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Sabin Sharma

ART 101
Tomb of the Philip Bold
This art was originally made to mourn the Philip the bold who was duke of
burgundy, and it was installed in 1410 A.D. This was made by Claus Sluter who was a
Dutch by origin. In the picture, carthusian monk mourns the duke of burgundy. Philip the
bold ruled the burgundy, which today we called as France was very wealthy, strong at
that time.
Even this sculpture is about 14 to 18 inch tall, but we can find the real source of
solemnity in it. They are unhappy, weeping but face is covered but they show
expression through its body. This figure is so expressive that it shows the real
information within it to mourn the duke of burgundy, Philip the bold. This is the most
expressive impression carved in an art where it shows the funeral of duke of burgundy.
Here, face is covered but one can normally imagine how it can show emotion, but these
sculptures shows emotions via their body, their expression via their covers.
This figure deals with the mourn of duke of burgundy and it is expressed so
emotionally that even their face if hooded, their cloth or their body movement can
express the idea how much they bear pain due to the death of Philip the bold. This art
reflects that, there shouldnt be just face to show the expression, but it can be shown via
body or cloth.
This sculpture bears pain , sorrow, mourn in the death of duke of burgundy, but
expression isnt shown though face and its covered by hood, but the incredible body
expression shows how much pain this carthusian monks bears at that time due of the
death of Philip the bold. Truly, one of the greatest duke of that era who made its land
strong, wealthy in every aspect.

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