s!end ti+e har+oni1ing "ith your list.
Let)s !resu+e you)d li$e to discover your li*e !artner in the ne,t ; years/ and that this is your chie* goal/
at the very to! o* your list. When you chec$ into your thought !rocess at the end o* the day and you
discover that you)ve not s!ent +ost o* your s!are ti+e addressing this goal/ you)ve a +isalign+ent/ and
you +ight never acco+!lish your goal. When this occurs +erely reali1e it and correct accordingly.
Wor$ing all day only to sit do"n on your couch and "atch television "on)t get you "here you "ish to
(e. You have to ta$e action to +ani*est your goal<s=/ *or instance6
• Ta$e action (y signing on *or a class
• Enroll in a "ee$end se+inar on a +atter that *ascinates you
• Co to a "or$sho! that centers on your interest
• %!end ti+e at !laces "here you are a(le to +eet individuals
I* your goal ha!!ens to (e that you "ish to (e a +illionaire inside 5 years/ and you)re s!ending only 5
+inutes o* your ti+e every day to achieve this goal/ then don)t (e sur!rised i* your *inancial state o*
a**airs never alters.
There)s another crucial as!ect o* +ani*estation here that calls *or consistency. Let)s !resu+e you)ve
+ade your !riority list and everything on your list *eels great u! to no". It)s really crucial that you)re in
e+otional concord "ith your goals ' they have to *eel correct to you. I* you +erely +a$e goals in your
+ind that are not use*ul to you then you)ll discover yoursel* having a di**icult ti+e "or$ing to
acco+!lish the+.
What occurs "ith +ost individuals scenario is that they)ve a goal that *eels correct *or the+/ then they
(egin "or$ing at their goal. 3ut di**erently/ they !lace their attention into +a$ing their goal a *act. 2
cou!le o* "ee$s go (y and nothing occurs. Ao" dis+ay $ic$s in and the goal *or so+e reason a!!ears
unreacha(le/ the +otivation is do"n to 1ilch.
This is the !oint "here you have to *eel your dis+ay. Don)t si+!ly !lace it a"ay or discount it ' *ace it as
totally and consciously as you are a(le to. This +ay (e un!leasant *or you ho"ever it "ill hel! you get
nearer to your goal. 9o" is this8 When you "ish to alter your reality you evidently have to do so+ething
di**erently than "hat you)ve done !reviously.
%o this is "here the truth chec$ co+es in. You loo$ around and can)t see any change.
But changes +ight have already ha!!ened in your thin$ing and conduct. You +ight have set +atters in
+otion that you can)t yet see. Dis+ay sets in "hen you !resu+e that +atters ought to (e ha!!ening
sooner than you)re ready *or the+. 4e+e+(er ' there are no unrealistic goals/ only unrealistic ti+e
%o *eel your dis+ay and let it resolve. Die" "hat you)ve done and realign your strategies. I* one "ay
doesn)t lead to success don)t .uit at that !oint ' +erely atte+!t another. I* you stic$ "ith a goal you)ll
acco+!lish it.
7ccasionally you +ight !ush too hard "hen you si+!ly have to let go and ta$e the !ressure o**. You
.uestion yoursel* at this !oint/ trusting there)s nothing you are a(le to achieve. Co to the !lace in your
(rain "here you $no" you can)t (o+(. 4eading a (oo$ or vie"ing a +otivational +ovie +ight hel! to get
you realigned "ith your +ighty source.
What Do You Bring To It
The cornerstone o* success in li*e is healthiness6 that)s the su(stratu+ *ortune0 it)s li$e"ise the
cornerstone o* ha!!iness.
2n individual can)t a+ass a *ortune very "ell "hen he is sic$. 9e has no a+(ition0 no +otivator0 no
Aaturally/ there are those "ho have unsound health and can)t hel! it6 you can)t e,!ect that such
individuals +ay a+ass "ealth/ (ut there are a good +any in !oor health "ho need not (e so.
