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Transcripts of recordings

The NPA has tried to be as fair as possible in its transcription of the relevant portions of the recordings.

The NPA has had to type transcript of relevant extracts ourselves as there were no official transcripts available. We have tried to take every care to ensure that .they are accurate, but in some places the recordings are not very clear.

In some instances the discussion has been paraphrased.

We have covered all those parts of the recordings that are relevant or that is important for the context of the particular discussion to ensure that the context is not distorted.

We have left out those parts that are not relevant as this often deals with personal or other details.

The NPA has added comments on the recordinqs.that explain issues that are not very clear, or where information inside the NPA by corroborafes the conversations. We should stress that these are our own tentative comments and that further investigation may cast more light on these issues.

1. Date 4.11.200718h25 M Khumalo
a. MK: Urgent need for him to meet LM
b. LM: Koki won't arrest someone before we meet, then its ok
c. Arrange to meet on Wednesday afternoon, or have a dinner at
2. Date 7.11.200710h25 BN Apparent reference
a. LM: To come back to the thing we discussed on Sat, this matter is to the enclosed
now up in the courts tomorrow Business Day
b. BN: not Monday editorial of 6.11.07.
c. LM: The second thing is, I, remembering what you said on The editorial is of
Saturday. I read yesterday's Business Day editorial, you must just the view that it
read it appears to benefit
d. BN: Just remind me Mr Mbeki when Mr
e. LM: yes, its in line with your thinking Zuma is not facing
f. BN: Laughs charges
g. lM: I am serious
h. 'LM: The third issue is, I met with the guy I mentioned, and you There is reg ular
know his line is almost like that of Sam referen ce to the
i. BN: Laughs need to meet or
j LM: But he said he will. He says he will speak to the man but his he discuss with "the
is back over the weekend, but he knew, he feels very strongly that I man", "the other
should not see the guy directly fellow" or "guy" or
k. LM: So that he has a shield, so that if this issue comes up then he "he". in calls 17, 21,
can say "I don't know what the fuck you are talking about" 25, 26, 28 it is clear
that it is the
President. In most
other cases it is not
clear who is meant.
I. BN: Have you read the Business day today Apparent reference
m. LM: No I haven't to the enclosed
n. BN: its on that line, its says, J said, it says he knew about my Business Day article
statement beforehand, of 7.11.07. It
o. LM: Is it? discusses the
p. BN: I don't know where he got it from but certainly that fellow never Gevisser book which
spoke to me states that Mr Mbeki
... asked Mr Zuma to
resign before the 1

prima facie
q. BN: But it is still long way away (before you go) Possible reference
r. LM: The thing is happening in January boss, we even discussed it to LM appointment
s. BN: Why do you wake me up in the morning for that: to World Bank in Jan
t. lM: no, no, the main thing is really my meeting with the other guy Meet with other guy
and what came out of it and the fact that this judgement is on us
much quicker than what I thought, and I really I need to make a call
u. LM: because I am told our guy has slipped out in the media saying Apparent reference
he wants nothing to do with it to NDPP stating that
v. BN: yes it will be decision for
w. LM: - your acting .. the DSO to take
x. BN: I know
y. BN: you know very interesting there is different points of view Discussion of timing
across the board of charge of Mr
z. lM: You don't want to join this dinner with Mzi? Zuma. Khumalo
aa. BN: No, you will see, his view is completely opposite - he agrees .appears to be only
with you. He and Sam agree with you. We had dinner on Sunday, one who supports
quite a number of people, mine was there, Dlamini? was there LM in view that it
i. I put a hypothetical question to them, let's assume the judgement should happen
comes out in next few weeks and its in favour of those guys, before Polokwane
what must happen by when?
ii. Mzi was the only one on that table who said lets do it now, he
was the only one
iii. If he tells you the truth he and tells you that, everyone there
disagreed with him
3. Date: 7.11.200713h23 BN Continued
a. LM: I was not sure what wicket we ended discussion
b . ....
c. LM: 1 am not sure, did we say
d. BN: I said when you are done with Mzi, where are you eating
e. LM: I don't know
f. BN: He did not tell you where you are eating, are you coming to
... ~
g. LM: The other things is, are you now not going to see me as you
initially indicated because I remember you said you might want to
speak to me
h. BN: ! said I will wait until we hear what this other fellow is saying
and then ill also talk to him, as I said to you
i. BN: there is not a wrong or right question about this thing here
j. BN: Nobody actually knows what the presentation is likely to be
k. LM: Maybe one should look at the aftermath, after 3 days,
I. BN: Exactly, exactly, lets see whats going to be, but I can tell you
know, you know, I can even see his people
m. I saw the article only now, the one that you referred to
n. LM: There is also an editorial that I haven't read, try and read last
week's, I mean yesterdays
o. BN: I will try to get it
4. Date 9.11.07 13h55 BN
a. lM : do you have Mzi's company name, I offered him a book and
bottle of wine, I need his address my guys cant find it
b. LM : to have it delivered
c. BN: So therefore ...
d. LM : No, no, we, I am also now studying the judgement you see, Discussion of SeA
like a good coloured judgement 2

