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May 14, 2012

Bronx Compass High School

Dear Hiring Committee,
Please accept my resume in consideration or a teaching position at the Bronx Compass School! "
#as recently accepted into the $e# %or& City 'eaching (ello#s and #ill recei)e certiication and
training in Special *ducation! Ha)ing #or&ed or the past decade in the ield o ater school
programming and academic enrichment, " am )ery excited to +e ma&ing a lielong commitment to
ser)ing $e# %or& City students! " am conident that my past experiences and the support " #ill
recei)e through the $e# %or& City 'eaching (ello#s #ill ,s a passionate ad)ocate or S'*M
education, " ha)e demonstrated leadership, creati)ity and colla+oration #hile successully
directing daily operations, +udgeting, and human resources or ater school programs that
pro)ided thousands o underser)ed students #ith inno)ati)e, technology-+ased #or&shops!
,s the ormer Senior Director o Programs or .ision *ducation / Media, " possess a pro)en
record in program management and de)elopment, as #ell as extensi)e experience in educational
technology #ith an emphasis on digital learning and academic enrichment!
Pro)iding ser)ices under state, ederal, and pri)ate sector unding, " ha)e +een in)ol)ed in all
aspects o program operations rom grant #riting to managing +udgets and ha)e ser)ed as a
liaison to all &ey sta&eholders and school administrators! " increased the operational +udget o
.ision +y 001 through the design o ne# programs and #as responsi+le or management and
reporting! " co-authored the proposal or GreenFab: Sustainable Engineering Through
Technology and Design, #hich #as unded +y the $ational Science (oundation! Pro)iding
#or&shops or o)er 120 students rom the South Bronx, 3reena+ is one o the nation4s irst ater
school programs to teach sustaina+ility and eco-eecti)e design through hands-on acti)ities in
S'*M! " #as also the co-creator o Ohmwork DIY, unded +y the Mac,rthur (oundation4s
Digital Media and 5earning "nitiati)e, #hich pro)ided online opportunities or students
e)ery#here to participate in creati)e, hands-on science and technology pro6ects!
,s a program director, " ha)e +een in charge o academic enrichment programs and proessional
de)elopment #or&shops throughout the tri-state area! My speciic responsi+ilities included
hiring, training, and mar&eting or all grant-+ased programs, and " ha)e coordinated .ision4s
#or& #ith corporate and go)ernment unders, youth de)elopment organi7ations, school
administrators, and uni)ersity partners! ,dditionally, " de)eloped a city#ide science and
technology initiati)e or $e#ar&, $8! 'hrough this initiati)e, " pro)ided onsite support and
coaching to teachers and school administrators, as #ell as training a sta o .ision mentors to
pro)ide direct instruction to participating students! "n the past i)e years, " ha)e successully
expanded the program rom an initial cohort o 10 schools to o)er 00!
My positi)e attitude, lexi+ility, and excellent #or& ethic ha)e allo#ed me to thri)e in a di)erse,
colla+orati)e en)ironment! 9ith a demonstrated commitment to inno)ati)e educational
programs, #or&orce readiness and en)ironmental a#areness, " +elie)e that " am an excellent
match or this position! " hope to urther discuss my :ualiications #ith you and can +e reached
at ;1<-=2<-0>=< or at cor+ett+eder?gmail!com! 'han& you or your consideration, and " loo&
or#ard to hearing rom you!
Cor+ett Beder