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Lesson plan Model

Date: 14th of October. Level: 6 grade.

Time of the class: 75 min.
Skill: Reading and writing.

Expected Outcomes: Students will be able to:

- Identify the vocabulary of the places of a house in flash cards.
- Write and compere working in groups.
- Role – play through a game.
Resources: Flash cards, whiteboard, and market.

Time Comments
Students will:
Introduction 2 min 1.- Greetings to the teachers
5 min 2. - Respond to the list.

Core of the class

Pre-stage 15 min 3.- Recieve a photocopy with little flash cards of the
vocabulary that they learn during the last class. (places of
the house) and will cut, paint and stick them as flash
cards to use and to write correctly.

While-stage 10 min 4.- Integrate a of 5 or 6 people.

5.- Prepare as a group for the game to study the
20 min vocabulary using the flash cards .

20 min 6- Prove their knowlege about the vocabulry playing the

Play against to the differents groups of the class.
Spell the words correctly in order to win the game.

Post-stage 2 min 7.- Rank their knowlege about vocabulary according to

the results during the game.

Closing 1 min 8.- The students are dismissed of the class.