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Lesson plan Model

Date: 8th of October. Level: 6 grade.

Skill: Reading, speaking, listening and writing.

Expected Outcomes: The students will increase their reading, speaking, listening and writing
skills working.
- The students will internalize how to use “Because” in order to give reasons in opinions.
Resources: English book, and a radio.

Time Comments

Introduction 2 mts - The practice teacher and the guide teacher greetings to
5 mts. the students.
- The practice teacher Atendance list.

Core of the class

Pre-stage 6 mts Mistery house: the teacher will introduce the topic about
mystery, in order to the students know the meaning of the
8 mts 1 .-Reading activity: the students will read a short text
with pictures and develop an activity to choose the right
answer using the clue.
The teacher will check the right answer with the students.
8 mts 2.- Speaking activity: the students will give opinions
about computres games.
The teacher will ask to the students in front of the class
their opinions.
8 mts 3- 4 - Listening activity: the students will listening a
dialogo and have to answer the quiestion in the exercices.
The teacher will check the right answre with the students.

While-stage Writing
5 mts The teacher explain the use of “Because” to the students.

15 mts 5- The students will develop a exercises to do reasons

using because.
The teacher will check the right answer with the students.

10 mts 6- The students will write opions about what their

classmates what they think about computers games.
The teacher will check the right answer with the student

10 mts Writing and speaking
- The students will work doing opinions about their houses.
10 mts - The teacher will check asking to the students their

The teacher finish the class doing a little review and saying
Closing 3 mts. good bye to the students.