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Organelle Trading Card Game (alps)

Nucleus Mitoch- Cytop- Ribosome Chloro- E.R Cell Golgi Cell Vacuole
ondria lasm plast wall body membrane lysosome

Your goal – get the most number of points by correctly answering information and
earning cards.

To play

Each person will have all 11 trading cards. Hold all of your cards so that the other person
can’t see them. Pick someone to go first. The person answering the question will choose
a category – Draw it, name it, or function. The other person will be asking the question.
Choose a card for the other person to answer the question about. If they correctly
perform the task, they get the points for that task and they get to go again. They will
continue their turn until they miss an answer. When an answer is missed the person that
missed the answer will deduct the number of points for that category and it will become
the other partners turn and play will continue the same way. As you correctly answer
questions mark off the category for each organelle at the top. When you have correctly
answered all the categories about the organelle, you get to keep the card, which is worth
an extra 20 points per card. Play will continue until someone has all the cards, or you are
told to stop. The person with the most points at the end wins.

Draw it (10) – you tell the other person the name of the organelle and they
correctly draw it to get the points

Name it (5) – you show the other person the picture of the organelle and
they correctly give its name

Function(job) (20) – you ask the other person what it does for the cell and
they correctly tell what it does

Total points __________