e. BN: But these guys have already said they are taking the matter up
f. LM: Ja, But this does not mean that one has to hang up on there,
you know, that we,
g. BN: I agree with you
h. lM: But I want to just, I am seeing the guys ... get a sense of their
views, think things over it, this is a legal issue, we will get to the ,
fight decision
L lM: But nothing will happen in a rush, it is not going to happen that
will not be that we tell them on Wed come and a[lpear on Thursday
5. Date 26.11.07 20h43 M Khumalo Assisting Khumalo
a. MK: Congratulations with information
b. LM: There is nothing on our database regarding a raid on
c. MK: I will ask him for the names of the people who came to search his businesses
here premises
d. LM: Try to find out whether it is DSO or police
6. Date 26.11.07 20h43 BN Following a
a. LM: I just thought I would check how you are doing discussion about
b. BN: I am not doing very well at all, not very well at all. I am so ANC provincial
shocked, trying to work on it, it's the shock. ! need time to work on nomination
it, just been shocked, just been shocked, shocked ... conferences
c. BN: all the other stuff went the way we talked about it, remember I
said we probably get 5 - we got all the 4 we said we were going to
get. And, but the way we lost in the provinces where we were going
to lose - still even now I cant explain, I don't understand 'it, I cant
find that there are only 9 people in the whole province of Natal. ...
d. BN: discusses results .... It is not natural to have such huge
majorities in a province ... that one is not norma! '"
e. LM: There is something wrong there - and also, that is my first
reaction, it is actually two fold. it is either that the one side
deliberately is obfuscating the issue, no go and vote and the real
picture will emerge at the conference or these guys cooked the
books ...
f. BN: In Natali mean the comrades did say to them look guys vote
for this guy know on the first round, don't show your hand because
these guys might basically disqualify you from attending the
.... Following a
9· BN: So you the only one who can just save this country from its discussion about
madness ANC provincial
h. LM: hmm nomination
i. BN: You know conferences, LM is
j. BN: I just cant believe it, I really cant believe ·it, I don't know, so we the only one who
also busy now can save the country
k. LM: Hmm
I. BN: And a
m. LM: And what does the big man say, is he oraait,
n. BN: I don't know,
0. BN: 'want to, I will try to call him later tonight. he is in a meeting
the whole day, at Shell house of all places (laughs)
p. BN: I am not doing well, I am now going to compete with you for
that job at the WB
q. LM: I did what you said I should do, I must say Appears as if BN
r. BN: you did right, right thing requested that LM
s. LM: ,up until Friday, I received a strong memorandum to say obtain the view of
charqe and charge now - the team to bolster 3

t. BN: Friday

u. LM: No this Friday, the team says we have been fucking around with this thing, we are aI/owing ulterior considerations to come in, it will become an impossibility later - we now must take action and deal with "finish and klaar" as Jackie Selebi says, but we will talk when I see you

the argument that charges should brought before Polokwane (in case it was needed)

7. Date 6.12.07 11h07 BN

a. BN: I am ill Kimberley, do you have contacts here

b. LM: only (mentions 2 names)

c. BN: I am thinking which delegates I can go and see, who can take me to delegates

d. LM: I don't have sufficient contacts, the one guy who might be a contact we are on verge of charging

BN request LM to identify potential ANC conference delegates in Kimberley to be lobbied

8. 12.12.07 Wednesday 10h15 5MS exchange BN & LM

a. BN: When are you filing

b. LM: We're stretched. It has tripled in size now. Likely to file tomorrow afternoon or Friday afternoon only. What up!

c. BN: The sooner the better. Not later than tomorrow. It will assist a great deal

Refers to the NPA's reply to Mr Zuma's application for leave to appeal to the Can Court in the search warrant matter. It was due on 14 Dec.

