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Fatimah Chik

& Emilia Tan

A Master-Student Art Exhibition at the TMS Art Gallery

IT IS the insatiable love for batik that has prompted a teacher and her student to
hold a unique exhibition of their art entitled Fatimah Chik & Emilia Tan – A
Master-Student Art Exhibition. Their relationship began in 2001 when Emilia Tan
studied textile and fashion design under Fatimah Chik during her days at the
Malaysian Institute of Art (M.I.A.) and from there, the scholar’s love affair with
batik began.
Fatimah Chik is a well-known Malaysian artist and her art work has been col-
lected by individuals and institutional and corporate art patrons alike. Fatimah is
fond of using traditional metal blocks featuring various Southeast Asian motifs
on textiles. Fatimah started creating batik while conducting research on South
East Asian textiles in 1975. She is now an authority on batik and has been a
Student Emilia Tan with
Piala Seri Endon judge for several years. teacher Fatimah Chik
Emilia Tan is a natural artist whose talent has flourished since she was a (seated).


Fatimah’s artwork is included in many prestigious collections.
young girl. Moving from the water-
colour brush to tjanting, much of
her inspiration is derived from
Australian Aboriginal Art. Her dis-
tinctive style is a mixture of aborigi-
nal art styles with batik techniques.
"It’s not what I paint that matters so
much as how I create it so that it
will belong to me. That's what leads
off to my own personal style."

Organized by Wisma SGM and

TMS Art Gallery, the Fatimah
Chik & Emilia Tan – A Master-
Student Art Exhibition will be
held from the 2nd to the 9th
December 2007 at Wisma
Kebudayaan SGM, 243 Jalan
Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala
Lumpur. Opening hours are from
11am to 6pm. Admission is free.
The opening ceremony is at
11am on the 2nd December, and
will be officiated by YB Dato’
Wong Kam Hoong, Deputy Minister
of Culture, Art & Heritage. For
more information, please contact
(+603) 2141 2003 (SGM) or
(+603) 4142 8154 (TMS ART) or
Emilia’s distinctive style is a mixture of aboriginal art and traditional batik visit