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Damper Door Not Operating

Push on damper door to check Damper jammed

manual movement. Yes Remove blockage or
Is the damper door stuck? replace damper


Push damper halfway closed.

Unplug refrigerator to reset
main control board.
Set temperature controls to 5 and 5
Reconnect power.

Does damper door move Verify thermistors are within proper

after immediately range using temperature resistance Replace main
Yes Yes
reconnecting power? chart on page 49 control board
(you have 10 seconds to check) Is the resistance within range?


Check wiring connections

No If wiring is OK,
replace thermistor

Unplug harness connector at damper. Unplug J3 connector from main control

Measure resistance between the board. Unplug refrigerator to
Look for wiring problem
yellow reset, then reconnect power.
between main control board
and red/black wires and between the Yes Do you have 6VDC between pins Yes
and damper. If wiring is OK,
white/brown and blue/yellow wires. J4-3 (common) and each of the
replace damper.
Do you measure approximately pins J3-1, J3-2, J3-3 and J3-4?
420 ohms for both readings? (you have 10 seconds to check)

No No

Replace main
Replace damper control board

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