Most success*ul individuals have so+ething in co++on. They en@oy "hat they do. You "on)t discover
"ealthy and success*ul individuals that detest "hat they do.
9ave 2 Loo$
Each o* us is un!aralleled/ having !articular talents and gi*ts. It)s so+ething innately (uilt'in in all o* us/ a
co+!ounding o* energy !atterns leading to"ard a natural $inshi! *or !articular issues in li*e/ !articular
"ays o* (eing. 2+ong the +ost crucial @o(s in your li*e is to discover these talents and gi*ts inside
yoursel*/ "hich is an ac$no"ledge+ent o* "hat you)ve (rought into your creation.
Let)s !resu+e that you)re !resented a ha++er "ithout having any cognition o* ho" to use this tool.
4e+ain "ith +e no" ' this is a star$ over'si+!li*ication o* a highly crucial as!ect o* your truth. You)re
!resented nails (ut you utili1e the incorrect end o* the ha++er. You can)t see any success "ith
achieving your tas$ o* (eating in the nails. You)ve the tool (ut not the cognition o* its correct use.
Li$e"ise/ ho" +ay "e +anage our lives "ithout understanding the +any tools usa(le and their
a!!lications8 You +ay even have an instant o* enlightened clarity. We +ay all relate to at last
understanding so+ething that had (een +essing us u!. Wouldn)t it (e nice i* so+e(ody had shared the
essential in*o in advance ' (e*ore going through *rustration and +ay(e surrender8
4eali1ing your o"n strengths and talents is utterly crucial *or any *urther ste!s you ta$e in li*e. 3utting
the+ do"n ought to +a$e the+ +ore real to you i* you)re not used to thin$ing o* the+. I* you
understand your distinctive strengths and gi*ts you ought to (e a(le to "rite the+ do"n in a cou!le o*
sentences "ithout having to thin$ too +uch a(out the !rocedure. I* you)re not certain/ or you truly have
no clue/ here are a cou!le hints that "ill hel! you descri(e the+6
4e+e+(er your childhood6
• What "ere the !laythings you li$ed to !lay "ith8
• What "ere you intrigued "ith8
• What did you li$e +ost to !lay8
• What gi*ts did you "ant to get *or your (irthday and Bhrist+as8
• What did you as!ire to (eco+e in your *uture8
2s$ your nearest ac.uaintances6
Tell your ac.uaintances that you "ish to reassess your talents and you need a realistic o!inion *ro+
the+. Ma$e certain to as$ your ac.uaintances to (e #::F truth*ul "ith you. Let the+ ta$e a ne" loo$ at
you and as$ the+ to (lan$ out "hat you)re doing !ro*essionally ' $ee! it on a !ersonal !lane.
• What do your ac.uaintances (elieve you)re good at8
• What do they (elieve your talents are8
• What do they urge you ought to do "ith your li*e8
2s$ yoursel* a cou!le o* .uestions
Ta$e a note(oo$ and read through these en.uiries. Ma$e certain you o!en your +ind and let these
.uestions solidi*y in your i+agination. Don)t ta$e these .ueries too earnestly/ !lay "ith the+ and
li$e"ise !ut do"n "hat (o(s u! s!ontaneously ' these are occasionally the +ost *unda+ental ans"ers.
These .uestions are con*igured to (ring your consciousness out o* the nor+al +entality. The +ost
de!enda(le solutions are al"ays discovered outside the nor+al do+ain o* thin$ing. 4e+e+(er/ your
+ind is !art o* the collective a"areness0 conse.uently you)ve access to all in*o. Your +ind is connected to
the in*inite source o* all cos+os.
