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The population of Imogene was 350.
...Imogene businesses included: R. Addy (general store), Addy & Hilliary (hardware), B. I. Cavender (druggist), Citizens Bank of
Imogene (J.C. Horrigan-cashier), John Delehant (drayage), Charles Deppe (harnessmaker), Chris Fredericks (farm implements),
Charles Gee (general store), Noah Green (livery), F. C. Gunther (meat market), J. L. Gwynn & Bros. (grain elevator), J. J. Haley
(carpenter), James Kammerer & Co (livery), T. A. Kinney (insurance), D. Leahy (restaurant and hotel),Mark Mills (blacksmith),
G. G. Morse (railroad, express, telegraph agent), John Nation (blacksmith), George Palmer & Co. (lumber), A. W. Parker
(physician), Thomas Skahill (restaurant & fruits), Wm. Smalley (carpenter & furniture), H. J. Smith (meat market), W. R. Thomas
(barber), Wm. Trenholm (general store), and Mrs. Wm. Trenholm (milliner).
...The young folks of Imogene had large skating parties almost every night on F.C. Gunther's pond north of town.
...The women of Imogene were lauded for helping to subdue the mill fire by pumping and carrying water.
...Imogene was once again talking water. The top of the hill in front of St. Patrick Catholic Church was 72 feet above the top of
Gwynn & Co. grain office. It was thought Imogene could put in water works at much less expense than nearby towns.
...17-Harry Smith finished filling his ice house.
...Alex Labor was cleaning the John Delehant well.
Plymouth Rock cockerals were on sale for 50-75 cents.
...David Leahy was becoming a successful hotel man.
...19-The people of Imogene sent a 34-foot railroad car loaded to its capacity to the Nebraska sufferers.
...28-50 couples dined at the Leahy Hotel and then attended a dance at the hall.
...30-Peter Dempsey furnished the music at a dance at the Thomas Hughes home.
...There was a scarcity of coal in Imogene.
...Anna Skahill of Corning visited her parents here.
...John Laughlin headed to Dubuque and Chicago, IL.
...John Berigan bought stock to butcher in the Hawthorne vicinity.
...1-A social dance was held at the Thomas Skahill home.
...4-John Delehant had a run away, but no serious damage was done. His son John deserves credit for his boldness in catching
the team.
...8 (Friday)-The delayed wedding ball for Mr. & Mrs. Dominick Martin was held with Peter Dempsey furnishing the music.
...12-Grandpa Printy met with a serious accident while carrying a piece of meat to the smokehouse. He slipped on the icy
sidewalk and fell cutting his right hand on the edge of the walk. The cut proved quite painful for some time. He lost the use of
his hand for almost a day but has since improved.
...13-Thomas Regan and Jerry Maher went to Omaha on a pleasure trip.
...18-A dance was held in the City Hall.
...James McGarry moved to the Ed Printy house-the first door north of his shop.
...Henry Hughes made a two-week trip to Columbus, NE.
...Ed Murphy and his sister May of Plattsmouth, NE visited Stary Horrigan.
...20-A pleasant surprise in the way of a tin wedding was given Mr. & Mrs. Pat Rogers. Forty were present; they received many
nice gifts.
...21-William Thomas, formerly of Thurman, bought the William's Barber Shop.
...21-James McGarry bought the William Mackie house in the east part of town and will move it against the Printy house he
recently bought. This will make a good-sized house for his family.
... William Rogers was building an elegant porch onto the Leahy Hotel.
...T. J. Rogers shipped his goods to Woodbury where he will reside.
...Ed Miller and Father Hayes took a trip to Nebraska.
...A child of James Laughlin has lung fever.
...Thomas Skahill plans to farm this season.
...20-The Hawn sale was well-attended and everything sold well. Horses sold for $54-$82.
...28-The area was hit with a terrible dust storm.
...Thomas McGargill dug a well and erected a windmill about 80 rods southeast of his residence. He is laying galvanized pipe
that distance and will pump the water up to his yard. Mr. McGargill is bound to have water these dry times.
...William Rogers returned and will continue his pump business this season.
...2-Ed Horrigan from Omaha, NE was in the area visiting his parents. His brother Jerry accompanied him back to Omaha.
...The Leahy sisters have been sewing at the Nick Ballain home.
...7-J.J. Mahoney of Maryville, MO visited Miss McDonald.
...9-Mr. & Mrs. M. Horrigan visited their daughter Mrs. H. E. Pendleton at Harlan.
