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Is strength the solution ?

To answer the question, we must first of all clearly define this notion of strength .
Indeed, strength is a term with a multitude of interpretation. We discern two huge
categories , in which we can classify the different types of strength.
First, as the physical ability and then As a psychological trait.
Strength was used primarily, when humans lived in a state of nature, to put an end to
conflicts between Human beings, then reigned the law of the strongest, the law of the
jungle. But according to Rousseau, Le plus fort nest jamais assez fort pour tre
toujours le matre, sil ne transforme sa force en droit .
As a first step, well see that in our modern society, strength and JUSTICE are both
paradoxical notions, and that strength is not a solution in a stat governed by laws to
deal with conflicts.
Secondly, we will examine in which case and under which conditions the use of
strength can be A solution in a state of laws, in an individual and commun way.

The individuals interests and passions, in our modern society lead individuals to clash,
as said Kant in his famous text linsociable sociabilit des hommes . Meanwhile, Marx
says socials classes have opposed interests. Conflict seems to be inevitable in our
society. This permanent presence of conflicts causes us to reflect if, to deal with them,
the strength is or not THE solution.
According to Rousseau, the use of strength is not justified in a constitutionnal state.
In The Social Contract , he says the strength can reigne on the sole condition that its
hidden in right. Thats what he calls the subterfuge . Indeed, Humans accept to obey
to the strength if it has a moral value.
For exemple, in 1933, Germans which had voted for Hitler, accepted the tyranny because
it was based on the RIGHT. Then, propaganda play an important role to convince of the
legality of Hitlers acts.
But all the dictatorships end someday, because people always rebel against those who
trapped them. We can take many example as in Irak, USSR, or Chili.
We see here the interest of teaching to children during their education how to think by
themselves, to have a critical mind to develop their own vision of a subject, and not be
abused by others. According to Francis Bacon, power is knowledge.
Strength deviates Humans from freedom while the RIGHT forces them to respect the
laws, to ensure his own freedom, and others.

In the first hand, at states level, we can accept that governement intervene by using
strength, when his territory and population are threatned and it has to protect himself.
We use then the term just war . At an internation level, actions leaded to help a
country to be protected are also acceptabe because this kind of strength is directly
linked to the notion of justice and rights. We can take the example of France soldiers in
Mali. In this case, France is helpin the Mali to struggle against terrorists, who destroyed
the commun good, in the name of individuals interests.
In the other hand, at individuals level, it is also possible to use the threat of force in the
last possible instance, in case of self-defence.
mais en se gardant bien de vouloir en mme temps faire justice soi-mme ce qui serait
alors contraire aux principes dun tat de droit.
Pour sauver une personne qui est physiquement attaqu le recours la force peut tre
parfois la seule solution pour porter assistance la personne en danger. Dans ce cas, non
seulement la force est permise mais elle est encourage car le non recours la force et
donc la non assistance la personne en danger est passible de poursuites pnales.
When a government breaks the law of a people, this people is entitled to resist
oppression. This right is written in the Declaration of the Human Rights (26 august
1789). Le but de toute association publique est la conservation des droits naturels et
imprescriptibles de lhomme. Ces droits sont la libert, la proprit, la sret et la
rsistance { loppression.
Disobedience of tyranny is then included in the Human Rights.
John Lock in his book Two treatises of Government also writtes :
quand les lgislateurs sefforcent de ravir et de dtruire les choses qui appartiennent
en propre au peuple, ou de le rduire en esclavage, sous un pouvoir arbitraire, ils se
mettent dans ltat de guerre avec le peuple qui, ds lors, est absous et exempt de toute
sorte dobissance { leur gard.

The two notions of strength and right (even if they seem at first sight antinomical) are in
reality extremly tied, because the right can only be applied by constraint, and thus by
using strength.
Strength can be the solution, if its used in a precise legal frame. According to Pascal, no
rule can exist without sanctions.
Justice is therefore based on a constraint. Justice needs strength, and strength needs
justice. One without the other creating an imbalance.
la force ne peut exister durablement sans tre base sur le droit.