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I am an Electrical Engineer by qualification and have served for 4 years at a downstream Oil and

Gas major at an Indian coastal state of Odisha. I am currently at a career sabbatical and am pursuing
2 year full time G!" at Indian Institute of "anagement# Indore.
!uring the 4 year stint# I had e$posure to procurement cell %tendering and materials procurement&#
operations and project engineering wor's at site. I am a (evel)! qualified *ertified +ssociate
roject "anager %(icense ,o.(")-42& and a .v/i certified Internal +uditor for I0O 122342225
/uality "anagement.
I have secured numerous scholarships during my academic career and have scored 16.78 in I*0E
%2222& and 12.33 in 9II th %2224&. I do not have any teaching e$perience.