9. Date Wednesday 12.12.07 10h41 BN

a. lM: We must have one of those Yengeni nights - remember we said we will not leave this fucking hotel until its done

The reference is to a meeting with Mr Yengeni's lawyers that lasted late into the night

b. BN: If this thing comes out the way we discussed it yesterday,

1. those key issues, right

ii. it will be a devastating one for them,

iii. and it will cause people to wake up to know what they are actually doing

iv. without being dramatic, without you making arrests,

v. it will say, this is what we have this is what we have, and we are forced to state it now and people will wake up think what are we doing

c. LM: Friday, by Friday people are packing bags, they won't even read the fucking newspapers

d. BN: That is the thing, that is the thing, that is why it will be good if it could come out today (ie Wednesday)

e. LM: Today is difficult, I will call a Yengeni night, we are not leaving here until we finalise this tomorrow morning, we file by lunch time and give it to the media,

f. BN: You made my day

This is a discussion about the need to file the Con Court papers earlier so that it can be reported in the newspapers before the delegates leave for Polokwane.

10. Date Thursday cell 13.12.0712h20 BN

a. LM: What is the mood like?

b. BN: Is it out?

c. LM: no no, I am just checking the pulse of securities

d. LM: You know, I thought I will give call you once a day, twice a day to hear whether the position has not changed

e. That thing will only be filed tomorrow


ii. I can only get so much out of these guys, we only worked to 10 past 11

iii. The kid wants to go on leave, Trengove is on leave and wants to see it as he has to argue it in court,

iv. So we will probably only file tomorrow at about 12h50, we have a date for 10 to 1

f. BN; how does it look

Cant discussion about the need to 'file Can Cou rt papers earlier

The position or script are apparent references to whether Mr Zuma should be charged before or after Polokwane


g. LM: its ugly, you need someone who can nitpick and read through

all that shit of 212 pages, and look at para 79 ...

h. BN: Can you deliver a draft to my place? I. BN: I wi!! be in Johannesburg

j. LIVI: I will get, I will rather come myself, I don't want to take changes

k. BN: No I will be late tonight,

I. LM: I will wait for you, or see you first thing in morning. I don't want

intermediaries here,

m. BN: ok, your right,

n. LM: Zuma will say we are conspiring against him

o. LM: can I ask, the script has not changed yet,

p. BN: Ya, no

q. LM: because (do/don't) feel like going to Polokwane and charging him there

LM undertakes to deliver a draft of the Con Court papers to BN personally to avoid it becoming known

It is unclear whether he says he "do" or "don't" want to do this

r. LM: But listen, I think you guys must just keep your heads open about the "when" factor because I mean we will file our docs tomorrow, we will, Mpshe is going on leave tomorrow and I am acting.

s. LM: We will have our section 2e order and our, our ... we will have finalized the processing of the decision

The when factor is an apparent reference to whether Mr Zuma should be charged before or after Polokwane.

The "s2(e) order" is a reference to the need for the NDPP to authorise all racketeering prosecutions

t. BN: As long as you don't do it this weekend

u. LM: If we hold it back, it will be because the clever people like you and others are saying to us that the country needs cool heads but I would hate to have be seen to be wrong later

v. BN: just don't do it this weekend

w. LM: it might change

x. BN; I cant keep an open mind, you can't do it this weekend, our

minds wont change

y. The exchange is repeated several times

z. BN: Just don't do it this weekend

aa. LM: I wont move this weekend, if this change, just let us know bb. BN: it wont change

BN makes it clear that they do not want Mr Zuma to be charged before Polokwane despite the fact that everything is in place to do so

11.14 Dec 07 10h32 Min of Justice

a. LM briefs the Minister of Justice regarding the filing of papers in the Constitutional Court.

