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AIOLOS is a software for the calculation of the airflow rate in natural

ventilation configurations. Based on the principles of network modeling this
tool offers the user many simulation possibilities which can either be used
for design purposes or simply be exploited to provide a deeper insight of the
mechanisms involved in natural ventilation.


AIOLOS software is focused on the calculation of the airflow rates in multi-

room buildings. The following possibilities are offered.

· Calculation of the global airflow rates in each simulated zone

· Calculation of the airflow rates through each of the openings in the building
· Sensitivity analysis for the investigation of the impact of specific
parameters on natural ventilation.
· Optimization process for the derivation of the appropriate opening sizes for
achieving optimum airflow rates in the investigated configurations.
· A parametrical model for the calculation of the pressure coefficient on
exterior surfaces
· A thermal model for the assessment of the impact of various natural
ventilation strategies on the thermal behavior of the building.

The above calculations can be run for a short (1day) or an extended (up to
1 year) time period. Climatic data can be treated statistically through an in-
built climatic preprocessor. This feature gives the user the possibility to
have a fast assessment of the prevailing climatic characteristics in the
region the building is located in. Results are reported in a tabular or
graphical form. For a better understanding of the results statistical treatment
is also possible.

The above features are combined in a user-friendly interface. To facilitate the

user, the software is provided with an on-line help facility.

Fig. 1: Graph of Flow through an external element

Fig.2: Statistical analysis: Results (graphical form)

Fig. 3: Results of Sensitivity Analysis (graphical form)