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Campus Chat

Do you think title IX is fair?

Coy Wheeler, Junior, UNR: “I don’t think its fair, it takes money
away from big sports and gives it to
sports that don’t bring money to the

Charley Kooser, Junior, UNR: “I think it is fair, it gives equal

representation on campus, it would
give a bad name to the University if we
were over populated by men’s sports.”

Daniel Carter, Sophomore, UNR: “No its not fair, its nice and all, but
if men’s teams are more
successful than women’s why not cut the
women’s sports?”
Melanie Nowlin, Senior, UNR “Yes, its fair. It comes with equality, we,
as in women should have we can
compete in.”

Jai Anderson, Junior UNR “Equality is not stupid, but the way title
IX is used sounds stupid.”

Ryan Toomey, Sophomore UNR “Nowadays there are more sports

guys can do then girls can do, there is no
advantage of taking sports away from
men and women.”