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...Official Imogene population = 400
...Imogene businesses included: Rhodes Addy-general store, Alden & Horrigan-Union Pacific land agents, J. W. Alden & Sexton-
Bank of Imogene, John Alshouse-drayman & tinware, M.T. Alshouse-carpenter & contractor, Bullett & Shultz-hardware store,
Israel Bussard-contractor & builder, Cavender & Stone-druggists, Cronkite & Faust-livery stable, W.H. Crosswait-grain & coal
dealer, John Delehant-drayage, Charles Deppe-harness shop, (manufacturer and dealer in harness, saddles, whips, robes, etc.)
Dixon Bros. (newest business)-stock buyer, John Eastman-(postmaster, mayor, books, notary public), Edgar Faust-general
store, Faust & Conkel (proprietors livery, feed and stable), Chris Fredricks-implement dealer & blacksmith, Fred Gunther or
Ginther-(proprietor meat market, butcher, cash paid for hides and tallow), Noah Green-livery business, J.L. Gwynn & Co.-dump
& elevator, Josephus Gwynn-livestock, John J. Haley-carpenter, Mrs. Eliza Hayes-Imogene House (first class meals), William H.
Hayes-(general store & proprietor hotel), Kemmerer & Scheibeler-contractor & builder, Edward Kemmerer-boot & shoemaker,
T. A. Kinney (insurance agent), A. Labor-well-digging, Mark Mills-blacksmith, George Morse-Wabash Railroad Company, John
Nation-blacksmith, W. H. Palmer-lumber company, Dr. W. A. Parker-physician & surgeon, Printy & Sturgeon (dealers in general
merchandise), C. Roach-photographer, Mrs. L. H. Scheibeler-dressmaking, W. H. Shaver-painter & decorator, Charles Shick
(longtime business)-implement dealer, J. W. Smalley-furniture store, William Smalley-carpenter, H. J. Smith-butcher, Dr. T. W.
Stone-physician, W. B. Thomas-barber, William Trenholm (long-time business)-merchant, Mrs. W. Trenholm-milliner,
W. Whittington-restaurant & fruits, W. H. Wilson-attorney
...The 1891 Fremont County Plat Book listed names with the section number for each entry. All are farmers & stock raisers
unless otherwise noted.
2-H. C. Cummins (proprietor of Maple Ridge Stock farm, breeder of Poland China hogs), C. S. Young
4-James Laughlin, John Laughlin
5-A Bussard (farmer, contractor, builder), George Kammerer (farmer, contractor, builder)
6-Charles Bartlett, G. J. Weihler
7-E. F. Trively
8-T. G. Honn, Thomas Skahill, Jr.
9-M. J. Laughlin
13 J. A. Blair
14 W. H. McGargill (farmer and township assessor)
15-John F. Clare, H. H. Retelsdorf
16-Emil Huelle, Leahy brothers
18-Michael Doyle
20-Martin Head (proprietor Brookside Farm, breeder of improved stock), T. J. Wilson
21-H. C. Bleakley,
22-O. Clark
23-F. E. Vaughn (farmer & township clerk)
24-J. A. Swallow
26-R. A. Rice
28-M. M. Parrish (proprietor Peoria Stock Farm and feeder of Polled Angus cattle and Poland China hogs at Farmer’s City)
30-J. C. Clark
32-A. S. Graves (purebred poultry a specialty), M. E. Reed
...Mike Printy purchased the dry goods of E.A. Faust.
...Mike Mahoney moved into town.
...Ed McGargill returned from a visit to his old home in Pennsylvania. He had not been there for 35 years and saw no one he
knew nor anyone who knew him save his sister who he had not seen for 22 years. Ed realized more than ever how things do
...Father Hayes purchased the Mike Logan farm.
...26-A social dance was held at the Tom Conners residence.
...Mr. & Mrs. Dan Delehant and sister Mary left to make their home in Nebraska.
...A grand dance was held at the Lou Harman residence with David Leahy and Joe McGargill furnishing the good music. Thirty
three numbers were out having a good time.
...2- Eugene Sullivan left for Nebraska.
...John Delehant was prepared to grind corn.
...A Chinese laundry was expected to open in Imogene soon.
...Mrs. James Rogers had been ill most of the winter.
...John Garrity sold his farm and was undecided as to what he would do.
...The John Printy estate sale was held. John McGargill was appointed the administrator.
...The Thomas Skahill home was struck by lightning. It struck the door while Maggie Dempsey was walking over the
threshold. The shoe was torn from her foot, but no serious damages resulted.
