English 7

Monday Independent Reading Check in sheet and goals Update – late work Read 2 minutes mysteries Go over schedule for spring Preview – what is a lottery? Begin reading The Lottery Predictions: Merrill, Dunn, Carter, Paul Mysteries: Hays, Dunn, Olivia, Paul

Tuesday/Wednesday Check in 10 minutes freewriting Discussion – The Lottery Quiet writing – what questions do you have about the story? Read letters reacting to the story Symbols (the black box, the piece of paper, etc.) How does this story surprise you? When did it start to surprise you? What examples of meaningless traditions can you generate from history? What do you think your grandchildren will say about lotteries today? Introduction to dialect Opening freewrite: Describe a time when you first realized that teachers make mistakes – discuss Characters – go over lines Miss Caroline, school, and literacy Concept of literacy. How are the students “literate” about life in Maycomb, in ways Miss Caroline is not? Why are these scenes ironic? Discuss irony, and describe the irony here Scout on reading (17-18)

Thursday Vocab log Twain story Trace the main events in her life that she relates Dialect – what is difficult? What works well? What is the effect? Read selection aloud Contrast with Doyle selection

Friday Poetry envelopes Topics for I-Search paper

English 8

Ind reading Check in sheet and goals Freewrite Go over schedule for spring Introduction to Harper Lee Introduction to the time Begin reading Mockingbird

Teachers writing Mockingbird Chapter 3 Burris Ewell and Chuckie Treating people differently, and walking in someone else’s shoes (read aloud – 30-32) Quiet writing on other view How does Walter behave when he comes to visit? How does this reinforce the same idea?


From The Adventure of the Three Gables , by Arthur Conan Doyle "Which of you gen'l'men is Masser Holmes? … See here, Masser Holmes, you keep your hands out of other folks' business. Leave folks to manage their own affairs. Got that, Masser Holmes? I've a friend that's interested and he don't intend to have no buttin' in by you…” "I won't listen to no such talk. What have I to do with this 'ere Perkins, Masser Holmes? I was trainin' at the Bull Ring in Birmingham when this boy done gone get into trouble." "S'elp me. I don't know, Masser Holmes. He just say, 'Steve, you go see Mr. Holmes, and tell him his life ain't safe if he go down Harrow way.' That's the whole truth."