What "ould you do i* you !ossessed enough inco+e not to "or$ ever again8
• What "ere your a+(itions "hen you "ere younger8
• What do you (elieve is i+!ossi(le *or you to acco+!lish8
• What "ould you do i* you ac.uired 5 +illion dollars8
• What "ould you do i* this "as the crac$ o* doo+8
• What "ould you do i* you could not (o+(8
• What are your s!ecialties and talents8
• Do you have a "ant (ut don)t $no" ho" to satis*y it8
• What do you li$e +ost a(out other !eo!le8
• What "ould your ideal li*e'style loo$ li$e8
• What does success +ean *or you8
• What +a$es you truly ha!!y8
• What does a !er*ect day loo$ li$e *or you8
• What "ould you do i* there "ere no li+itations8
• What "ould you (e estee+ed and recogni1ed *or8
• Where do you vie" your li*e in #: years8
• I* you "ere i++ortal/ "hat "ould you acco+!lish "ith your li*e8
• What needs to shi*t to +a$e this a (etter Earth8
• What are you !roud o*8
• What "ould you li$e to achieve this year8
• What "ould you do di**erently i* you could (egin once again8
Discovering your strengths and talents is li$e *irst constructing the (ase+ent *or your ho+e. It)s your
*oundation. It)s li$e the dirt *ro+ "hich a solid and (eauti*ul tree +ay gro". It su!!lies you "ith your
uni.ue !otential. It)s the uni.ue endo"+ent that ca+e "ith you "hen you "ere (orn. You are (eing
as$ed here to nurture it till it)s su(stantial enough to guide you in your li*e.
Don)t (lo" your ti+e chasing so+e(ody else)s a+(ition or goal or anything that isn)t given to you that
you can)t clai+ #st as your o"n. Htili1e the gi*ts you ca+e in "ith or the ones you ac.uired along the
"ay. You +ight (eco+e really good at so+ething (ut you)ll never discover true/ lasting ha!!iness "ith it i*
you can)t o"n it totally.
Htili1e "hatever tools you *eel co+*y "ith. 2tte+!t to discover a "ay to dig dee!er into yoursel*. This is
your li*e ' and you)re "orth it-
I* good health is the cornerstone o* success and ha!!iness in li*e/ ho" crucial it is that "e ought to study
the la"s o* "ellness- 2nd yet ho" +any individuals there are "ho !ay no attention to this/ (ut
a(solutely (reach it/ even against their o"n innate inclination. We should $no" that the 5ignorance5 is
never (liss. 2 youngster +ight !o$e its *inger into the *ire "ithout $no"ing it "ill (urn/ and so su**ers.
Many individuals $no"ingly violate the la"s o* nature against their (etter i+!ulses/ *or the sa$e o* style.
For e,a+!le/ there)s one thing that no one "ould ever naturally love/ and that)s to(acco0 yet ho" +any
individuals there are "ho !ur!osely train an unnatural a!!etite/ and get to love it.
They have got hold o* a !oison0 or rather it ta$es a *ir+ hold o* the+. 2 !erilous *eature is that this
arti*icial a!!etite/ li$e @ealousy/ 5develo!s (y "hat it *eeds u!on05 "hen you love that "hich is
unnatural/ a heavier a!!etite is !roduced *or the in@urious thing than the natural desire *or "hat is
har+less. There)s an old !rover( "hich states that 5ha(it is second nature/5 (ut an arti*icial ha(it is
*ir+er than nature.
Youth regrets that they)re not gro"n0 they "ould li$e to go to (ed children and "a$e u! adults0 and to
acco+!lish this they co!y the *oul ha(its o* their elders. Little Mi$e sees his *ather or uncles s+o$e a
!i!e/ and they say/ 5I* I could only do that/ I "ould (e a gro"nu! too0 uncle >ohn has le*t and le*t his
!i!e o* to(acco/ let +e try it.5 9e ac.uires a +atch and lights it/ and then !u** a"ay. 5I)ll learn to s+o$e0
(ut it tastes (itter0 he thin$s5 later he gro"s !ale/ (ut he !ersists/ stic$s to it and !erseveres till *inally
he con.uers his natural a!!etite and (eco+es the victi+ o* ac.uired tastes.