Interest on money-6% knee pants-25 cents
...John Gwynn shipped out four loads of hogs paying 5 cents for hogs. Cattle are priced at $5.25 cents. He is handling a lot of
stock now.
yellow corn-48 cents new oats-20 cents rye-45 cents wheat-65 cents
...Typhoid Fever hit the city-Mrs. John McGinnis, Dan Delehant, and Mary Gutschenritter are all ill.
...Mrs. Cornelius Horrigan purchased an acre of land north of the schoolhouse and was planning to build on it soon.
...John Berrigan rented the widow Horrigan's farm.
...Father Hayes purchased the O'Connor and Doyle farms and then sold the Doyle farm to Mr. O'Connor.
...Printy and Sturgeon were barreling apples in the Hall Building.
...Jim Rogers and his sister were on their way out of town when their team became scared and upset the buggy in a ditch. No
one was hurt.
...Ed Printy arrived in town from Omaha, NE.
...Father Hayes purchased the Hammock farm. Mr. Hammock was moving to Atlantic.
...John Garrity and Jim McGargill left to visit friends in Dubuque.
...Corn is 28 cents a bushel...this is as good as 35 cents next fall.
...Tommy Skahill disposed of some of his large turkeys by way of a raffling match.
...The body of Father Ryan was moved to a more desirable location in Mount Calvary Cemetery. A fine monument was secured
to do homage to his final resting place.
...Ed McGargill was on court duty.
...Maggie Leonard is attending school in Council Bluffs.
...28-Will Leahy returned from a two month stay in Colorado. He looked good and gained twelve pounds.

...The Jim Sloan's were sick with LaGrippe.
...7-The boys sponsored a social dance in the hall. 43 couples from Imogene and surrounding towns attended.
...A well-attended social gathering was held at the Mike Mahoney's.
...9-Jim & Joe McGargill started college in St. Joseph, MO.
...Father Hayes sold a fine farm to John Laughlin for $60 an acre.
...11-Anna Skahill started college in Council Bluffs.
...Jerry Horrigan visited from NE.
...John McGinnis had 1,500 pounds of pork and 40 chickens stolen from him.
...Father Hayes was very ill.
...Will & Tom Rogers opened their implement business.
...John & Henry Hughes of Jones County, IA visited relatives here.
...John McGargill from Nebraska visited his parents here.
...23-A well-attended social dance was held at Mrs. Leahy's.
...Tom Rogers and John Gilmore were in Missouri on business.
...Mike Dempsey moved from Mills County to the Owen Clark home.
...John Lee fell and dislocated his shoulder.
...3-Edgar Faust, who sold half of his land for the Imogene townsite, loaded his household goods preparatory to moving to
Shenandoah. His son and son-in-law plan to farm his 160 acres. Mr. Faust is one of the oldest settlers in the neighborhood
coming here when the country was nearly all raw prairie.
...A large monument was erected in Mount Calvary Cemetery by an Omaha, NE firm in memory of a brother of Father Hayes.
...Ed McGargill and Martin Head took stock to Chicago, IL.
...18-About 2am, fire swept through the east side of Main Street burning the Rhodes Addy General Store, the International
Bank (loss of $2,000-$10,000 insured), the drug store of John Bentley ( loss of $2,000-partially insured), and the postoffice. The
buildings were rebuilt and more stores were added in the block north of the bank. A second floor was added to the Addy
building. Dr. Lewis used one room as an office; this floor also housed the Charlie Deppe Insurance Company, a telephone
office and a printing office. The largest room served as a dance hall, opera house and skating rink. After the fire, Bill Head's
Pharmacy and Printy's General Store were built along with Germer Shoe Shop, the Marcus Addy Meat Shop, William
Trenholm's General Store, Charlie Deppe's Harness Shop and the Piper Hotel. Maggie Laughlin had a millinery store. Other
businesses started including the furniture store and undertaking business of Charles Hayes, the H. J. Smith Meat Market,
Bullett & Schultz Hardware Store and the Noah Green Barber Shop. The Rogers Implement Store had an opera house on the
second floor.
