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Michaela Giordano

1995 Old Calaveras Rd

Milpitas, CA 95035
Firoozeh Dumas
777 Heaven Dr
Heaven, CA 95035
7 September 2014
Dear Firoozeh Dumas,

I read your short narrative, The F Word, and really enjoyed the reading! I was
intrigued on how you touched on issues that are in our society today. I never
realized how critical your name, race, and background are when living your life in
America and being viewed as an alien (foreign person). This truly opened my eyes to
the reality of discrimination of foreign people in America. It is easy to have this
predicament slide by without discussion and easily viewed as casual speed bump of
everyday life.

Shockingly I was able to connect to the story in some way, even though I do not
personally struggle with being made fun of my name. I am more on the other side of
the conflict because I am a typical American citizen. Although, name-calling and
limitations are sometimes placed on foreign names, I do not believe this issue is as
bad as you portray it to be in your narrative. From my perspective, those who are
not foreigners are perceived as judgmental and discriminating people of other races.
I was slightly offended by the stereotype and know for fact that I am not a person of
that nature. Yes I understand that this issue is within our society throughout all
ages, but everyone wrestles with problems and things they dont like about
themselves that are out of the ordinary. But life is meant that way, in order for us
to grow as individuals.

Within your narrative, you include a story line of your life such as getting married
and having a job. I wish that I could have known what kind of person you were
married to, or their race for that matter. This may have made the story more
interesting knowing if your significant other was American or of another race. Also
knowing your marriage life and if there were any racial struggles would have been
thought provoking. I am curious on what kind of job you partook in. Its odd and
shocking that you struggled to find jobs with such a quality educational background.

I was able to connect through your difficult experience through being teased for my
glasses. Four-eyes, spectacles, nerd, the girl with glasses, those were some popular
names for me during elementary school. At the time, that really bothered me, and
often resulted into five minutes of sobbing and three minutes later forgetting about
it. This was until I made the early decision to move onto contacts in the seventh
grade. Many people underestimated my abilities to be able to participate in sports I
loved. I player soccer, basketball, softball, and volleyball, all with my glasses on. I
achieved Athlete of the Year in the sixth grade, while wearing my glasses. Correct
me if I am wrong, but I am sure you pursued supreme greatness despite your
foreign name and serve as a great example for those who struggle dealing with
discrimination due to their name being non-American.

I appreciated your wide variety of vocabulary throughout your writing. The usage of
your diction inspires me to not be lazy and really apply myself by making my
writings be more fruitful and interesting. I loved your tidbit of humor near the end
of your narrative. Yet there is truth within it as well. I am referring to the part about
the mother who called you F Word; the lesson being taught was that people get
what they deserve, in other words karma. I truly enjoy moral stories because 1. they
make me laugh and people plainly being stupid and 2. they are always a good
reminder to take responsibility for your own actions.

Thank you for your precious time and consideration of this letter.

Yours truly,
Michaela Giordano