...11-Anna Wilson returned to Malvern after spending a few days at the bedside of her sister Mrs. Skahill.
...20-A jolly crowd enjoyed the social dance at the Pat Maher's.
...David Leahy painted, papered, and thoroughly cleaned his hotel. He put new carpeting in the dining room. This made it one
of the nicest hotels to be found in a town of this size. He also added a new sidewalk.
...25-Ed McGargill and William Trenholm began listing corn.
...Charles Hayes was in Council Bluffs learning the embalming business.
...1-J. Clark left working railroad takes for the "Q."
...Kate Leahy received her dressmaking diploma from the Creston School.
For long-time 6% loans call C. Deppe.
...Ed McGargill finished planting 250 acres of corn.
Call Lou Printy when in town...try Lily of the Valley flour-best #1 flour on the market.
Good potatoes-65 cents a bushel; country sorghum-25 cents a gallon
...15-A dance was held at the James Crilly home.
...There were four gentlemen and two ladies in Imogene over 70 years of age. W.H. Hayes was 75, Mike Mahoney-72,
Ed Printy-76, John Kammerer-76, Mrs. Roberding-87 and Mrs. Deppe-77. There were 13 widows and 4 widowers in the
town. There were also a number of old maids and bachelors in the town.
...Monroe Township country school graduates were Mary Dempsey and Orrin Mills (Imogene rural school), Nellie Hughes
(Preparatory course-Tabor College) and Katie O’Brien (Percival rural school).
...Rural schools were usually within a 2-mile walking distance of farms in the area and most were built on one acre of land.
...Joe Nansel of Council Bluffs visited his brother-in-law James McGarry.
...Recent rains improved the crops considerably; the dance at Will Leahy's however was postponed.
...The town baseball team was called the "Frilly's." They played on a field a quarter mile south of town secured from the
Retelsdorf brothers.
...The name of the Reformed Church was changed to St. Paul United Church of Christ.
...Imogene Band members were Floyd Atkinson, John Conkle, Charlie Deppe, Buzz Faust, Ed Germar, Lou & William McGargill,
George & John Retelsdorf and Jim Stanton.
...Timothy was coming out beautifully after the recent rains. Farmers will realize three times as much hay as was expected a
month ago.
...Ed McGargill laid by 120 acres of corn.
...27-A social was held at the Owen Clark home.
...The elevator ran every day for a week - the first time in 15 months.
...19-J. W. Alden was in town adjusting the life insurance of John Laughlin. Mrs. Laughlin received the policy in full-$2,000.
...29-Fawn Skahill, daughter of the Thomas Skahill's, was shocked when lightning struck the church. She was unconscious for
several minutes.
...13-The Fats and the Leans ball teams played at Retelsdorf Park with a 31-28 score.
...Hannah and Maggie Foley of Malvern visited their sister Mrs. John Powers.
...16-A dance was held at the Pat Roger's home.
...18-Mr. & Mrs. Foley of Oakland visited John Powers.
...Four cars of wheat and seven cars of corn were shipped out this week.
...26-The Martin Head's hosted a social dance.
...29-Dan Delehant of Wymore, NE visited his parents and reported the corn crop there is totally burned up.
...29-Henry Leonard returned from a trip to South Dakota.
...Annie McGargill attended school in Council Bluffs.
...Michael O'Brien rented the Tom Horrigan Farm and will move back here to live.
...29 -The Imogene versus Shamrocks baseball game created a lot of excitement in the town.
... W.R. Thomas sold his barber shop to N. Hannon of Solomon who will run the business.
...J. Delehant was clerking for Mike Printy during the absence of William Lyons.
...2-A social dance was held at the pleasant home of the Will Leahy's.
...11-Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Skahill returned from a trip to Dubuque.
...17-John and Ed McGargill attended the Fair in Omaha, NE.
...30-A royal time was had at a social dance held at the Mike Rogers home.
...1-Mike Printy moved into his own store building.
...Lizzie Lee ran the millinery shop while Miss McDonald was in Maryville, MO.
...2-A social Crokinale party was given at the Delmonico Hotel here by the D.D. Leahy's for her sister Agnes Hughes. 50
invitations were issued to friends of Miss Hughes.
...7-A social dance was held at the J. Powers home 6 miles north of Imogene.
...Jerry Maher gathered about 11,000 bushels of corn from 200 acres.
...Mrs. John Laughlin had three teams gathering corn and was making ample provisions for an early winter.