12. Date Friday 14.12.07 10h53 BN

a. LM: are you in position where I can drop something off or send someone to drop something off

b. BN: drop it at home, not there yet

c. LM: the one thing is a 8 pager, which you should read because it deals with whatever is new

i. The rest is just same shit we have heard for the last 3 years'

d .....

e. LM: I want to get this to you, I can't leave it in envelope with drivers. and things it is too risky. My guy can drive to where you are and

give it to you

f. BN: its not possible. in East London

LM prepares and sends a short summary of key issues that are newsworthy to BN for apparent distribution to the media


g. LM: Can also fax it to you,

h. BN: I will give you a fax no

I. LM: You must physically stand there and wait for it

13. Date Friday 14.12.07 12h03 5MS BN

a. BN: The fax number is 040 653 2223. Thanks

14. Date Friday 14.12.0712h32 5MS BN

a. BN: I am standing next to the fax machine. Hope you wont forget me.

15. Date Friday 14.12.0712h43 5M5 BN to LM

a. BN at 1.2h43: Got it. Thank you very much

b. LM at 12h56: Hold onto it for a while, until ..

16. Date Friday 14.12.07 BN 13h08

a. LM: I just wanted to say its been filed, I am told you can show it even to the guy on the beachfront

b. LM: It is in court, anyone can access it -I just got an sms, it was filed 3 min ago

c. . ..

LM informs BN that papers have been filed and can be distributed

17. Dale 16.12.0715h13 BN

a. BN: am back, I need to chat to you,

b. BN: we must chat, ne

c. LM: ja

d. BN: I had a chat with this fellow, he's going to call you immediately after conference. I met him yesterday, I need to chat to you about it

e ....

Apparent arrangement to meet the President

18. Date 16.12.07 5MS exchange between Luciano to LM

a. LM: cats look defeated

b. LM: I have been advised to give Ouboet & Oujan a break in the interest of SA. ... Tenous times. OV?

c. L: 0 Tempores a mores! Cui Bono? Primus Salus Pro Familia McCarthy et facimus novae vitae.

d. LM: Don't have a dictionary, Meaning .... ?

e. L: Tell you when I see you next wk for delivery of Christmas


f. LM: Too Late

g. L: Who is asking you?

h. Lilli: High Power, can't disclose. Gov in power. Undertaking.

i. L: What did Jesus say? Give to the emperor what is due to him and to the church what is due to her. You serve at the pleasure of the emperor. Any other choice wid mean not serving at the pleasure of the emperor

J LM: I hear you emperor sir. They're asking for a review. What k. L: Primus salus amicus et familia. That's the motto

I. LM: Yea. Threatening to expose no. 1

m. L: Approach hold even if Lume looses (sic)

As far as can be established, Luciano is a private intelligence operative

Ouboet is Mr Selebi Oujan is probably Mr Zurna

The Christmas present appears to be information of some kind that is required

Presumably a review of the cases

19. Date 17.12.07 SMS exchange between Luciano to LM

a. L: Thought over night - 1. Recommend we help you find 2 sympathetic and credible international lawyers that can join each of the 2 reviews.

2. International component important for SA's reputation and your own. If carefully selected will support objective.

3. In ouboet's case need international component to deal decisively with 0 sullivan factor. Matter also high profile given K allegations,

"Lume" is nickname for Mr Mngwengwe, the Investigating Director of the OSO

Proposal for what appears to be a further review panel for the Selebi (and Zuma) matters

The Selebi review panel had concluded its work at the end of November 2007.


6.2 Recommend you come to clear agreement about SAG support for Government? The

the next phase of yr career including a date. review panels· appear to be linked to the future World Bank position

media interest and focus on crime in lead up to 2010.

4. Ira Oujan recommend a comprehensive review is done of ALL MLA and prosecution cases are done flowing from arms deal not just his by review panel with international lawyers as you originally recommended. cont

5. You can then deal with oujan in context of broader review.

6. If you are going to do this in interest of SA recommended you request

6.1 You submit review report to Special Committee of 4 ministers justice, intel, foreign affairs and safety and security. Do not take sole responsibility. Yrcurrent line management structure will result in sole responsibility.

6.3 You are going to need resources inc! special budget because above all the media will have to be managed locally and globally. End.

K is probably Kebble

20. Date 17.12.07 SMS exchange between Luciano to LM

a. Thank you Captain. I'll digest. Will see what happens tomorrow.

