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Position Paper # 2

Rev: A
Date: 19 February 2001

Ventilation Air Inlet Heating Air Filter System, LM Series

GE Aero Energy Products has recommendations for heating the ventilation side inlet air,
which supplies cooling air to the turbine and generator enclosures. This ventilation side
air is separated from the combustion air stream to the engine. As for the combustion
air, it is mandatory that it be heated at least 10 F during icing conditions to prevent
icing across the filter assembly and engine viloute.

- Heating Ventilation Air to Gas Turbine Enclosures: When the enclosure
ventilation fans are operating the ventilation side inlet filters provide a small air
pressure drop. During extreme icing conditions, based on humidity and
temperature, a pressure drop in the air stream can produce ice build up on the air
filter house components. In order to prevent an ice build-up it is recommended, but
not mandatory that inlet heating coils be installed in the ventilation side of the air
filter system. The glycol solution medium will need to heat the air at least 10 F.

- Combustion and ventilation inlet heating coils are located downstream of the guard
filter pads. This filter pad assembly will not be protected from ice build up.
Therefore, it is recommended that the guard filter pad doors be opened during winter
months when icing conditions exist.

- When applications with Higgot Kane inlet heating systems are used, inlet heating is
directed outside the air filter house, which protects the entire air inlet stream. Guard
filter pads will be protected from ice build up when using this type of heating system.

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