...Father Hayes made a sick call to Anna Shunick who is quite low.
...Ed McGargill is an enterprising and leading farmer in this area. To date he has a 14x80 and a 10x48 foot crib rounded full
with corn and a 10x32 crib half full.
...Mrs. Powers took a nine-year old boy from the Orphans Home in Des Moines to raise.
...Martin Head was quite low with pneumonia.
...12-A social dance was held at the Thomas Skahill residence.
...Mrs. Ed Rogers and family of Council Bluffs visited Mrs. McGargill.
...15-Thomas Skahill, Sr. purchased the J. L. Gwynn residence. Mr. Skahill was to retire from country life and become an
Imogene citizen.
...Father Hearly of Tarkio, MO visited with Father Hayes.
...Corn was coming in despite the low prices. Corn was being taken in at 18 cents a bushel in exchange for merchandise at C. W.
...An old-fashioned dance was held in the Catholic Church hall on Thanksgiving Eve.
...26-A fire destroyed a business block in Imogene. Ed Rogers of Council Bluffs had damage to his building. Mr. Smalley
reported $1,000 of damage to his building.
...Banker McGargill has paid out considerably over $200 for corn husking this season; Thomas Conners paid out $212 besides
his own work.
...Mr. Printy plans to build an implement building on the corner where the hotel stood before the fire.
...9-Ed McGargill was the first to start rebuilding. He put in a sidewalk and will put in a good substantial brick one in the fall.

...1-A leap year dance was held at the Tom Skahill home and another one was held in the Hall.
...Joe Gilmore of Omaha was recuperating from an illness.
...24-Mike Laughlin and Mrs. Pat Maher returned from a three week visit to Dubuque.
...Lou McGargill took a load of cattle to Chicago, IL. While he was there he visited his sister, Mrs. Charles Printy.
...James Garrity took three carloads of cattle to the Chicago market.
...Mike Dempsey will occupy the Graves farm next season while John and Andrew Delehant will occupy the John Lee farm.
...Con Ryan is the section foreman here and will occupy the Ed Miller farm.
...The Walnut Creek Steam Mill is running all the time and has plenty of warranted flour to exchange for wheat. It also grinds
corn for meal and makes chopped feed.
...Water was scarce in Imogene. Many of the wells were dry.
...Ed McGargill put in a new 18x11x9 foot cistern. If it ever rains enough to fill it he will have plenty of water.
...Hay is $4 a ton loose and $5 a ton baled.
...Mr. Eddy, the photographer, was taking pictures for $1 a dozen.
...17-A dance was held at the City Hall.
...Tim Minahan visited with his brother-in-law Mike Printy.
...A.T. Horrigan came from Sheridan, WY to visit his parents.
...Joseph Rogers, son of the Mike Rogers' was ill with lung fever.
...Father Hayes sold the Heffner farm to James McMonigal.
...Imogene has a new city marshal in the character of John Delehant who also acts as the city commissioner.
...2-4-Jennie Leahy attended the Teachers Association in Council Bluffs.
...Lectures were given in the Catholic Church on three evenings. They were instructive and entertaining.
...The Hughes Brothers of Council Bluffs held the contract for the new Citizens Bank and construction would begin when the
weather is right to work.
...James McMonigal purchased five vacant lots west of the Catholic Church and moved the yellow Kammerer house from
across the creek west of town to the lots. He is repairing the house for a tenant. Mr. McMonigal is investing several dollars in
real estate in the area.
...The roof of the hotel caught fire and quite a hole was burned in it.
...Maggie Clark went to Omaha to visit her sister Annie who was very ill
...12-Anna, Harriette and John Shunick visited their sister Mrs. John Berigan.
...Mrs. Tim Minahan and her son Frank visited with her sister Mrs. Mike Printy who was very ill.
...Father Hayes was a witness before the grand jury.
...A social dance was held in the City Hall.
...Ed McGargill planted 245 acres of corn and listed 90 acres.
...Agnes Hughes left for an extended trip to South Dakota.
...Mary Dempsey and Frank Saner were busy with their studies at the college in Shenandoah.
...30-Being in a Saturday party mood, a number of friends gathered at the home of Anna O'Connor to celebrate her 19th
birthday with a surprise celebration. Lingering until the late hours the frolicsome boys and girls found they couldn't go home
until the morning on account of the rain storm which had arisen during their festivities and games. Some of the partygoers
didn't get home until 9am. The fifty present agreed it was a grand celebration.