We'll talk when you're here. KeeR Well. Luciano


21. Date 17.12.07 BN 19h41

a ....

b. BN: We do need to chat, but this one is going to call you when he gets back before he leaves for Christmas

Appears to confirm meeting with the President

22. Date: 18.12.07 22h10 Mzi Khumalo

a. MK: Welcome back, this is a bad day for the whole country

b. LM: I am shocked ..

c. LM: I was given all these assurances, that scores are being made up, that the backlog is being worked away, that the guys are confident.

d. . ..

e. MK: Very early in the year, we must now sit and talk seriously about

what we are going to do.

f. LM: Hmm ...

g. LM.: Did you get wine and book I sent you ...

h. LM: Lets be merry, fest off and we will live to regroup another day, lets wipe the blood off our faces. Hey, I fael bad about it, my wife says to me you look like you lost your mother, I don't feel good about it

Discussion with Khumalo, including the need to regroup after result of the election of the ANC president was announced

.23. Date 19.12.0712h26 SMS BN to LM

a. BN: From now onwards you are on your own. It is imperative that you finalise your future plans pronto.

b. lM: sorry

c. Thanks. it's a sad day for our country

The morning after result of the election of the ANC president was announced

24. Date 19.12.07 12h26 8M

a. LM: how are things going, are things ok

b. BN: how can you ask that question, you know the agenda, you are a lawyer

c. BN: what can they do, I don't work for them, there are 2 things they can do to me

d. BN: Firstly, they can harass and detain me day in and day out-

Discuss outcome of Polokwane and possible harassment of BN


have been through those things with the previous regime ...
e. BN: No 2, I am not ashamed of the things 1 did, will stand my
ground and fight them back ...
f. BN: and secondly, I don't think they want to do anything to me,
they don't want to, they needed me, you know, they were
campaigning on this ticket, of being a victim, that there was a
conspiracy hatched by Mbeki and they used me to implement that.
For which he compensated me by giving my wife Zuma's job
g. BN: What I meant about my message to you was, it is important Refers to 8MS
that you sort out where you are going, immediately. And 1 think that above and to protect
the sooner you get out of that place, the better for you. Let them LM for the future
sort out their mess, this is not your responsibility, they want to sort
out the mess, let them sort it out themselves
h. BN: There is nobody who will be covering your back, you are
exposed completely, and I don't think you deserve that
I. LM: I am still shocked, I must say this ...
j. BN: I am not worried about myself, they can try to harass me ..
k. LM: you are saying I should leave this decision and let other Made clear that LM
people deal with it because must still continue to
l. BN: I never said that, I never said that, I am just talking about you, take the decision on
knowing where you are going, and securing that immediately. [ am Mr Zuma
just talking about you, not talking about your work. I am talking
about you as a person, your work is your work, you deal with it, but
your person, I don't think you must find , .. 1 can afford, am
independent, I don't do business with government
m. lM: No orrait, we will see how things, , mean is the government
going to do anything. Is the government going to hustle together or
carryon with their lives over Chrlstrnas.v.
n. BN: wont see anything till mid January, people will rest now and
see how things pan out
25. Date Wednesday 19.12.07 BN 16h06
a, BN: Hi
b. LM: I say we want to move on Friday Probab~ Friday,21
c. BN: ok Dec
d. LM: We have become so accustomed to checking with everyone
whether they think it is fme .; and we have a minister who ... is
going on holiday
e. LM: I don't know if that other call you referred to will ever come, Possible reference
these guys are still humiliated to meeting with
f. LM: The longer we delay, the worse it becomes, we make it President
impossible for ourselves to proceed. If the guy wants us to meet
and urn ,. and just do it
B- BN: Ja
26. Date: 19.12.0718h41 Minister of Justice, President Discussion with
a. Min: There is no any emergency or anything? Minister and
b. lM: there are things! need to discuss some things, including the President regarding
Zuma case but it will be difficult to see you before 8th. But I need to meeting
see you, even if just for an hour
c. Min: Under pressure here under Jackie's matter, how did it go to
media now, that you have given the Minister a report, we have
taken a decision
d. LM: Said to Tlali to try and keep this quiet, .. Don't know where
Willie stands on this, but it is clear to me that this things have now
shifted that we are not going to brief the Minister on anything. We
have already taken decision
e. Min: Not thanks Leonard, Phone is handed to President 8

