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9/6/2014 Sample of Writing a Home Reading Report - Essays - Kerstinepineda 1/1
Sample of Writing a Home Reading Report:
The Legend of Mayon Volcano
Book Title: Stories of our Country
Title: The Legend of Mayon Volcano
Place and Date of Publication: Manlapaz Publishing Co., Manila 1953 Number of Pages: 3
Magayon was the most beautiful maiden in the kingdom of Albay. She fell in love with Gat Malayo, a prince from Tagalog
Kingdom in Tayabas. The two decided to marry, but Datu Buhawen, the Magayon consented to the marriage. On the day of the
wedding, Gat Malayon arrived and fierce battle began. Datu Buhawen stabbed him to death. When Magayon saw her lover dying,
she took the dagger and killed herself. The two were buried in a common grave. After a few days, the earth on their grave rose and
turns into a beautiful mountain-volcano. It was named after the beautiful maiden Magayon.
Setting: Kingdom of Albay
Characters: Daragang Magayon, Gat Malayo and Datu Buhawen
Plot: a.) Magayon and Gat Malayo fell in love and decided to marry
b.) Datu Buhawen threatened Magayon to a forced marriage
c.) Before the ceremony, Gat Malayo arrived and a battle commenced
d.) Buhawen was killed and so was Gat Malayo
e.) Magayon killed herself when she saw her lover fall
f.) A mountain-volcano rose from their common grave
Lesson: Nothing good comes out from selfishness.
Comment: The story has a tragic ending. Because of Mans selfishness, many lives were sacrificed.
Write a home reading report on a favorite book you read. Follow the pattern used above.