December 9, 2009 The Honorable Katherine Oliver Commissioner Mayor’s Office of Film, Theatre, and Broadcasting 1697 Broadway

Suite 602 New York, New York 10019 Dear Commissioner Oliver: I am writing after receiving word that many of our small businesses along Forest Avenue had their normal operations disrupted on Tuesday, December 8th, due to filming of the television show “Law and Order.” Forest Avenue is one of our Borough’s major shopping corridors, housing many small businesses, which are crucial to Staten Island’s economy. In these hard financial times, many merchants large and small have seen profits decrease, and are counting on the holiday season to enhance revenue and keep their businesses afloat. On December 8th many merchants in the area reported a significant decrease in sales due to the presence of the television crew blocking store entrances. The crew also prevented the use of metered and side street parking along and around Forest Avenue. I am a great supporter of film and television crews who choose our great City as a location for their production. I understand that these endeavors bring economic rewards to our City, and that everyone must deal with inconvenience occasionally. However, I am asking that in future, consideration be made for the effect that production will have on local businesses and residents during certain times of the year, especially the busy holiday shopping season. In order to alleviate inconveniences during the holidays, there is a City ordinance that states that no construction or repair work is to be done along certain major streets during a designated time period in December unless it is an emergency. The same rule should apply to film production. A balance needs to be struck between the benefits that film and television production brings to New York and the ability of our residents and business owners to go about their day without disruption. Sincerely,

James P. Molinaro

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