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tel. o7817933347


Work Experience SKILLS I have a lot of experience
working with children and in
Student Tutor- UWE/ City of •Knowledge and under- teams. From an early age I be-
Bristol College (2009-) standing of the basic prin- gan volunteeting at a local sports
ciples of animation. club for disabled children that my
Multifunctional- Cine- brother attended.
world Cinemas-Braintree •Understanding of Flash, I have experience as a class room
(2008/2009 summer) StopmotionPro, Photoshop assistant within both secondary
Handling money, public ser- and primary schools. I am enthu-
vices, serving food, cleaning. •Enthusiasm for traditional siastic about promoting animation
and digital 2D animation to school age students and have
The Pine Factory (2000- taught animation skills to pupils
2007) •Well developed draftman- ranging from 5- 20.
Cleaning, assembling furni- ship skills I am currently employed at the
ture, public services. City of Bristol College as a assistant
teacher in an art class.
I also enjoy playing the piano,
Education: Current projects a pastime I have pursued for 15
Producer, Lead animator and
UWE- Bristol School of Ani- Character Designer on “Ad-
mation: break”.
Animation BA (hons) A 90 second student group film.