9is !alate has (eco+e narcoti1ed (y the har+*ul s+o$e. This sho"s "hat e,!ensive/ useless and
har+*ul ha(its +en "ill get into. I s!ea$ *ro+ e,!erience. I)ve s+o$ed till I tre+(led/ the (lood rushed to
+y head/ and I had a .uivering o* the heart "hich I thought "as a heart condition. When I consulted +y
doctor/ he said 5sto! using to(acco.5 I "asn)t only in@uring +y health and s!ending a lot o* +oney/ (ut I
"as setting a (ad e,a+!le. I o(eyed his advice.
These co++ents a!!ly "ith ten*old *orce to the utili1ation o* into,icating drin$s. To +a$e revenue/ calls
*or a clear (rain. 2 +an has got to see that ; and ; +a$e ?0 he has to set all his !lans "ith conte+!lation
and caution/ and closely e,a+ine all the details and the ins and outs o* (usiness.
2s no +an +ay succeed in (usiness unless he has a +ind to ena(le hi+ to set his !lans/ and reason to
lead hi+ in their e,ecution/ so/ regardless ho" !lenti*ully a +an +ight (e (lessed "ith intelligence/ i*
the +ind is +uddled/ and his @udg+ent distorted (y into,icating drin$s/ it)s i+!ossi(le *or hi+ to
conduct (usiness success*ully.
9o" +any great o!!ortunities have !assed/ never to co+e (ac$/ "hile a +an "as si!!ing a 5social
glass/5 "ith his ac.uaintance- 9o" +any do!ey (argains have (een +ade under the in*luence/ "hich
te+!orarily +a$es its victi+ (elieve he)s rich8
9o" +any crucial chances have (een !ost!oned till to+orro"/ and then eternally/ as the "ine has
thro"n the syste+ into a state o* lethargy/ neutrali1ing the energies so crucial to success in (usiness8
What Is Keeping You Down
2t one !oint in your li*eti+e/ you +ight as$ yoursel* "hy others are so success*ul "ith +oney "hen
you)re not. De!ending u!on ho" closely you loo$/ you)ll have a lot o* ans"ers.
Brea$ Free
Do these sound li$e so+ething you thin$8
• They)re @ust +ore !ros!erous than I a+
• They)ve (etter training than I do
• They "ere (orn into a "ealthy *a+ily
• They)re "hite and have +ore (ene*icial o!!ortunities than I do
• They already had the revenue to (egin a (usiness
• They already had the revenue to invest in realty
• They)re (righter than I a+
• They)re younger than I a+
• They loo$ (etter than I do
• They li$ely "or$ harder than I do
The list li$ely carries on *illing +any !ages. Money is the to!ic that renders the +ost notions/ *ollo"ed
(y the issue o* relationshi!s.
You +ight not understand this yet/ (ut your notions are the !attern *or your reality. I* you $ne" that/
"ould you designedly create one *ro+ the list a(ove8 Li$ely not/ as these notions are not su!!ortive at
all. These (elie*s !roduce a truth that leaves you )!laying) the du!e/ and +oreover/ $ee!s you right
"here you are. You)re not (ettering your li*e one (it. Why are "e !roducing these notions in the *irst
!lace/ "hen "e understand that they)re not constructive in the least8
The ans"er d"ells nature o* our consciousness. Most o* us "ere told that there)s a universe out there
and this universe conditions our truth. It)s the co++on notion that li*e ha!!ens to us. Most o* us get
these notions su!!orted several ti+es !er day. The conse.uence is that our consciousness (eco+es
i+!rinted every day "ith the sa+e +essage. The +essage "ith the sa+e old notion.
In the +eanti+e/ as gro"nu!s/ "e)re not even cogni1ant that our li*e/ )as it ha!!ens) is constructed
around a notion. It (eco+es a *unda+ental reality that "e !rove to ourselves in every +o+ent.
