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Boza, originally made from fermented wheat, is very popular in numerous Balkan countries
such as Bulgaria, Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro and Turkey. Probably invented by the
inhabitants of Anatolia and Mesopotamia, it was spread by the Ottomans, who conquered the
whole Balkan Peninsula in the 14th Century. Boza is very nutritious and tasty with its peculiar
thick consistency and a bit acidic but at the same time sweet milky flavour.

Recipe: Boza

2 kg of Bulgur (boiled and pounded wheat)
250 g of bread yeast
0.5 kg of granulated sugar
Clean the the bulgur from the stalks and stones washing it several times and cooking until it
becomes a mush. After removing from heat, cover it to keep warm and leave it for one night.
Then strain the mush. In the meantime dissolve the bread yeast in warm water and add it
together with sugar to the bulgur. Then put it in a glass jar and let is sit for about 3 days,
stirring it every day with a scoop. then strain the boza in glasses, sprinkle with cinnamon and
serve together with roasted yellow chick peas, called leblebi.