f. Pres: er, advocate, how are you?
g. LM: I am well, I am well, thank you
h. Pres: Do you know who is speaking?
i. LM: it sounds like the President?
j. Pres: Yes
k. LM: How are you President?
I. Pres: You have to choose Leonard now whether you sa.y former
President or President
m. LM: You will always be my president, you will always be my
n. Pres: Leonard, I wanted to just to say that Minister told me some
time back you had asked to see me,
o. LM: yes
p. Pres: and indeed I had agreed, but then I, you know, and /, you will
have seen my busy-ness, I get so busy up and down and so on
q. LM: ja
r. Pres: She reminded me about this, and I said to her no, as soon as
come back from here, before I disappear on some short holiday, ok
I will try and sort it out
s. Pres: I should be able to call you back on Fri
t. LM: I will be here
u. Phone is handed back to Minister
27. Date: 20.12.07 SMS LM and Luciano
a. L: what time would be good for me to bring Christmas presents Delivery of
tomorrow morning? "Christmas
b. LM: Court Classique (gives address) presents"
c. L: I will be there. See y_ou at 9. Thanks
28. Date: about 24.12.0711h49 Voicemail to F Davids Allegiance to Mr
a. LM: Davids, uh, McCarthy here, give me a ring please, you send Mbeki, confirm that
me en gevaarlike sms here just before Christmas. I am Thabo man, I they met, and."we"
mean we are still wiping the blood from our faces, or egg 1 or egg are planning a
and blood from our faces. Saw the man on Friday evening, we comeback strategy
planning a comeback strategy. And once we have achieved that,
we will clean u£ all around us my friend. Bye
29. Date: 29.12.07 Minister of Justice Internally, it
a. LM: Since I spoke to you in Cape Town about my own intentions appears that the
for the future, I met the President and wanted to give you feedback decision was made
b. Min: 2 things, the one: umm, the heat is on on 21 Dec, the same
c. Min: I did ask Mpshe, Because you know, you sit in the NEC, I said date LM met with
to Mpshe, there is no ways people will accept as fair if you guys go the President
on to prosecute sooner, not like immediately, but sooner, otherwise
they will read conspiracy, and really the situation is bad ...
d. Min: And that is why they are pushing German thing, they are
saying that here is dirty linen and there is other dirty linen in the
cupboard- we must not think that these things will not come up later
e. Min: I said to Mpshe, Mpshe, why, he then said Billy and them are
pressing for sooner, and said that they are angry about the slight
f. LM: No that was me
g. Min: I then said to him, why you objectively as prosecutors can't
approach the JP and say this thing is going to take place and say
this is a priority thing and what
h. Min: So No 1 phoned me this afternoon and say how do you charge
now, appear in court starting in august?, because it is further on,
you know what I mean.
i. LM: ya
j. Min: I said n.o, I did say to no .. it is prudent to go the route of you •


know should be no real big gap
k. LM: Let me explain to Min what happened,
I. Firstly we took the decision on technically already on the 19 th
there, was a slight defect in the charge sheet which caused it to
have it re-signed on the 24 tho
ii. We then could not hold of them, could not get sense of where .
they are and how we serve on them. We then looked at law, the
law says we at the official address of the person, we could not do
it on 27th and then did on 28 th
iii. Hulley would not answer the phone
iv. The decision was taken on the 19 th, but then there was a
technical defect and the sheriff wanted more copies and then
there were small mistakes that Tanda made and I got him to sign
again on the 24th.
v. We tried to get Hulley on the day to arrange a date, but he would
not pick up the phone.
vi. We then we went to the JP's office, the registrar informed us that
the first semester was already fully booked. That is why it was
set down for August.
30. Date 9.1.08 In Feb 2008 LM
8. LM: Can we speak on this line, is it prudent to speak on the phone receives a copy of
an intercept of a call
31. Date 10.1.08 from his cell phone
a. LM: Can we speak on this line (recently published
in a court case)
32. Date 3.4.08
a. Discuss the fact that he had been approached by World Bank and World Bank position
offered thep9sition
33. Da.te 7.4.08 Discuss that the
a. BN: They are going to release you, that's in December, they have President and
known that Minister will release
him for World 'Bank 10

Business Day

Posted to the web on: 06 November 2007

Silence of the Zuma camp

NOT a day passes, it can sometimes

seem, without another monumental silence from the "camp" of ANC presidential contender Jacob Zuma.

