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Cell Trading Cards

Using a blank sheet of paper, fold your paper so that you end up with 8 equal sections.
On one section you will draw a colored picture of the organelle, on the other you will
have information about that organelle. When you are done you will glue the two sides
together so you have a picture on one side and the information on the other. Organelles
you should include are nucleus, cytoplasm, chloroplast, vacuole, cell membrane, cell
wall, mitochondria, Endoplasmic reticulum, ribosomes, golgi body, lysosome. Use
your green cell book to look up information. Drawings should be done in color with as
much detail as possible. You will need more than one sheet of paper.

1. Your information on the back side of the trading card should include:
a. the name of your organelle
b. a description of what it looks like
c. what it does
d. what part of a school it would be
e. an interesting fact about it.

Shaped like a jelly bean
Uses sugar to make energy
Has its own DNA