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Workshop 6th Grade

Workshop 6th Grade

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Published by: svidal87 on Dec 10, 2009
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Workshop 6th grade Name: ______________________________ I. Fill in the blanks with must r mustn’t 1.

She is ill, so she ____________ see the doctor.

2. It is raining. You __________ take your umbrella.
3. You__________ throw litter on the stairs. 4. This is a secret. You __________ tell anybody. 5. You __________ make noise in the library.

6. We ____________ hurry or we will miss the bus. 7. You ___________ eat fruit and vegetables. 8. The baby is sleeping. You__________ shout. 9. You ____________ be friendly to everybody. 10. You ___________ walk on the grass.
II. Circle the correct one

1. You must/mustn’t light fires in the forests. 2. You must/mustn’t do your homework 3. You must/mustn’t wash your face every morning. 4. You must/mustn’t watch TV a lot. 5. You must/mustn’t eat in class. 6. You must/mustn’t be late for class. 7. You must/mustn’t listen to your teacher. 8. You must/mustn’t give place to old people. 9. You must/mustn’t be polite. 10. You must/mustn’t take notes during the lessons.
Now write must or mustn’t to create a set of rules for you room

1. In my room you _________ listen to bad music! 2. In my room you ____________ be nice to me! 3. In my room you __________shout at me! 4. In my room you ____________ play with me! 5. In my room you _____________ help me with my homework! 6. In my room you____________ share everything with me! 7. In my room you___________ use my computer. 8. In my room you ____________ tell the truth only! 9. In my room you ____________ break my stuff!

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