...The 1892 Fremont County Farmer's Directory listed the following names under Imogene: Chas. Abbott, Geo. N. Ames,
C.P. Anderson, Hugh Babbin, Chas. Bartlett, J.A. Blair, H. Blakely, David Blank, Henry Blank, Francis Bradley, B.B. Bannon,
Oliver Bussard, A. Bussard, J. M. Cahill, Bern Clare, Wm. Clare, Owen Clark, J. J. Crilley, Matt Crilley, H. Cummings, Sam'l Daykin,
Dave Donaldson, Mike Doyle, Sr., M. Doyle, Jr., Edgar Faust, Harmon Fritz, Chas. Gee, Jas. E. Gee, Jno. Gilmore, Ranson Gingles,
Wm. Gingles, Chas. W. Grafton, Cynthia Grafton, Jno. Haley, Louis Harmon, Wm. Harper, Chas. Hayes, Jno. Head, Martin Head,
Grant Honn, Thomas Honn, Wm. Houston, Jno. Hughes, Pat Hughes, Thos. Hughes, Jr., Thos. Hughes, Sr., Emil Huille, Ed Jenks,
Daniel Jones, Jno. Kammerer, Jno. O. Kammerer, Rust Kammerer, Thos. Kenan, Jno. Kelly, Wm. Kennedy, Mike Kent,
Wm. Leacox, David Leahy, Chris Leighty, Jr., Lewis Leighty, Mat. Lewis, W. H. Maclain, Mike McCardle, Ed McGargill, Joe
McGargill, Jr., Jas McGargill, Sr., Jno. McGargill, Urban McGargill, W. McGargill, II, Wm. Mackey, Jerry Maher, Pat Maher,
Robt. Marks, Elmer Mills, Ira J. Mills, Chas. Millikan, Leslie Milliken, A. Moehnert, Jake Norris, Jas. Oppenheimer, Jno. Otis,
Edward Printy, Sr., Bers. Retelsdorf, Irene Retelsdorf, Ed Rodgers, Mike Rogers, Pat Rogers, Duster Rice, L.F. Rice, Rodney Rice,
M. Saner, Bruce Shultz, Thomas Skahill, Sr., Thomas Skahill, Jr., Jos. Smiley, Geo. Talbot, J. H. Teachout, Jno. Thomas,
Wm. Thomas, L. Thompson, Wm. Trenholm, Edwin Trively, F. R. Vaughn, Margaret Vaughn, Mary Voes, Mrs. L. Voss,
Thos. Wakefield, Howard Walker, Mrs. E. Webster, Samuel Webster, Jno. Weikler, I. J. Wilson, and W. Wilson, II. People listed
in the nearby community of Solomon just NW of Imogene were J. Baker, L. S. Baker, H. Berrigan, Pat Connor, Mike Dempsey,
G. Eacrett, R. S. Hillier, J. Horrigan, Fred Huelle, I. F. Huelle, J. Kockensper, John Laughlin, J. McCarty, Jno. McGinnis, Thos.
O'Connor, Dennis Powers, L. Robbins, Amon Sawyer, Thos. Slater, Eugene Sullivan and J. M. Tobin. Those listed for Farmer's
City include T.B. Bateman, Wm Bird, Chas Bowman, Geo Bowman, ? Ferrel, Geo Fetro, John Garrity, James Garrity, Jas Gilman,
A.S. Graves, Isaac Jones, John Livers, Jas Myers, W.H. Myers, F.B. Philo, Mrs. J. Reade, Velix Rose, B. Teatsworth,
John Teatsworth, John Tyner, R. W. Young and W.W. Young.
...According to the Orphan Train history, The Orphan Train may have stopped in Imogene.
...Father Cook conducted funeral services for Mrs. J. P. Retelsdorf at the Catholic Church in Malvern.
...Carrie Saner taught in District #1.
...Tom Rogers visited his old home in Woodbury County.
...Charles Schick sold his farm for $42 an acre. He still had 360 acres but it would take $50 an acre to buy it.
...A social dance was held at the James McGargill's.
...26-A large body of both marrieds and singles attended a dance. They shook their fantastic toes and all had a good time.
...J.C. Horrigan was cashier at the bank.
...John Berigan, Davenport, was here harvesting his crop.
...14-The Pat Rogers family returned from a trip to Dubuque.
...16-Sunday-A social dance was held in the vacant Printy-Sturgeon Building.
...4-The young ladies sponsored a leap year dance at Tom Keenan's.
...John Berigan wanted to buy 600 chickens. He was getting into the chicken business pretty extensively. Whatever John goes
into makes a success.
...Imogene had one of the finest drug stores in the area.

...3-A dance was held in St. Patrick Church hall.
...17 - David Leahy left for Nebraska on a land-exploring trip.
...William Horrigan of Omaha visited his parents here.
...Mr. Mahoney rented land from Mr. Mills and planned to farm it.
...John Shunick put up a windmill. Chris Fredricks furnished the machinery and materials and did the work.
...$100 was made on a dance held in the new church hall.
... H. J. Smith was selling six large loaves of bread for 25 cents.
