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Dania Dania 2EMI$20.99 Dania Best$15.99 Dania El Hilwa DiEMI DJ Laith Bazari Fadhl
Shaker Maran Khoury Kadim Al Sahir Dania LA DISCOTHEQUE ORIENTALE 2004EMI Arabia
dania ExpatriateDania Dania She Won't KnowIntercd Brasil Dania - Dania

Album Cover:Artist: Dania Album:DaniaPrice:$25.49Manufacturer:EMI Int'lRelease
Date:27 April, 2004Media Type:Audio CDBuy it:
Product Description:

Tracks list:



Great Music For Dancing and Listening!
This is a GREAT CD of modern Arabic dance music--very up-to-date, with hip beats,
but without losing the traditional Arabic "bellydance" flavor! Dania is a very
dynamic singer with a strong, bright voice. I have had this CD for about 3 or 4
years, and I still listen to it often. At parties, people always want to see the
CD. Buy it if you like Arabic music--you won't regret it!
Dania - Dania 2

Album Cover:Artist: Dania Album:Dania 2Price:$20.99Manufacturer:EMIRelease Date:27
January, 2000Media Type:Audio CDBuy it:
Product Description:

Tracks list:


Dania - Best

Album Cover:Artist: Dania Album:BestPrice:$15.99Manufacturer:Release Date:04
April, 2006Media Type:Audio CDBuy it:
Product Description:


No Doubt This Is The Best of Dania
Here is the track listing for this CD:

1. Foug El Nakhal (1001 NIGHTSociety Remake)
2. Cou Cou (Beirut Biloma Chillout Version)

3. Leily (Transglobal Underground Mix

4. Yalla Bina (Bhangra Remix)

5. El Hilwa Di (Cou Cou)

6. Ya Dallah

7. Fiesta

8. Mustaheel (Para No Verte Mas - with La Mosca," (Tse Tse)

9. Ya Akid Akley

10. La Tehtar

11. Mafeesh Tari'a (99 Remix)

12.Bahibbak Enta Wi Bas (Cha Cha Cha)

13. Afrahou Gannouh

14. Ana Baddi

15. Private Number (with 911)

16. Listen to My Heart (Cou Cou)

If you are going to have only one Dania CD, this should definitely be it. Don't be
troubled by reading that there are three versions of El Hilwa Di; each is quite
different, and each stands on its own. Together on one CD, they are no less
entertaining, and this song does not become monotonous. Each one will keep you
moving, and the third version of it, "Listen To My Heart," which finishes the CD,
is the English version, which I found to be absolutely fascinating, after having
listened to it in Lebanese, for so long. The first version of El Hilwa Di is
highly synthesized, with the cou cou cou being accompanied by a synthesized bird,
and the song begins with a falling warm hum of synthesized sound, that is, at
least to me, a bit reminiscent of the synthesizer at the beginning of the Q
Lazarrus song, "Goodbye Horses," which was heard in the memorable Buffalo Bill
dress-up scene in 1989's, "Silence of the Lambs."

Like Dania's other CDs, this one features a lot of different styles of music, but
the danceability of her music remains; throughout the hour or so of beatful dance
songs, played on traditional and non-traditional instruments. I wasn't familiar
with every one, on the first listening, but by my third, I understood why each was
included in this collection. Each is highly catchy and energetic. Dania's vocals
move confidently from style to style, proving herself able to make each one her
own...whether it be Oriental ("Leiley)or, the Argentinean flavor of "Mustaheel
(Para No Verte Mas,"
or the Mediterranean influences in one of my favorites, "La Tehtar," and those are
just three of the musical influences that are woven into the very pleasing fabric
of this CD.

I mentioned this in my prior review of Dania's CD, "El Hilwa Di," but it bears
repeating, that she really gives a lot of importance to the production of her
music, and it is a pleasure to take notice of it, so anyone with surround sound
will really enjoy the time spent perched at the very center of their
stereo...experiencing the definition given to each speaker. Likewise, this is
terrific to pop into your car system. There is no way you will start to nod
off,..although you may be inclined to slip into some serious undulations and
gyrations that all those folks in other cars, listening to CCM, might find
There is great separation between speakers and voices, with resulting clarity and
I might mention that one song alone does tend to get the skip button, that being
"Private Number." It is sung in English, in a typical AM pop style, and with
familiar pop style music. All the other songs are just so sumptuous, rich, and
delicious, but "Private Number," to me, just pales, in comparison. Who knows,
though....within a few weeks, it may have become my favorite...or maybe not.
The song features the British band 911, and it went to number 2 on the British
charts, in 1999, so obviously a lot of people really like it.

