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Simple Folder CUSTOM Folder - SELECT Statement C Complex :

Simple Folder CUSTOM Folder - SELECT Statement C Complex :

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Published by: Chetan.thetiger on Dec 09, 2009
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) -admin edition Title to the report Group By H How to calculate the Calculations(Formula Columns) 1)Create two custom Folders PO_VENDORS PO_VENDOR_SITES_ALL Insert =>Folder=> Custom 2)Join both custom folders. Select Master table primary key , right clik select the option called new join and give the Join condition. Select Multi Item option to give multiple condtions in the WHERE clause Select options buton to give Outer Join option. System will create one folder(join Folder) is nothing but C Complex Folder. 3)Goto Desktop Edition select Business Areas and selec columns from both the Folders. Note:If it is a simple folders system will not allow to select from multiple folders but we have joined both the folders that's why we can select. S Select Next buttion and select Finish button Apply Group By option: ---------------------When ever we want to apply the Group by option s select the column right click select the option called Group Sort ItemClasses: -----------Item Classes is nothing but LOV we will create in the Admin edition t then we will attach in the Desktop edition 1)Goto Admin Edition Select column Name from Folder right click select the option "New item Class" select the column name 2 2)We can find in the column properties the item class will be added. 3)Goto Desktop Edition create Parameter Tools => Parameters Select new button and give the Parameter. S Select Edit button for chages and Delete button delete option 4)Check the check box called "Let User enter Multiple values" so that user can select multiple values from the List at a time. Attach Title:

------------Select Tools Menu => Options => check the Check Box Called Title We will find the Title Box in the Report Double click on that and Enter the Title Name Select Inset option where we can Insert Date,Time,Page No's and Parameter values. Displaying the Totals: ----------------------Select Tools Menu => Totals option select the option Count and column Name enter the Title and select Ok button If we want sub total then check the check Box called SubTotal at each Change in: and select the column Name CalCulations: ------------will be used to calculate the options either sum or other calculation and so on. like formula columns in the Reports. Tools menu =>Calculations =>select new button select the columnname and select Paster button and enter name values will be calculated and displayd. we can use the functions radio button to include the Database Function Conditions: ---------If we want to specify any condtion we can GO for select the conditions option in the Tools Menu. All the sites as per the vendor Name site which are cerated in a specific date SELECT * FROM PO_VENDOR_SITES_ALL WHERE VENDOR_ID = vendor_id AND CREATION_DATE = :DATE Ex: Display the Vendor Site Codes which are having City names if city is null velaue then it should not be displayed ToolsMenu=>Condition=>Select new button select column name as City and operator as IS NOT NULL; then it will be displayed only not null columns. uncheck the condition and verify it.

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