...The Imogene baseball team was defeated by the Shamrocks. Serves the Imogene team right for playing ball on a Sunday.
...6-A hard windstorm struck Imogene doing considerable damage to fruit and shade trees. The storm played pranks on
businesses and houses. The golden cross on the Catholic Church was dashed to the ground and broken to pieces.
...The church cross blown down in the June storm was placed in its former position.
...Anna McGargill attended commencement exercises at St. Francis Academy in Omaha.
...Father Pembrake of Maryville, MO visited with Father Hayes.
...Emma Hughes, Shenandoah, visited her sister Mrs. D. D. Leahy and then went with her sister Agnes for an extended visit with
relatives in Worthington, SD.
...Anna O'Connor was a guest of her cousin Theresa Horrigan.
...12-Mrs.Mike Printy went to Chicago, IL to get medical treatment from Dr. Printy.
...Grandma Berigan was very ill. Dr Camel, Emerson, was called to consult with Dr. Baker on the case.
...28-A dance was held at the home of Mr. Lyons and another was held at the John McGargill home in honor of Elwood Ford
visiting from Dubuque.
...A tornado destroyed or damaged many homes in and around Imogene. Mike Laughlin, who lived 1/2 mile west of town, had
his haystacks carried away.
...The Shamrocks played Norwich.
...Mrs. Tom Rogers and son James returned to their home in NE.
...15-Mrs. Anthony (Amy) Printy and her sister Ida McGargill left for Chicago, IL.
...Ed Germar moved to Clinton County.
...Mary Torpy of Monroe Center visited with Caroline Saner.
...29-Father Dixacher of Shenandoah said Mass.
...8-Father Bulger of Shenandoah said Mass for the Holy Day.
...22-John Clark shipped 500 head of sheep to Chicago, IL.
...Thomas Hughes, who has never been sick in his life, had a tussel with pleurisy.
...Joe McGargill was learning the barber trade in Randolph.
...Tom Clark, who attended Christian Brothers School in St. Joseph, MO was home for the holidays.
...25-the James McGarry family celebrated with friends in Omaha, NE.
...Imogene had a population of 350. George Kammerer was the Postmaster.
...Imogene businesses included: R. Addy-general store, Addy & Hilliary-hardware, S.A. Allen-physician, L.I. Baker-physician,
John Berrigan-livestock, A. Bussard-carpenter, I Bussard-carpenter, Rev. J. E. Butler-Reformed Church, Rev. Carpenter-
Methodist Church, Citizen's Bank-W.H. McGargill, John Delehant-drayage, Charles Deppe-harnessmaker, insurance agent and
notary, Charles Gee-general store, Edward Germar-shoemaker, Noah Green-livery, Rev. Groeno-Lutheran Church, F.C.
Gunther-meat market, J. L. Gwynn & Bros.-grain elevator, M. M. Halbert-druggist, W. Hayes-furniture, Rev. E. Hayes-Catholic
Church, T.A. Kinney-insurance, George Kammerer-carpenter, J. C. Kammerer-livery, D. Leahy-restaurant, C.H. Lund-agricultural
implements, R. Lyons-restaurant, James & Co,-lumber, Mina Parker-music teacher, M. Printy-general store, A. Smalley-
drayman, William Smalley-carpenter, H.J. Smith-meat market, W.W. Stitt-barber, C.W. Sturgeon-general store, Wm. Trenholm-
general store, Mrs. W. Trenholm-milliner
...13-Father Hayes conducted funeral services for John McKay at Texarkana, Miller County, AR. The cousin of grandpa Printy
had been murdered Sunday night on Rose Hill by burglars who then set fire to his store to cover up their deed.
...J. M. O'Brien was an engineer at the "Q" pump station.
...P. J. Guenther of Guenther Brothers in Malvern went to Imogene for a wife-Miss Anna Skahill.
...Father Curran was the pastor of the Malvern Catholic Church.

...6-Father Dallard of Walnut visited with Father Hayes.
...John Berigan shipped two cars of cattle to Omaha, NE.
...William Hayes sold his furniture store to his son Charles.
...7-Lou McGargill, who had been in school in Dubuque, left for the Klondike. He was one of a party of seven men picked from
various points in the northwest and they will have the guidance of a retired miner. They will be grubstaked for two years and
will go even farther north than the Klondike.
...Willie Castle, stepson of Mr. McMonigal, was quite ill.
...Lou McGargill was shipboard the Neary D'Yea.
...77 people voted in the Imogene election.