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Perhaps it's not that. Zuma's silence might just be a sort of respectful solidarity with a fellow former exile. A chap who recognises - even to the point of supporting Mbeki - that the last thing you can afford to do politically in the ANC right now is to threaten Jackie Selebi in any way. The guy provides all the government's VIP guarding and protection services and there isn't anything he doesn't know.

Perhaps Zuma feels he already has the party leadership in the bag and that it's just a question of waiting for the branches and provinces to make their calls. Last month the race was Zuma's to lose. Is it still?

Perhaps he just doesn't know what to do or, as he so often intimates when asked what his policies as a prospective head of state might be, the ANC doesn't yet have a policy for succession battles. If there's no party policy on a matter, Zuma will have nothing to say about it.

Whatever the case, Zuma looks strangely inept, allowing Mbeki room to manoeuvre despite his troubles. He could pay a heavy price for his inaction, could Zuma. Mbeki's recovering his poise and he's lethal when he's focused.

Mbeki's been campaigning like his life depended on it these past few weeks.

He looks calm, but the heart's racing and the brain's on fire.

Business day: Posted to the web on: 07 November 2007

Mbeki 'knew of' Ngcuka's Zuma claim Karlrna Brown

Political Editor

PRESIDENT Thabo Mbeki knew about former National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) boss Bulelani Ngcuka's plans to inform the nation that the state had a "prima fade" case against former. deputy president Jacob Zuma in 2003.

This startling information is contained in the latest Mbeki biography titled Thabo Mbeki: The Dream Deferred by journalist Mark Gevisser. The information brings into question the separation of powers and the role of the executive in judicial matters.

It also fuels Zuma's claim that the state's case against him was politically motivated, and could well boost the African National Congress CANe) deputy president's chances in his battle with Mbeki for control of the party.

In the book's introduction Gevisser says, "He (Mbeki) had been briefed about allegations against Zuma since at least 2001; in November 2002, he had declined to accept Zuma's offer of resignation."

At the ANC's conference in Stellenbosch in December 2002/ Mbeki defended his declslon to keep Zuma as the deputy of the country, saying he would only act once investigations found substance to the allegations.

Then in August 2003 - after consulting with Mbeki - Ngcuka issued at statement that although there was a "prima facie" case against Zuma, he would not be charged because a court case would be unwinnable.

This prompted angry rebuttals from Zuma that he was being subjected to a politically motivated "trial by media".

Gevisser also wrote that Mbeki had in fact asked Zuma to resign prior to Ngcuka gOing public, but that by this point Zuma's attitude had "hardened".

Former Justice Minister Penuell Maduna, one of the first casualties of Mbeki and Zurna's fallout, told Business Day yesterday that Ngcuka had "informed" him about the statement but that he was unaware the president had been informed.

"He (Ngcuka) explained things to me. He said the matter was not straightforward, but complicated. But I am not aware that the president knew of his plans to make the statement on the fact that the NPA believed it had a 'prima facie' case against Zuma," he said.

Mbeki and Zuma are the frontrunners in the ANC's succession battle, which will be concluded at its December elective conference in Polokwane.

Zuma's run-ins with the law first started when it was revealed he was being investigated in connection with corruption charges relating to his former financial adviser Schabir Shaik, for which the latter was eventually

jailed for 15 years on charges of corruption and fraud. .

Zuma aides told Business Day Gevisser's revelation was "proof" that state agencies were used in the president's battle with Zuma.

"This gives credence that there was a conspiracy especially if you consider that former safety and security minister Steve Tshwete told the country ANC leaders were plotting to overthrow Mbeki. While the minister mentioned Tokyo Sexwale, Cyril Ramaphosa and Mathews Phosa, the real target was in fact Zuma, hence his statement shortly thereafter in which he pledged loyalty to Mbeki," the aide said.

Gevisser says in his book that Zuma and Mbeki were perceived to be "close" but that the relationship soured.

"In such an environment, a war between leaders is a blood feud rather than a power play or an ideological battle."