%o ho" do "e get out o* this .uandary8 We have to ta$e a ste! (ac$"ards and vie" our notions. Ta$e a
sheet o* !a!er and a !encil and !ut do"n all the notions you have a(out inco+e. Don)t thin$
e,cessively/ (e s!ontaneous. When you)ve run out o* your o"n notions/ consider "hat others notions
are a(out +oney.
Then +ar$ each notion "ith an )I) or an )%) de!ending i* the notion is hindering or su!!ortive. 9indering
notions don)t su!!ort !roducing "ealth/ su!!ortive notions do. Ao"/ vie" your list and count every
su!!ortive and hindering notion. What is your score8 9o" +any hindering notions do you have/ and
ho" +any su!!ortive notions do you have8
4ecogni1e that all the hindering notions don)t su!!ort the !roduction o* *ortune. Ao"/ ta$e a *resh
sheet o* !a!er/ and (rainstor+ notions that "ill !recisely !roduce the "ealth you)d li$e to have. When
you)re done "ith the list/ chec$ out each o* your *resh notions and !roduce a +ental !icture. 9old this
i+age *or at least ten ' t"enty seconds. You +ight re.uire so+e !ractice/ (ut each ti+e you do it/ you)ll
get (etter at it. Do this e,ercise in a cal+/ tran.uil and rela,ed environ+ent/ as this "ill hel! to i+!ress
these notions into your consciousness.
4e+e+(er/ notions are the design o* "hat "ill +ani*est in your li*e. With a little !re!aration/ you)ll (e
a(le to +ove onto the ne,t stage/ "hich is *eeling your notions. Feel as though these *resh notions/ that
*oster "hat you truly "ant to create/ have really (een +ani*ested.
• 9o" does it *eel to (e a +illionaire8
• 9o" does it *eel to have co!iousness in your li*e8
• 9o" does it *eel to have +ore inco+e than you are a(le to s!end8
• 9o" does it *eel to give to other !eo!le8
• 9o" does it *eel to !urchase so+ething "ithout having to vie" the !rice8
Whenever you see yoursel* thin$ing or s!ea$ing a hindering (elie* a(out +oney/ .uit "hat you)re doing.
4eturn to the !lace in your +ind "here you call u! one o* your !ur!osely created (elie*s a(out revenue/
and connect "ith it. The +ore you acco+!lish this/ the +ore you)ll train your (rain to thin$ in a *resh
"ay/ a "ay that heads to living an a(undant and *avora(le li*e.
Taking The Steps Towards Wealth
Let +e $ic$o** (y ad+itting that I)ve (een *lat (ro$e !reviously. I)ve had those ti+es "here I "as
altogether stressed a(out ho" I "as going to !ay the (ills that "ere really !ast due- I)ve li$e"ise had
ti+es "here I)ve had +ore than ade.uate inco+e to !ay all +y (ills and !urchase (oats/ autos and ta$e
(ig holidays. I)ve had (oth o* the e,!eriences in a +atter o* "ee$s. I)+ going to e,!lain/ really si+!ly/
"hat I)ve done to return into align+ent "ith !roducing +ore than enough revenue and +ore.
Ta$ing The %te!s
Dra" the line in the sand. 2rrive at a choice. Fro+ this instant *or"ard you)ll dra" in +ore revenue and
!roduce a structure and ha(its that su!!ort a *resh and (ettered level o* "ealth. You have to stand *or
this. You have to (e thirsty *or change.
You have to trust you are a(le to do this. Even i* you)re *rightened that this ti+e "on)t (e di**erent *ro+
the other ti+es/ you)ve +ade this selection. You)ll ta$e a *e" actions no" that "on)t let you sli! out the
(ac$ entrance on yoursel*. Ta$e a (it o* e**ort no" to (ac$ yoursel* in the larger goal.