...William Head's team became frightened at McGarry's Shop. The team turned at Ginther's corner and ran right over Joe
Skahill's horse and cart hitched there. The Skahill horse was thrown down and trampled, but it was not injured. Both carts
broke into pieces.
...10-Lou McGargill wrote a letter from the Klondike saying he was 13 miles from Dyea. The summit was 18 miles from Dyea,
and from the foot or scales was 1,400 feet almost straight up. They went by steps, like a ladder, with a rope to hold on
to. Each person carried a load of 50 pounds. Coming down they slid a mile a minute. He had become used to sleeping on a
snow bed. His little shepherd dog proved the best of the pack. Two of their 12 dogs had died. They were offered $200 for 6 of
the dogs. No one is allowed to cross the summit without 1,000 pounds of provisions. They had to pay 30% duty on their
goods. All had to wear snow glasses. There were 5,000 people at Sheep Camp all living in tents. Cannon City was 8 miles from
Dyea and there was an average of one man every 10 feet from there to the summit. Just as many were going over the
Skagway Trail. He couldn't buy anything for less than 25 cents. The old skin of a horse cost $200. Hay sold for $80-125 per
ton. It was not too cold and he worked in shirtsleeves and was still sweating. It would snow hard and the snow would be as
wet as water. When he was writing the letter, he was in a little hollow between two high mountains. On the west side of
those mountains were glaciers which let go great chunks of ice during the night. The noise those chunks made seemed like a
thousand cannons were going off. He hoped to reach the summit in another week.
...14-Art Gilmore, 13-year old son of John Gilmore, caught his hand in the gears of a seeder while running it and crushed his
...14-Ed McGargill finished sowing 80 acres of wheat. He will be 70 on the 9th of April and he thinks of celebrating the
event. He believes in more wheat and less corn. He hopes to see some of his four-year old corn cribs emptied soon,
...17-The Randolph Band entertained in Imogene for St. Patrick's Day. The festivities began at 3pm with a free band concert. In
the evening the band under the direction of Francis Greene presented the famous melodrama Hazel Kirke. A ball followed.
...Father Hayes delivered the St. Patrick’s Day address in Keokuk.
...John Berigan (Gilmore) sold his town residence to H. C. Cummings adding to his hotel property.
...22 - Edgar Faust celebrated his birthday in Shenandoah. Those attending from Imogene were Rhodes Addy, George
Kammerer, C. W. Gee, Finney Adams, Aaron Bussard, M.Kammerer, Lute Scheibeler and their families.
...25-Mr. Printy reported he had shipped 1,000 dozen eggs that week and still had hens cackling out on the farm.
...One of the nicest old gentlemen one may meet in a week’s travels is Edward Printy. At 78 years of age he still owns his farm
on the Nishna bottom he bought 22 years ago. He and his wife now live in town. He is the father of 8 sons and 1 daughter. If
the sons are all as fine a specimen of jolly, intelligent Irish American citizens as "Big Mike" he will deserve a crown of
laurel. Three of the boys died after reaching manhood. One son lives in Dubuque and is an engineer. Three sons live in
Chicago, IL. One is a physician and one is in merchandising. Mrs. Laughlin, his daughter, lives in Imogene. He has no desire to
return to Ireland where a brother still lives, but he would like to visit Ohio where his career began.
...Father Hayes was busy planting peach trees in his yard. He is a man of decided opinion and well-informed on all questions.
...Mrs. Printy has secured the services of Mary Curley as milliner and trimmer of tortes and shells. Meanwhile, Mr. Printy is
keeping up his department in the dry goods store.
...James McGarry talks war and mends wagons at the same time.
...9-A new barber, Joe McGargill, has set up in the old Stitts place.
...Henry Hughes and Joe McGargill went to Shenandoah to see Company E off.
...Mr. & Mrs. John Brown went to Shenandoah to keep house for William Foutch whose late wife was a sister of Mrs. Brown.
...Urban McGargill has a new buggy and every Sunday evening some nice young lady gets a ride.
...Corn is 29 cents and coming in briskly.
...3 - John Gilmore bought 4,000 bushels of corn at 25 ¼ .
...Uncle John Delehant lost a cow to snake bite.
...17-Ellen Dempsey, Anna Cain, Nellie Horrigan and Myrtle Mills graduated from the public school in 8pm services held at the
Methodist Church. Father Hayes gave the address.
...John Gilmore is buying grain although he lacks a place to put it.
...George McMonigal, son of the James McMonigal's, enlisted in the 5th Missouri regiment in Kansas City, MO.
