Years have Past but Now I’m Back again. Almost 50 But to Be precise. It’s 46. Now old I stand Outside ‘Our’ flat.

Bedroom Living-room A kitchen A bathroom. Windows To East And North, a Lovely view. Small? Yes! Still small. But now No Her. I stand And stare. And time Rolls back. So facing It again I see Her face.

She smiles. Her eyes Shine full Of happiness. I’m sad. But she’s So glad I’m back. Both back. One Spirit. T’other In flesh. ‘Together’ We now Recall those Happy days. Home forTea, Four p.m. We kiss And talk. In winter It’s before The grate We sit. No car, So Walk From Rhodes To town. As we Walk I Smoke a Briar pipe. Now (2009) I Take out That very Briar pipe. I fill The bowl With Holland House again. Flick, and The Zippo Flares up. And ready.

I suck on The stem And the Pipe’s lit. Now the Pungent Aroma of Tobacco Is catalytic And evokes Ever more Memories. So as I Walk back To my study I’m not ‘alone’. As it was Forty-six Years ago You’re there. I’m grateful I was invited To re-visit Rhodes.

Keith Beavon 28:viii:2009


Written during a period as a Visiting Professor in the Geography Department of Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa (August 2009)/

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