What is it !recisely that you "ish to (e di**erent8 I* you "ish +ore revenue to co+e in the door/ ho"
+uch and ho" *re.uently8 Do you "ish an additional ten thousand this year or +onthly8 Do you "ish
your (usiness to gross an additional +illion or net an additional +illion8 When8 This +onth8 This year8
By ne,t year8 You have to decide or it (eco+es one o* those 5so+eday5 things.
I*/ an a+ount *eels unreacha(le/ then +a$e it littler. I* the a+ount you)ve selected *eels too little and
you)ll still (e "ishing you had +ore revenue/ than +a$e it larger. 2(ove all/ "hatever su+ o* +oney
you)re deciding to have/ +ean "hat you state. This is so easy/ (ut this is "here +ost individuals *all and
the rest their e**orts don)t generate success*ul results.
2nd one additional thing/ its no(ody else)s (usiness "hat nu+(ers you !ic$. %o+e individuals +ay @udge
your nu+(ers as (eing too little or large (ased on their o"n li*e. 2s long as you *eel *ir+ a(out your
selection and you)re not "i+!ing out on yoursel*/ go on it-
What "ill you s!end the +oney on8 7nce +ore/ this is your +oney and you have to (e e+otionally
attached to it. Where is it going to go8 I* you)re going to !ay de(ts/ arrive at a !lan *or ho" you)ll
acco+!lish it and then choose "here the +oney "ill go "hen the de(t is !aid (ac$. Ao" you)ve the
origins o* a !lan. That "as si+!le/ eh8-
I* you)re going to save inco+e/ ho" +uch and to "here8 You +ight have to do a little i+agining and
en.uiry to !er*ect this ste!. I* you "ish to e,!and your (usiness "ith so+e o* this additional +oney/ it
+ight ta$e you a little e,tra !lanning/ (ut you)ll (e very energi1ed. This e,hilaration "ill hel! +ove you
to"ards success.
Ao"/ clear u! and !ut do"n ho" this is going to *eel once achieved. I recogni1e to a *e" o* you this ste!
"ill sound li$e a "aste. Don)t s$i! over this ste!. You need to +a$e this goal so real in your (rain and
heart that you run/ not "al$/ to +ore riches. This ste! is essential in (oth techni.ue and the La" o*
3roduce !recise actions and ha(its that you)ll a!!ly (eginning no" to su!!ort this goal o* +ore riches.
You +ight only re.uire a cou!le o* actions. This isn)t roc$et science. For a *e" o* you/ it +ight +erely (e
a +atter o* !roducing accounta(ility. You already understand "hat to do. For a *e" o* you/ it +ight (e
a(out !roducing an entire ne" relationshi! "ith inco+e.
I $no" a cou!le o* you need to .uit your @o( or re+ove or add *resh tea+ +e+(ers. Yes/ you +ight
dread a *e" things on your list/ (ut "ill you (e glad once you do it8 I* the ans"er is yeah/ $ee! it on your
list. Dissect (ig actions into little ste!s so they)re digesti(le.
Ins!ired action. Many o* you)ve heard this a +illion ti+es (ut you)re still not a!!lying it. 2re you ta$ing
actions that *eel great8 2re they so+e(ody else)s 5should)s5 or are they really so+ething you)ve
selected to do. Your intuition is s!ea$ing to you. 2re you hearing8
Who)s going to su!!ort you8 2re you invested enough to see this goal through8 Will you (elieve that
you)ll succeed even "hen you don)t (elieve there are any signs o* (etter+ent over a long ti+e !eriod8
Who)s going to hel! you in a "ay that really "or$s *or you8 Bonsistency is $ey.
I* you truly "ish to have +ore +oney in your (an$ account and "allet/ then !rint this out and *ollo" the
ste!s in the ne,t t"enty'*our hours. This "hole !rocess +ight ta$e as little as an hour or t"o.