...Mrs. Mike Mahoney and Mrs. Horrigan went to see bachelor relative John Mahoney. If reports are true, he will not be a
bachelor for long.
...27-James McMonigal went to Maryville, MO to see his son Jamie who had enlisted as a recruit but Jamie had already moved
on to Washington.
...28-Andrew Clark went to St. Joseph, MO to see his brother Thomas graduate from the Christian Brothers College.
...John, George and Thomas Gilmore went to Omaha, NE to view the Exposition and to see their brother graduate.
...Kennedy & Gilmore bought the first load of wheat for 55 cents; straw was selling for 75 cents a load.
...13-James McGarry left by train for Clyde, MO after receiving word of his father’s death at 5am.
...20-The ladies of St. Patrick Church gave a social and dance at the hall. The proceeds will go towards the purchase of a new
...Tim Minahan, a locomotive engineer with 26 years of experience on the MK&T day run out of Sedalia, MO is the brother-in-
law of Mike Printy.
...7-W. H. McGargill received a telegram from his brother Lou in Seattle, WA. This was quite a surprise as it was thought Lou
was in Dawson City. He is on his way home.
...16-Mr. & Mrs. Will Leahy visited the Exposition in Omaha, NE.
...16-A social dance was held at the Mike Rogers home.
...23-Mr. & Mrs. Mike Saner and daughter Teresa returned from the Exposition in Omaha, NE.
...John Gilmore and his daughter Gertie along with his brother Thomas went to Omaha, NE to visit the Exposition. They were
accompanied by Nora Slater, a cousin from Monmouth, IL.
...Mike Dempsey has malaria fever.
...John Lee is repairing dwellings on his home in town and at his farm.
...12-The band boys sponsored a dance.
...Will Leahy purchased 80 acres from his brother David. David purchased 160 acres from Thomas Skahill for $8,000. Mike
McCardle purchased 120 acres from A. E. Jenks and W. H. McGargill purchased the 80 acre Leacox farm north of town.
...Thomas Slater’s brother-in-law, Dan Harrigan of Danberry, IL visited here.
...Theo Delehant who lives near Denver visited his uncle John Delehant.
...T. J. Rogers, a former implement dealer here and brother-in-law of John Gilmore, visited here.
...Thomas Fagan of Anslow, IA visited here with his cousin W. H. McGargill.
...Father Hayes is a Republican, but not an expansionist. He thinks the nation has enough to do at home without running after
its neighbor’s children.
...31-A dance was held at the Jerry Maher home.
...Father Hayes attended a congress of the religious in Omaha, Ne and took notes on remarks made by many religious leaders.
...Sadie Green celebrated her 13
...12-Two daughters of Dan Solomon’s hired a team and drove out to the old farm. They left here some 12 years ago.
...22-John Mahoney, Mike Printy, Will McGargill and Henry Hughes each put up a turkey and played for lot. The first two men
were the winners. The turkeys provided an evening of entertainment and a jolly meal tomorrow.
...23-Will and Dave Leahy’s corn sheller has been running all day at John Gilmore’s corn crib.
...Pat and Richard Maher who live north of town have 140 turkeys. There will be a raffle.
...Kennedy & Gilmore are buying corn at Solomon for 25 cents.
...7 - Dave and Will Leahy are running their 12-horse sheller for the Martin brothers. They can shell 500 bushels a day.
...Father Hayes could not deliver his sermon because of tonsillitis.
...14 - The curfew bell arrived. Now listen to the call to law and order. It will also be the fire bell so grab a bucket and run
when you hear the alarm.
...Michael Kent, age 90, is seriously ill at his home 3 miles southwest of Imogene. He came to Boston in 1840 and was
employed there for some years in the meat canning industry. So valuable were his services he commanded $20 per week. He
married and came to Dubuque in 1868 and in 1875 he bought the 160 acre farm where he now resides. He has three
children. James J. lives on the farm, Mrs. John Gilmore, and John P. who is a prominent politician in Walla Walla, Washington.
...Katie Maher, daughter of the Pat Maher’s, is home from St. Francis Academy in Council Bluffs for the holidays.

