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Personal Response The news isnt there to tell you what happened.

Its there to tell you what it

wants you to hear or what it thinks you want to hear.
In my opinion this statement could not express more accurately recent situation of our society. It is a
well-known fact that the media, especially the news, is the most suitable mean of manipulating
people. Its basic function would be to inform people about events and happenings from all over the
world. However, instead of this, media is used to generate tension among people and to keep them
in the right direction to be unaware of what is really happening in the world.
First of all, the most significant evidence for the news being manipulative this is that in the news we
cannot hear about positive events, things which have recently happened, and we can be happy about
them. We can only hear pieces of news from negative aspects, pieces of information about accidents
or murders. In my view whit this, the clear aim of the leading forces is to make people feel
depressed, to intimidate and manipulate them in a way it is suitable and profitable for them.
Secondly, another evidence for my statement is that there are several different television channels,
with different news. They are usually broadcasted at the same time, thus we cannot watch all of
them, not even two different one. This way we are not aware that in two different channels news,
events are told from different perspectives. For example, an event which is significant due to political
reasons is told from different political aspects, according to the given channels political attitude. This
way we are manipulated again by the news and the media itself.
It is true that without the news, we were completely unaware of what is happening around us, and it
is also true that at this very moment, it would be hard to carry out the checking of it without
endangering freedom of the media and the press. However I cannot clearly decide which way is more
acceptable: to be manipulated by the news or to be deprived of my human rights?