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Active &

Passive Voice

What is ‘Voice’ and ‘Verb’?
• Voice is the form a verb takes to indicate
whether the subject of the verb performs
or receives the action.
• There are two types of voice: active voice
and passive voice.
1. In active voice sentences the subject
does the action.
Example: Liz played the piano.
2. In passive voice sentences the subject
receives the action.
Example: The piano was played by Liz.

3. Sometimes the doer of the action
is omitted in passive voice sentences.
• Example: The piano was played.
1. The sentence that uses the active
voice is stronger, uses fewer words,
and clearly shows who performs the

2. The sentence that uses the passive
voice is weaker and less direct. It is,
however, not incorrect to use the
passive voice.
Exercise A:
Tell whether the following sentences are in the active or passive voice.
The game had been won by ten points. = active / passive

1. Thomas feeds his dog. ( / passive)
2. The dog is fed by Thomas. (active /
3. The family went to the beach. ( / passive)
4. The letter was written by Marshall. (active /
5. The problem was solved. (active / )
6. The stunt man risked his life. ( / passive)
7. The fire was extinguished. (active / )
8. The car was being cleaned by its owner.
(active/ )
9. It gets cold here during the winter. (active / )

Exercise B:
Rewrite the active voice sentences to passive voice.
Example: Julie answered the question.
(active). = The question was answered by Julie.
1. He opens the door.
2. We set the table.
3. She pays a lot of money.
4. I draw a picture.
5. They wear blue shoes.
6. They don't help you.
7.He doesn't open the book.
8.You do not write the letter.
Exercise B
Example: Julie answered the question.
(active). = The question was answered by Julie.
1. The door was opened by him.
2. The table was set up by us.
3. A lot of the money was paid by her.
4. The picture was drawn by me.
5. The blue shoes was worn by them.
6. Help was not given by them .
7. The book was not opened by him.
8. The letter do not need to be written.