9o" !assionate are you a(out (eco+ing "ealthy8 It)s not a +atter o* 5i*5 you)ll (e +ore !ros!erous/
(ut 5"hen.5
9o" +any have nearly acco+!lished the goal o* their as!iration/ (ut/ losing *aith in the+selves/ have
loosened u! their energies/ and the golden !ri1e has (een lost eternally.
I* you !ause/ so+e (older hand "ill stretch *orth and ac.uire the !ri1e. 4ecall the !rover( o* %olo+on6
59e (eco+es !oor that deals "ith a slac$ hand0 (ut the hand o* the diligent gets rich.5
3erseverance is occasionally (ut a di**erent "ord *or sel*'reliance. 2 lot o* individuals naturally loo$ on
the dar$ side o* li*e/ and ado!t trou(le. They)re (orn so. Then they invite advice/ and they)ll (e
governed (y one current o* air and (lo"n (y a di**erent/ and can)t rely on the+selves. Till you are a(le
to get so that you are a(le to rely on yoursel*/ you need not e,!ect to succeed.
Men "ho have +et "ith +onetary reverses/ and utterly co++itted suicide/ (ecause they (elieved they
could never over!o"er their +is*ortune. But I)ve $no"n other !eo!le "ho have +et graver *inancial
trou(les/ and have (ridged the+ over (y +ere !erseverance/ aided (y a solid (elie* that they "ere
doing right.
You)ll see this illustrated in any s!here o* li*e.
Wor$ at it/ i* essential/ early and late/ in season and out o* season/ not leaving a stone unturned/ and
never !utting o** *or a single hour that "hich +ay (e done @ust as "ell right a"ay.
The old adage is *ull o* truth and +eaning/ 5Whatever is "orth doing at all/ is "orth doing "ell.5 Many a
+an develo!s a *ortune (y doing his (usiness thoroughly/ "hile his neigh(or stays !oor in li*e/ (ecause he
only hal* does it. 2+(itions/ vitality/ industry/ doggedness/ are indis!ensa(le essentials *or success in
Fortune *orever *avors the courageous/ and never hel!s a +an "ho doesn)t hel! hi+sel*. It "on)t do to
s!end your ti+e in "aiting *or so+ething to 5turn u!.5 To such +en one o* ; things co++only 5turns
u!65 the !oorhouse or sorro"6 *or idleness (reeds *oul ha(its/ and clothes a +an in rags. The !oor
s!endthri*t vagrant says to a "ealthy +an6
5I have discovered there)s enough +oney in the "orld *or all o* us/ i* it "as evenly divided0 this +ust (e
done/ and "e shall all (e content together.5
5But/5 "as the re!ly/ 5i* everyone "as li$e you/ it "ould (e s!ent in ; +onths/ and "hat "ould you do
57h- Divide once +ore0 $ee! dividing/ naturally-5
Do your !art o* the "or$/ or you can)t succeed. Moha++ad/ one night/ "hile ca+!ing in the desert/
overheard one o* his dog'tired *ollo"ers note6 5I)ll loose +y ca+el/ and trust it to the higher !o"er-5
5Ao/ no/ not so/5 stated the !ro!het/ 5tie thy ca+el/ and trust it to the higher !o"er-5 Do all you are a(le
to *or yourselves/ and then trust to luc$/ or "hatever you call it/ *or the re+ainder.
In the nature o* +atters/ an agent can)t (e as *aith*ul to his e+!loyer as to hi+sel*. %everal "ho are
e+!loyers "ill call to +ind cases "here the (est e+!loyees have neglected i+!ortant !oints "hich +ay
not have esca!ed their notice as an o"ner.
Ao +an has a right to e,!ect to "in in li*e unless he understands his (usiness/ and no(ody +ay
understand his (usiness thoroughly unless he studies it (y !ersonal a!!lication and e,!erience.
2 +an +ight (e a +anu*acturer6 he has got to study the +any details o* his (usiness !ersonally0 he "ill
discover so+ething daily/ and he "ill *ind he "ill +a$e errors nearly daily. 2nd these very errors are
hel!s to hi+ in the "ay o* e,!eriences i* he si+!ly +inds the+.