...Imogene was on the Omaha & St. Louis Railroad. There were 5 churches in town. 1. St Patrick Catholic Church (NW corner of
3rd & Walnut-1880-the present) 2. German Lutheran (SW corner of 3rd & Walnut); originally a Presbyterian church and later
the St. Patrick Parochial school; it was torn down in 1919) 3. Methodist (NW corner of 2nd & Walnut-when the church was
torn down the wood was used in the construction of the Bud Laughlin home) 4. Free Methodist (built by Thomas Hann of
knotless white pine lumber across the street to the south of the Methodist Church-middle of the block- became the Hibernian
Hall in 1903 after the congregation all moved to Kansas in 1901. It was destroyed by fire in the 1930's.) 5. Pleasant Valley
German Reformed Church (1898-1958 Originally established just west of Imogene, moved to town in 1895 and later became
St. Paul's United Church of Christ).
...Mr. & Mrs. Owen Clark gave a card party in honor of their son Andrew and friend Robert McNally, both students at Christian
Brothers College.
...Dr. J. H. Lowrey, Fort Madison, will occupy the Doyle property.
...Katie Printy, daughter of Mike Printy, left for Sacred Heart Academy in Omaha, NE.
...Joe and Annie Saner attended Western Normal College in Shenandoah.
...Corn is 28 cents here today; higher price we venture to say than that paid in Shenandoah.
...The Johnson Brothers, Randolph, helped at the band ball attended by 35.
...Mike Kent entered the home for the aged in Council Bluffs connected with St. Bernard Hospital.
...9-Henry Hughes left for St, Louis, MO and then will go on to Memphis, TN where he has an uncle living. His health has been
poor of late and he may not return if he finds relief further south.
...John Lee rented 160 acres of his farm to Mike Dempsey and 80 acres to John Mahoney.
...Many churches charged pew rent. Money collected went for the upkeep of the church. A family paid "rent" for their pew for
a year. The number at the end of the pew identified their pew. A few pews at the back of the church had no numbers. These
were for visitors.
...Mike Printy had an invoice of coffee from Hawaii. Although it is United States coffee, it isn't any cheaper on that
account. Annexation is no gain to us though it may be to Hawaii.
...Mr. Pendergrast came from Chicago, IL to visit John and Thomas Hughes.
...Ed McGargill and daughter Ida are in St. Joseph, MO visiting Lou McGargill who is recovering from an illness but is too weak
to be brought home.
...The newspaper columnist received from Father Hayes a dictionary of Catholic terms, rites, ceremonies and doctrines.
...28-Mr & Mrs. Francis Greene directed the comedy Finnegan's Fortune." Francis Greene played Larry Finnegan, George
Scheibeler was Patrick, his son and Harry Southern played Rafferty, his friend. Mollie Cain assumed the role of Lady Hannah
Love Joy, J. C. Kammerer was Dutch Jake, Mary Laughlin was Katy, his daughter and Allie Greene was Mrs. Finnegan.
...Late January was fairly nice until snow and wind hit and the temperatures plummeted from 25 degrees to 15 degrees below
... John Gilmore weighed in 30 wagons of grain.
...The smile of the previous few days ended in an ugly frown. A sweeping wind came down from the north accompanied with
snow. The mercury, from 25 above zero, fell rapidly till shortly after night the zero point was reached; there on down as low
before morning as 15 below. It was a terrible night for the poor who had insufficient fuel, shelter and clothing and a bitter
atmosphere for unsheltered stock. People had been thinking that the backbone of winter had broken, but it proved that it was
yet sufficiently intact to stiffen up with most threat, energy and effective resolution.
...7-The Pat Lawless farm occupied by James Crilly burned. Mr. Crilly lost part of his household goods. Insurance will cover all
losses on the building and household goods.
...By mid-February, the Imogene area had experienced 18 straight days of temperatures ranging from 3-28 degrees below
zero. The high in all this time was only 6 degrees above zero. On February 11th the high was 16 below zero and the low was
28 below zero. The continued cold weather is enabling the ice men to harvest an abundant crop of ice.
...Mike Printy sold his family horse to Matt Crilly.
...Jerry Maher sold two cars of fine cattle to Taylor Davis for 5 1/2 cents.
...Will Head arrived from Des Moines where he is studying pharmacy at Highland Park College.
...Miss Lawless, sister of Mike Lawless, has diphtheria but is overcoming it.
...19-Anthony Printy, son of Mike Printy, met with a serious accident that came near to causing his untimely death. He was one
of the altar boys attending to his duties at evening services when he slipped into a darkened vestry room and fell thru a trap
door hitting his head on a sharp edge and cutting a gash several inches long behind his ear. He was unconscious when
discovered and bleeding profusely. The wound was sewed up and he is doing well but might have bled to death if not
discovered sooner.
