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Summary Statement

Paragraph in
A brief summary of how you have applied the element the career

Sound knowledge of mathematics

Sound knowledge of mathematics is required in the daily bases to design N 3.04 - 06

a solar oven and manage a brand (Finance, Forecasting, Research N 3.25
Analysis, etc).

Sound basic knowledge of the physical sciences and life sciences.

PE1.1 Knowledge of
science and Use of basic knowledge in physical science to determine the variables to N 2.11
engineering design a solar oven prototype.
Understanding life science as a support to product development. N 2.09, N 2.15

Strong grasp of the areas of the engineering science

N 1.05
Use of instrumentation to measure dimensions of the warehouse
N 1.05
Use of instrumentation to monitor the times, temperatures and light N 2.12

Knowledge of major technical areas

Use of Time & Movement Charts & Diagrams to evaluate the storage N 1.06

Use of Nodes Diagram to determine the layout of the warehouse N 1.06

elements. N 2.18

Knowledge of materials and resources relevant to the discipline

PE1.2 In-depth
Use of recyclable materials.
technical competence
Use of translucent materials to create “greenhouse effect” N 2.11
in at least one
Use of colors and textures to preserve the temperature.
Awareness of current technical and professional practice

Use of Hygiene & Industrial Safety standards to update Policies & N 1.08
Methods N 2.19

Use of Autodesk Inventor to design the new prototype. N 2.14

Use of AutoCAD to redesign the warehouse N 1.07

Use of simulation techniques N 1.09, N 3.15

Ability to ensure that all aspects of a project are soundly based

Use of Simulation Techniques to determine the efficiency changes that a N 1.09

proposal would have on the process. N 2.16

Use of quotation for every piece of information gathered from both

primary and secondary sources (Books, Magazines, Official Reports, N 2.09 - 10
Handbooks, interviews, etc.).

Ability to develop and construct mathematical, physical and

conceptual models to utilize such models for analysis an design

I developed a mathematical model to run the simulation on the first

N 2.14
narrative and solar oven physical model that helped firstly to the design
N 2.16
and secondly to the analysis and testing of the final product.

I constructed a conceptual model of the perfect “high-Fiber” cereal for

N3.09 - 10
the Venezuelan population.

Awareness of current tools of analysis and simulation, synthesis and

PE1.3 Techniques design.
and resources
N 1.06, N 2.18
Use of MS-OFFICE packages to store, analyze and interpret data.
N 3.12, N 3.14
Use of Autodesk Inventor to design the new prototype. N 2.14

Use of AutoCAD to redesign the warehouse N 1.07

Ability to design and conduct experiments

During the three episodes I had to design and conduct experiments to N 1.06
evaluate the current status and demonstrate my superiors the need for a N 2.09
change and improve the situation, model, and prototype. N 3.08

Broad educational background and general knowledge necessary to

understand the place of engineering in society
PE1.4 General
Knowledge I used my background and knowledge to improve the brands
performance through the improvement of communications with both N 3.11
parts of the company (front and back office).


Ability to identify the nature of technical problems to achieve

feasible solutions
PE2.1 Ability to
undertake problem Identification of technical problems such as design, planning and N 1.07 – 08
identification, implementation and achieving solutions.
formulation, and
solution Identification of relevant consumer needs and hopes. N 2.15
Development of a new cereal according to consumer needs through the N 3.09, N 3.11
plants innovation team
PE2.2 Understanding Appreciation of the interactions between technical systems and the
of social, cultural, social, environmental, economic and political context
global, and
environmental I had to prove that the solar oven wasn’t in line with people’s habits and N 2.15
responsibilities and that although it is an environmental solution to pollution, the government N 2.22
the need to employ subvention on gas prices resulted on economic problems to the design.
principles of
sustainable Appreciation of the imperatives of safety and of sustainability, and
development approaches to develop safe and sustainable systems

I supported my warehouse redesign with local safety regulations and ISO N 1.08
9001:2000 and ISO 14000 N 2.19

The Solar Oven design contemplated the use of recyclable materials to

guaranty the sustainability of the environment on the long run. N 2.11

Ability to interact with people in other disciplines and professions to

broaden knowledge and achieve multidisciplinary outcomes

I had to work along side a team composed by personnel from Finance, N 1.06, N 2.16
Accounting, Sales, Planning, Production, Innovation, Supply, etc. N 3.08, N 3.11

Understanding of the process of partitioning a problem into

manageable elements
PE2.3 Ability to
utilize a systems
I had to delegate several tasks to diverse people from different N 2.16, N3.08
approach to complex
backgrounds. N 3.11
problems and to
design and
Ability to comprehend, assess and quantify the risks in each case
During the evaluation I determined the amount of risk in the warehouse N 1.08 – 09
and assess the manager how to reduce the risks.