From what I have read on the Internet, Dania Khatib is extremely successful and
well known, throughout the Middle East and Asia, having been a VJ on an
international channel, and having had her own TV music show, "Zoom,"and later
having hosted the travel show,"Al Kafila," both on Abu Dhabi TV. I am not familiar
with any of these broadcasts, but it is clear from Dania's music, that she is a
highly likeable and appealing person. Hopefully, as America gets fed up with the
hate mode it has been caught up in for the past few years, often under the guise
of patriotism and religious fervor, Americans may start to listen to some of the
incredibly enjoyable music from the Middle East...not to even start getting into
all the other world music out there . Dania, Amina, and Khadja Nin, all add
immeasurable spirit, talent, and uniqueness to my CD collection...and they are
just three performers, in the wide world of terrific women, waiting for America to
open its overly insular ears. If you are considering purchasing this CD, push that
buy it now button.
Dania - El Hilwa Di

Album Cover:Artist: Dania Album:El Hilwa DiPrice:Manufacturer:EMIRelease Date:14
October, 2002Media Type:Audio CDBuy it:
Product Description:


Rich and Stirring
If you like Middle Eastern dance music, with its strong beat, traditional
instrumentation, and gorgeous female vocals, you will listen to this CD, over and
over again. I first heard Dania on the CD, "Arabic Groove;" featuring various
artists, and with Dania's song, "Leiley," on it. I just couldn't hear that song
enough, so I went looking for a Dania CD here on Amazon. To be honest, I bought
this one initially because I wasn't so sure I would really enjoy a CD by Dania
alone, and thus, I bought the one that was the least expensive, and I have already
gotten my money's worth, as I keep sending the CD changer back to "El Hilwa Di." I
admit that the first three or four tracks on this CD are my favorites, and I play
those repeatedly, often finishing a workout with them...but this CD is well worth
taking the time to just sit and listen to, without distraction.

I really enjoy the production, and the separation of voices and instruments
between the five speaker surround system that I have my CD changer channeled
through; it is rich, and never fails to make me smile, although, as the other
reviewer stated, it is hard to just sit and listen, as the songs do energize you.

Whenever I listen to Middle Eastern music, I always think about how cinematic it
is, as it just seems to stir something deep inside me, the same way that certain
film images do. The image on the screen, seemingly so much bigger than life, can
instantly sweep you away emotionally, and so can this music. The second song in
particular, has just a few seconds of very stirring violin music, and I play it
over and over,for the sheer pleasure it gives.
Add to all that Dania's beautiful voice, carrying the listener with it, as it
rises and falls, creating a sumptuous listening experience, as she moves through a
variety of musical influences and styles.
Highly recommended!
By the way, the song, "Leiley, is not on this CD, regardless of what the editorial
notes say...that song is, I think, on "Dania 2."Please note that "Leiley" is also
on Dania's newest CD, "The Best of Dania," along with several of the songs on this
CD. This CD collection of Dania's hits is worth looking for, as it has a terrific
synthesized version of "El Hilwa Di," along with the more familiar version...and
the synthesized bird on it, joining in the chorus (you have to hear it, to
appreciate it!), is a real hoot. You might find "The Best of Dania" CD is easier
to come up with than this one...and it is fun, from start to finish!!
My newest favorite cd....
Dania has surely grown as a person and truly matured into her professionalism and
singing voice. In the album, Dania mixes old and new, and remakes some popular
songs from different cultures (She does a duet with a famous Latino singer on one
of the tracks!) Pretty, sexy, and sultury, yet funloving and gaurenteed to get
your feet and hips moving to the beat El Hilwa Di is a disk you will listen to
over and over again! Highly recommended!
DJ Laith Bazari Fadhl Shaker Maran Khoury Kadim Al Sahir Dania - LA DISCOTHEQUE

Album Cover:Artist: DJ Laith Bazari Fadhl Shaker Maran Khoury Kadim Al Sahir Dania
Album:LA DISCOTHEQUE ORIENTALE 2004Price:Manufacturer:EMI ArabiaRelease Date:Media
Type:Audio CDBuy it:
Product Description:

dania - Expatriate

Album Cover:Artist: dania Album:ExpatriatePrice:Manufacturer:DaniaRelease
Date:2004Media Type:Audio CDBuy it:
Product Description:

Dania - She Won't Know

Album Cover:Artist: Dania Album:She Won't KnowPrice:Manufacturer:Intercd
BrasilRelease Date:15 April, 1995Media Type:Audio CDBuy it:
Product Description:


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