...3-Michael Kent, father of Mrs. John Gilmore, fell in rising from his bed and broke his hip. He was taken to a Council Bluffs
...Mar17- St. Patrick’s Day was observed with a high Mass and sermon. The band presented a laughable comedy Joshua
Whitcomb in the evening. The cast consisted of: Francis Greene (Uncle Josh)-George Brooks (Dolby & Cy Prince), Ira Labor (Bill
Taylor), George Scheibeler (Reuben), John Delehant (Sheriff Foster), Daysca Wilkinson (Lot Taylor), Jennie Brooks (Nellie
Primrose), Pearl Fosnacht (Susie Carnel), and Alice Greene ( Mrs. Taylor & Aunt Tidy).
...Mrs. John McGinnis is dangerously ill having lost her babe.
...J. C. McGargill went to Flagstsaff, AZ and will remain there a year hoping the climate will prove beneficial to his health.
...James Laughlin and James Skahill shipped cattle to Chicago, IL.
...Jerry Maher received a telegram from Thomas Skahill of Wayne, NE telling them the Skahill’s little girl had passed away.
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Maher and Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Skahill and Henry Berigan drove to Emerson to take the train to the Nebraska
...15 - A circus came to Imogene.
...Father Hayes was in Chariton attending a 40- hours devotion where he delivered a course of lectures.
...25-A good crowd attended a social dance given by the Catholic society in the church hall. The proceeds will go to pay for the
new church organ.
...Henry Cain returned from Omaha, NE where he had been working as a smelter.
...Az McGargill returned from Arizona where he had been for his health. He looks much better.
...Tom Regan returned from working in the packing house in St. Joseph, MO.
...Francis Greene, Randolph, was here giving the band boys a few pointers.
...A platform dance was held on the vacant lot between Lyons and Lunds Implement Building.
...A social dance was held at the Higgins homestead.
...The Lyons sisters moved their restaurant and short order house to the building formerly occupied by Charles Gee.
...Work is progressing nicely on the Owen Clark home. When it is finished it will be one of the nicest dwellings in the country.
...A dance was held at the will Leahy’s.
...Ed McGargill, Martin Head and James Laughlin went to Omaha, NE to buy cattle for feeders and took in the Exposition while
there were there.
...A tailor's shop opened in part of Ed Germar's Shoe Shop.
...George Ross sold his farm east of town to Mr. Gutschenritter for $60 an acre.
...11 - Country schools opened. Teachers were School #1-Julia Donnelly, #2-Carrie Saner, #3-Mattie Addy, #4-Annie Ryan, #5-
Kate O'Brien, #6=Bertha Warner, #7-Mabel Kent, #8-Grace Blodgett, #9-Eva Gammon
...Ed Laughlin and Andy Clark are attending Christian Brothers School in St. Joseph, MO and Maggie Laughlin is attending school
in Shenandoah.
...Mary Fahay, cousin of Mike Printy, arrived from Ireland to live with grandma & grandpa Printy. The trip from Queenstown to
Imogene took 8 days - this is the best time ever made to this place so far.
...A dance was held at the Mike Dempsey home.
...Dave Leahy began work on a new dwelling at his farm.
...Kennedy & Gilmore bought 28,000 bushels of corn.
...The partnership of Kennedy & Gilmore dissolved and became John Gilmore & Co. which will pay all claims against the firm of
Kennedy and Gilmore and will collect all bills due.
...Several farmers are hauling in apples for shipment to MN at 50 cents a bushel.
...Mike Printy is building an addition to the house on his farm occupied by Mike Doyle.
...Henry Leonard has accepted an engineer position at a St. Joseph, MO packing house. Henry is a good engineer and worked
for J. L. Gwynn & Co. for twelve years.
...Mollie Cain was clerking in the R. Addy store.
...Thomas Skahill bought the Mrs. Thomas Hann property.
...Mrs. Joe Laughlin of Dubuque visited relatives here. Mr. & Mrs. Martin Head and James Laughlin accompanied her as far as
Omaha, Ne on her return trip.
...Lou Duncan put up a fine monument for his mother.
...Ellen Dempsey is teaching Honey Creek School this winter.
...Anna Delehant is working in the Delmonico Hotel in Shenandoah.
...Dr. O'Connor opened his office in the rooms vacated by Dr. Allen.
...Henry Leonard has returned from St. Joseph, MO and will stay here for awhile.
...Henry Hughes is clerking for Mike Printy.