You have to e,ercise your caution in setting your !lans/ (ut (e (old in carrying the+ out. 2 +an "ho)s
all caution/ "ill never dare to ta$e charge and (e success*ul0 and a +an "ho)s all (oldness/ is si+!ly
*oolhardy/ and +ust *inally *ail.
2 +an +ay go on 5)change5 and +a$e 5: thousand dollars in s!eculating in stoc$s/ at a single
!rocedure. But i* he has +ere (oldness "ithout care/ it)s si+!le chance/ and "hat he gains no" he "ill
lose to+orro". You have to have (oth the caution and the daring/ to guarantee success.
Aever have anything to do "ith an ill'*ated +an or !lace. That)s to say/ never have anything to do "ith a
+an or !lace "hich never "ins/ as/ although a +an +ight a!!ear to (e honest and s+art/ yet i* he
atte+!ts this or that thing and *orever *ails/ it is on account o* so+e error or de(ility that you +ight not
(e a(le to discover (ut all the sa+e "hich +ust e,ist.
There)s no such thing in the "orld as luc$. There never "as a +an "ho could go out in the +orning and
co+e across a !urse *ull o* gold in the street today/ and another to+orro"/ and so *orth/ day in day out6
9e +ight do so once in his li*e0 (ut so *ar as si+!le luc$ is concerned/ he)s as lia(le to lose it as to
discover it.
Li$e causes !roduce li$e conse.uences. I* a +an ac.uires the !ro!er techni.ues to (e success*ul/ 5luc$5
"on)t !revent hi+. I* he doesn)t succeed/ there are reasons *or it/ although/ +ay(e/ he +ight not (e
a(le to see the+.
Final Words
Money is in a "ay is li$e *ire0 it)s an e,tre+ely e,cellent servant (ut a terri(le +aster. When you have it
+astering you0 "hen interest is constantly a+assing against you/ it "ill $ee! you do"n in the "orst sort
o* slavery.
But let +oney "or$ *or you/ and you)ve the +ost devoted servant in the "orld. It)s no 5eye'servant.5
There)s nothing ani+ate or inani+ate that "ill "or$ so *aith*ully as +oney "hen !laced in the right
!laces. It "or$s night and day/ and in "et or dry "eather.
%o don)t let it "or$ against you0 i* you do there)s no chance *or success in li*e so *ar as +oney is
Let)s (ring everything together you)ve learned. Hnderstand that *ul*illing your a+(itions is the !ur!ose
o* your li*e. It)s e,ercising your strengths and gi*ts to contri(ute to the (etter good o* all. Hnderstand
that *ul*illing your drea+s is your *ate. Aever ever give any(ody !er+ission to ta$e this !otent *orce
a"ay *ro+ you.
Decide "hat you "ish in li*e. This +ight change during your li*e/ so assess your goals and a+(itions
every *e" years. 2lign "ith your long'run goals and ada!t your short'run goals.
Hnderstand your strengths/ gi*ts and talents. Li$e"ise understand your "ea$ areas/ e,ercise your
strengths and ac.uire hel! *ro+ other !eo!le *or your "ea$ areas. 9ave you considered a +entor8
4eali1e that you)ve unli+ited attention. Decide "here you "ish to set your attention. Li+it the regions
"here you "aste your attention. Increase the areas "here you "ish results.
Htili1e your i+agination. I+agine "hat it *eels li$e to have acco+!lished your goals. Envisage "hat it
*eels li$e "hen you live your a+(itions.
3onder your (elie*s. Your (elie*s !roduce reality. %u(stitute non'su!!orting (elie*s "ith (elie*s that
con*ir+ your goals and a+(itions. Bra*t !otent intentions that state your li*e a+(itions.
Bo+!rehend that "hat you hold in your consciousness dra"s in li$e circu+stances in your li*e.

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