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Kennings: The Name-Makers
One of the literary devices popular in the Anglo-Saxon Old English poetry
tradition is the kenning. Read the defnition below and ready yourself to take
a stab at this fun !etaphorical way of speaking writing and thinking"
Kenning: A !etaphor that is a two to three word phrase# there are three
 Compound word %or union of two separate words to co!bine ideas&. 'f you tell your
friends that your parents are the (car loaners) then you have created a kenning. 'f
you say he has (road rage) you*re saying he*s an angry driver.
 Possessive phrase %uses an apostrophe& + ,he folks at -oca--ola !ight agree that
a cold -oke is (hu!anity*s beverage.) So!e !ight call school a (scholar*s ho!e) or
a (teenager*s prison.)
 Prepositional phrase + 'f you say (into the briny) you*re sailing. 'f you say (on the
wagon) that !eans so!eone has .uit drinking.
Part I: Consider carefull how ou could creativel rename each of the
following through the use of the kenning techni!ue" #ou onl have to
appl one tpe of kenning to each word $elow% however& ou need to
demonstrate the use of all three tpes throughout" 'o not incorporate the
original word"
(" Teacher
)" *us 'river
+" ,ire-ghter
." Television
/" Meatloaf
0" Police 12cer
3" Pop Tarts
4" iPod
5" 6ove
(7" Computer
Part II: 1n the $ackside of this worksheet& write three complete sentences
that incorporate the use of the three di8erent tpes of kennings" *e