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Lesson plan Model

Date: 7th of October. Level: 6 grade.

Skill: Reading, Speaking, Listening and

Expected Outcomes: The students will reinforce the vocabulary of the house.

Resources: Computer, data show, fotocopies, beans.

Time Comments

Introduction 2 mts - The practice teacher and the guide teacher greetings to
5 mts. the students.
- The practice teacher Atendance list.
- Then the students and the teachers will go to the hallroom
in order to use the data show.

Core of the class

Pre-stage 5 mts - The students will see imagines of the parts of a house
inside and outside.
5 mts - Then the will repeat how to pronounce the words
8 mts. - The student repeat along the pronunciation of the

While-stage 5 mts. - Then the teacher give the presentation and instructions of
a game a “Bingo” with the parts of the house.
5 mts - The students will help to the teacher to distribute the
bingo’s sheets and the beans to put in the paper.
20 mts - The students will play Bingo and the teacher will give the
parts of the house. (they will play twice.)

Post-stage 15 mts The students will play bingo and each of the students will
give loud the words of the house that the teacher will have
in a bag, in order to the students speak and repeat the name
of the parts of a house.

Closing 5 mts. The teacher will ask to the student to help her to clean the
hall room.
The teacher say good bye to the students

The students finish 15 minutes early because the school

give this extra time for lunch.