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Technical Bulletin

J-size DNP-3


J-size DNP-3 is a specially formulated textile warp sizing agent for application to 100% cotton and
cotton blended yarns of yarn counts ranging from 7's upto 32's on semi-high speed weaving looms.


Average Moisture Content - 10%
Physical Appearance - Powder to Granular
Color - Off White
Average pH (10% Slurry) - 6.5

J- size DNP-3 is a combination of natural polymer size formula bases with additives such as softeners,
adhesion promoters, plasticizers, anti-bacteria and anti-fungi agents presented in a dry powdered solid


J-size DNP-3 may be prepared in turbo cookers, kettles with direct steam injection or pressure type


Solid concentrations from 6% to 10% may be applied depending on the characteristics of the warp
yarn, the density of the weave, the type of weave and the type of weaving equipment to be used.

For successful weaving on normal 7/1 cotton warps, made out of open end yarns, a size add on of
approximately 10% is desired. For the same warps, made out of ring spun yarns, the required size add
on is close to 8%.


Size removal is simple. J-size DNP-3 washes out in regular enzymatic system. A small quantity of a
non-ionic detergent is more than satisfactory for complete removal.The use of high concentrations of
strong electrolytes in the desizing bath, such as caustic soda,is prohibited.

Disclaimer: Information given herein is offered in good faith as accurate, but without guarantee. Conditions of
use and suitability of the product for particular uses are beyond our control; all risks of the use of the product are
therefore assumed by the user. Appropriate warnings and safe handling procedures should be provided to
handlers and users. It is also the responsibility of the user to observe any and all the laws and regulations
concerning the transportation, use, storage, and disposal of the product.