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Moodle Scavenger Hunt

Moodle Scavenger Hunt

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Published by Jesse Franzen

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Published by: Jesse Franzen on Dec 10, 2009
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Moodle Scavenger Hunt! (Quiz 25pts.

Please use our Moodle page to answer these questions or do what is stated:
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. What’s your name? Find today’s lesson. What is the answer to the joke? What’s the current temperature? Write either the quote of the day or the word of the day and it’s definition. Write one of Franzen’s shared headline picks. Donate a hundred grains of rice to FreeRice, the game, and then write down the last question they ask. 7. Using the calendar, what’s going on February 18th? 8. What was the paper requirement for our very first book report? 9. Post something in the commentary blog and then summarize it here. 10.What is something you could do for extra credit? 11.Go to www.kiva.org and briefly describe what Kiva is “about”. 12.Search Kiva and discover someone in Latin America who could use some help, name them and how much they need. 13.What good is a Moodle? (this one comes from your own head.)

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