...William McGargill was firing on the Oregon Northern out of Pocatello, Idaho.
...Many male parishioners of the St. Patrick Church fixed up the yard and cleaned out the church.
...2-John Head returned from attending the opening of the World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago, IL.
...17-A troupe from Council Bluffs performed a play at St. Patrick Church. A large crowd attended the dance that followed
...Ed McGargill had 400 apple trees on his fine farm and he predicts there will be no apples this year. He has only two trees
with buds on them. He doesn't think the cold hurt them as there were no buds to begin with. He predicts a fruit shortage this
...A "Course of Study for County Schools in Iowa" was sent to area teachers. J. P. Knoepfler was the Superintendent of Public
Instruction. The book provided many sources for supplies and many suggestions for handling students and things to be
taught. The book also provided space to record the names of students, grades and comments on each child to help the next
teacher. Sometimes teachers changed with each school term. "School discipline is not a system of rewards and punishments,
of making pupils speak or be silent, of compelling them to do this, or not do that. It is the art of making them perform, in the
most appropriate, easy, and useful way, all the duties of the schoolroom. When children can be moved to do right, because it
is right, and to avoid wrong, because it is wrong, a foundation has been laid which will not fail them, when in later years they
build their characters upon it." The book said each child would need a slate, pencil, sponge and ruler.
...Monroe Center School students were Andy, Annie, Jimmie, Johnnie and Tom Clark, Ellen, Katie and Mary Dempsey, Art
Gilmore, Eddie Honn, Hattie Huelle, Frank Kent and Rose Rogers. Mattie King was their teacher.
...Mrs. Mike Horrigan was visited by her two sisters from Plattsmouth, NE.
....2-Miss Imogene Anderson visited Mrs. W. H. Palmer on her way to her home in Fresno, California. The town of Imogene was
named in her honor many years ago.
...10-Martin Head held a social dance in his new barn.
...Katie Leahy of Hamburg spent the summer in Imogene and planned to return to her millinery work in the fall.
...28-Henry Hughes, brother of Nettie and Agnes, visited here from Minneapolis, MN.
...A social dance was held at the Jerry Maher home.
...Jane Leahy left to attend Western Normal College in Shenandoah.
...Belle Leahy took up dressmaking in Shenandoah.
...23-A social dance was held at the John McGargill home.
...25-A platform dance was held at the Jim McGargill home.
...1-Jerry Horrigan was the new Postmaster.
...3-Mass was held for the first time in the new St. Patrick Church. It is to be dedicated in October.
...Will Gilmore attended school in St. Louis, MO.
...Mrs. C. F. Printy of Chicago left after visiting with her parents, the Ed McGargill's. Her sister Marie left with her and will
attend the World's Fair.
...Will McGargill attended the World's Fair.
...30-James Crilly injured his hand while husking corn. As he reached for an ear under the wagon, the team started up, running
over his hand and fracturing the bones in it.
...1-Father Hayes returned from the Chicago World's Fair.
...Miss Restori Horrigan is enjoying her work as deputy postmistress.
...Owen Clark left to visit relatives in California.
Corn-25 cents a bushel wheat-41 cents a bushel 1,000 hogs at the Shenandoah hog yards
...Page Conland and wife from Dubuque visited her father Jim McGargill.
...Henry Leonard turned painter.
...Ed Foutch sold his farm to John Lee and Mike Doyle.
...The Jim McGargill's hosted a platform dance.
...Social dances were held at the Noah Green and Mike Rogers homes.
...Alice McGinnis and Agnes Laughlin held Halloween parties for their students.
...Farm land is selling for less than $100 an acre.
...Page and Fremont counties were the recipients of big checks to aid in reducing taxes; this was the result of a bill fathered by
Rep. E. P. Laughlin returning the money spent for bridges, right of way and culverts.

...A fine of $11.50 for assault and battery was levied for hitting a person on the head with an onion.
...10-A dance was held in the old St. Patrick Church now used as a hall.
...The men of St. Patrick parish sponsored a dance in the old church hall.
...Stary Horrigan and Mike Printy were visiting in Omaha.
...Nellie O'Connor of Denison visited her sister Mrs. A. Horrigan.
...Will Horrigan of Omaha was a visitor.
...Reports were that Mike Printy, formerly senior member in the firm of Printy and Sturgeon, would start a new store in the
building occupied by R. Addy as soon as Mr. Addy moved to his new building. Imogene was booming! Mr. Addy had secured a
fine stock of goods and was prepared to serve his customers in the Crosswaite Building. Will Lyons was to be his clerk.
...Ed McGargill established the Citizens Bank.