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Technical Bulletin

Physical Characteristics:
J-vanol-205 is a unique copolymer polyvinyl alcohol developed especially for use as a
warp size for cotton, spun polyester, polyester/ cotton blends and other spun yarns.
Chemical Properties:
J-vanol-205 is soluble in hot water in working concentrations of up to 16%. t has low
!"# and $"#.
Product Specifications:
%ydrolysis &'.( ) 1.* mol %
+iscosity, ,% conc., -($ -* . /( cps
p% 60&
+olatiles less than *%
1sh less than (.'%
Product Formulation:
J-vanol-205 can be utilized both as a ma2or film former or as a binder ad2uvant in starch
based formulations.
Product Preparation and pplication:
J-vanol-205, when used as a film former, is dispersed in cold water in concentration of
from 1.1-% and is then brought to the boil range 34-04* 5$6 for 1*0-( minutes. 7ettle
wa8 or other formula ad2uvant may be added at any stage and water may be added to
dilute without damaging the J-vanol-205 film forming capability.
J-vanol-205 when used as a starch formula component is used in concentration of from
1(01((% based on the weight of the starch component.
!isclaimer: nformation given herein is offered in good faith as accurate, but without guarantee.
$onditions of use and suitability of the product for particular uses are beyond our control9 all risks of the
use of the product are therefore assumed by the user. 1ppropriate warnings and safe handling procedures
should be provided to handlers and users. t is also the responsibility of the user to observe any and all the
laws and regulations concerning the transportation, use, storage, and disposal of the product.