Proficiency in employing technical knowledge, design methodology

and appropriate tools and resources to design components to meet
specified performance

I employed the correct methodology to research on habits and the correct N 2.09, N 2.15
PE2.4 Proficiency in statistical tools to understand quantitatively the needs and habits of the N 3.09
engineering design end-consumer generating an smart design

Experience in personally conducting a variety of such designs

In the episodes are narrated a couple of examples of my experience N 2.09, N 2.12

conducting both technical and non-technical designs N 2.14

Experience in personally conducting and managing an engineering

PE2.5 Ability to project to achieve substantial outcome.
conduct an
engineering project I was the owner of the brands results and had to manage and motivate N 3.12
people to generate the expected results.
Understanding of project management techniques and ability to
apply the effectively

Use of Grant and Pert-CPM diagrams to control the deadlines of the N 1.06, N 1.10
different task to obtain a given objective. N 2.18

Use of Risk Impact/Probability Chart providing a helpful framework that N 1.06

helps to decide which risks need our attention

Appreciation of the commercial, financial and marketing aspects of

engineering projects for successful innovation

I had to understand the sales scope, the consumer habits, the brand Profit N 3.12 – 17
and Losses and the need to innovate in order to grow

Ability to asses realistically the scope and dimensions of a project

PE2.6 Understanding estimating costs and scale of effort required
of the business
environment I had to asses the dimensions of each project and obey to a restricted / N 1.09, N 2.21
limited budget finding different plans to different budgets. N 3.14

General awareness of business principles and appreciation of their


I presented the proposals for new products to the “board-of-directors” / N 2.21

jury with all the business implications. N 3.14


Ability to make effective oral and written presentations to technical

and non-technical audiences

I presented the results of the different projects to the respective superior / N 1.13 – 14
evaluator and obtained great qualifications on every report. N 2.21
PE3.1 Ability to
Capacity to hear and comprehend others viewpoints
effectively, with the
engineering team and
I had to work along side a team composed by personnel from Finance, N 1.06, N 2.16
with the community
Accounting, Sales, Planning, Production, Innovation, Supply, etc. N 3.11 – 12
at large
Effectiveness in discussions and negotiation in presenting arguments
clearly and concisely

I obtained the approval for the launch of the new “high-fiber” cereal N 3.14

Ability to locate, catalogue and utilize relevant information

PE3.2 Ability to Every project has to contain supportive literature to understand the N 1.05
manage information decisions taken. It’s important to be able to determine which information N 2.09
and documentation is relevant not to waste times gathering this information N 2.12
N 2.14
Ability to produce clear diagrams and engineering sketches

Use of Grant and Pert-CPM diagrams to control the deadlines of the N 1.06, N 1.10
different task to obtain a given objective. N 2.18

Use of Risk Impact/Probability Chart providing a helpful framework that N 1.06

helps to decide which risks need our attention N 2.18

Use of Autodesk Inventor to generate parts and assembly sketches, plans N 2.14
and instructions.

Fluency in current computer based packages

I produced several reports using word processing package (MS-Word) N 1.06, N 2.19
and charts processing (MS-Excel) N 3.12

I produced several blueprints using AutoCAD and Autodesk Inventor N 2.14


Ability to produce clear and well-constructed engineering

documents such as project reports, reports of investigations,
proposals, designs and briefs

Both projects during the bachelor’s degree had to be presented to an N 1.13

evaluation jury that would analyze the job done and the solutions given. I N 2.21
also proposed to the Kellogg’s board of directors the proposal to launch N 3.14
the new product having the approval at the end of the presentation.

Ability to apply creative approaches to identify and develop

alternative concepts

I received the research study on consumer habits and delivered a creative N 2.15
PE3.3 Capacity for concept on the innovation products to be developed N 3.09
creativity and
innovation Propensity to seek out, comprehend and apply new information

Although having the knowledge on BAR CODE Systems, I went a little N 1.10
further and searched about RADIO FRECUENCY warehousing systems
to deliver a better proposal.

PE3.4 Understanding
Awareness of the standards and codes of practice
of professional and
I used several standards (Venezuela’s COVENIN) and ISO 9001:2000 N 1.08
responsibilities, and
ISO 14000, Good Manufacturing Practice, Quality Deployment Function N 2.19
commitment to them

PE3.5 Ability to Manage own time and processes effectively to achieve personal and
function effectively team goals and objectives
as an individual and
in multidisciplinary I delivered all the proposals with time to spare. The follow-up of the N 2.17 – 18
and multicultural project tasks through the use of computer-based tools such as MS-Project N 3.12, N 3.14
teams, as a team and MS-Outlook
leader or manager as
well as an effective Earn trust and confidence of colleagues through competent and
team member timely completion of tasks

Having delivered all the proposals at due time, peers from other
departments would help me with the projects as they tough that I N 3.12
wouldn’t make them work for nothing

Demonstrate capacity for initiative and leadership while respecting

others agreed roles

An inherent description of an AMB is to be a leader and so I had to N 3.12

motivate people from different backgrounds to achieve common goals.

Recognize limits to own knowledge and undertake research or seek

for professional advice

After a first look on the original prototype I came with a lot of ideas that
thought would improve the performance. My thesis adviser told me to do N 2.09
PE3.6 Capacity for some research prior to implementing any ideas; this helped me plan the N 2.16
lifelong learning and implementation of only the feasible ideas and deliver the project at due
professional time.
Take charge of own learning and development

After having a little experience (about a year) in a marketing job, I N 3.16

decided to study a Masters in Marketing as it would help me understand N 3.18
the theory behind a lot of decisions that a Brand Manager has to take.

Present a professional image at all times

I have synchronized with my team members, clients and suppliers during N 2.16
the diverse projects. I had to create and maintain a professional image in
order to achieve the pursued outcome.
PE3.7 Professional
Attitudes Demonstrate intellectual rigor and readiness to tackle new issues in a
responsible way

There are always problems in the development of ideas / products N 2.16

therefore I had to maintain the established deadlines to have a response N 3.14
at due time.

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