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The Hand

It's awesome to ponder how God made his plan,
From trees, water, even the lay of the land.
Imiginations are boggled with Creation itself,
Not to mention the diversity from fsh to gaelle!
The way the bear "nows #$st when to sleep,
%nd the big &ats "now #$st how to &reep.
'ore wondero$s than the stars in an endless s"y,
(r the wind on the a$t$mn leaves as they )y!
Is the sheer in&omprehensible move of His hand,
*hi&h ma"es the waves rise and brea" in the sand.
The Hand that so meti&$lo$sly wrote,
+very living so$ls life, his dreams and his hopes!
His destiny penned by the self same Hand,
The Hand of the Creator, the ma"er of man.
(h the mind of Him that made time,
'ade life, made love, made yo$r heart mine,
How did He do it- How did He &hoose-
.$st who wo$ld love me, #$st as yo$ do,
% love so pre&io$s so fragile and tr$e,
Co$ld not be &reated by me or by yo$!
His hand is on it, His signat$re &lear,
+a&h today and tomorrow, and year after year.
% love penned in "nowledge that it wo$ld withstand,
+very arrow and dart from the enemies' hand!
His insight so meti&$lo$s, no detail $nto$&hed,
%s $ni/$e as snow)a"es and fragile as d$st,
The treas$re &reated from love #$st for $s,
He penned every aspe&t of the life I love so m$&h,
How &o$ld he "now from before all time,
The desire of my heart was for yo$ to be mine-
*hy did he do it- *hy ta"e the time-
0erhaps for two people he had on his mind.
*hatever the reason, the &a$se or e1e&t,
I "now in my heart, His plans are perfe&t,
To my h$sband on o$r 2th wedding anniversary with all my love.
Gwen 3i&e '&Intyre
'ar&h 4225