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Missing Link Programme

Nagarama Regional Water Supply Scheme.

Replacement of different dia A.C. Pipeline at various section & Constructing
Staircase for R.C.C. E.S.R. at Nagarama H/W., Lowering, laying & jointing
Distribution & Rising main 90mm dia, Constructing RCC U/G Sump of different
capacity & Constructing 3.00 x 3.00mt Masonry Pump House @ Jorapura, Malavkuvo
& Traj Section.
Schedule showing the approximately quantity of material to be supplied to the contractor at the
specified stores for work to be executed on contract & the rate at which they are to be charged.
Sr. Particulars of materials Qty Rate at which the Issue Place of
No. materials will be charge rate delivery
to the contractor
Rate Unit
1 250mm dia HDPE Pipe. 1550.0 Free of cost Free of 804.00 Alindra /
c PariejH/W.
2 200mm dia HDPE Pipe. 1250.0 Free of cost Free of 530.00 Alindra /
c PariejH/W.
3 400mm dia HDPE Pipe. 2000.0 Free of cost Free of 2093.00 Alindra /
c PariejH/W.
4 90mm dia PVC 6Kg/Cm2 500.00 Free of cost Free of 95.00 Alindra /
Pipe c PariejH/W.

Notes :
(1) The contractor submitting the tender shall see that the ratting schedule "A" are filled

at time of issue of tender.

(2) The contractor while submitting the tender shall provides his own arrangements at

his own cost for loading unloading and transporting and safety to site of work for .

(3) Material not shown in schedule "A" but available with the department will be issued on

request of the contractor (for using in this contract only) at prevailing market rates or

Dept. Issued rate which ever is higher.

(4) All surplus material supplied by the department as mentioned in Schedule "A"

should be handed over by the contractor at the store directed free of cost.

(5) The material mentioned in Schedule "A" shall have to be checked for their correctness

and soundness by the contractor before taking delivery of the material from the
department store.

(6) Clause of 12-A of the "B" form shall be applicable in case of materials to be issue free

of cost to the contractor for in work The rate of free of cost materials are indicated by

Dept. and in case of non return of surplus materials the recovery shall be at double the

issue rate.

(7) Cement is to be brought by the agency of ISI mark of approved brand.

Signature of the Contractor

Executive Engineer,

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