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February 22, 2014

To Whom it May Concern:
The Arthroscopy Association of North America exists to promote, encoura!e,
support an" foster### the "e$e%opment an" "issemination of &no'%e"!e### of
arthroscopic sur!ery in or"er to impro$e upon the "ia!nosis an" treatment of
"iseases an" in(uries of the muscu%o)s&e%eta% system#
*r# A%berto +obbi of Mi%an, ,ta%y, (oine" the Arthroscopy Association of North
America in 1--. as an ,nternationa% Member sponsore" by *r /ames Fox an"
*r 0tephen 0ny"er to ser$e as an acti$e ambassa"or to 1urope in sprea"in!
the $ie's of our association an" a%so become an acti$e participant in
atten"in! AANA meetin!s#
2n Apri% 2004 our 3oar" of *irectors 'ith *r *on /ohnson as 4resi"ent an" *r
3rian *ay as imme"iate past 4resi"ent 'ith unanimous appro$a% e%ecte" *r#
A%berto +obbi as 5onorary Member#
*r# A%berto +obbi has been acti$e member of our Committees , participate"
to our teachin! 'or&shops an" ,nstructiona% courses an" has been part of our
Facu%ty at AANA Annua% Meetin!s "urin! a%% these years# 5e has a%'ays
"e$ote" his time to arthroscopy teachin! an" scienti6c research an" 'i%%
continue to "o so#
Than& you#
5o%%y 7# A%bert
*irector of Meetin!s