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Technical Bulletin


JS-99 is specially formulated for sizing dyed or coloured or undyed yarns that require the
flexibility, abrasion resistance, lubricity, elasticity and tensile strength necessary to meet the
demanding requirements placed on warps woven on air jet looms.

Size removal is simple. JS-99 washes out in regular enzymatic system. A small quantity of a
non-ionic detergent is more than satisfactory for complete removal.The use of high
concentrations of strong electrolytes in the desizing bath, such as caustic soda, is prohibited.


Average active solids 90%
Average moisture content 10%
Appearance Off White Powder

JS-99 may be prepared in injection cookers, heat exchange vessels or continous type pressure
vessels. Simply add the desired quantity of JS-99 to the correct amount of starting water.
Addition should be made to cold water while agitating. Once the mix is dispersed, raise the
size liquor temperature to 100C and hold the temperature for another 45 minutes with
agitation. The size liquor is now ready for use and can be transferred directly to the size box.

JS-99 is formulated to be used alone without any additives. It should be applied to all type of
synthetic and/or natural spun yarn styles at dry levels from 8% to 14% to achieve maximum
efficiency from your air jet loom.

Disclaimer: Information given herein is offered in good faith as accurate, but without guarantee. Conditions of
use and suitability of the product for particular uses are beyond our control; all risks of the use of the product
are therefore assumed by the user. Appropriate warnings and safe handling procedures should be provided to
handlers and users. It is also the responsibility of the user to observe any and all the laws and regulations
concerning the transportation, use, storage, and disposal of the product.