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O Wisdom, O Adonai O Root Of Jesse,

O Key Of David,
and Sceptre of the house
that comest out of the and Ruler of the house which standest for of Israel, that openeth
mouth of the Most High, of Israel, Who didst an ensign of the people, and no man shutteth, and
that reachest from one appear unto Moses at Whom the kings shall shutteth and no man
end to another, and in the burning bush, shut their mouths, Whom openeth, come to liberate
orderest all things and gavest him the law the Gentiles shall seek, the prisoner from the
mightily and sweetly, in Sinai, come to come to deliver us, do not prison, and them that
come to teach us the way redeem us with an tarry. sit in darkness, and in the
of prudence! outstretched arm! shadow of death.

O Dayspring,
O King Of The
O Emmanuel,
Brightness of the yea, and desire thereof! O our King and our
everlasting light, Son of Corner-stone, that makest Law-giver, Longing
justice, come to give light of two one, come to save of the Gentiles, yea, and
to them that sit in man, whom Thou hast salvation thereof, come to
darkness and in the made out of the dust of save us, O Lord our
shadow of death! the earth! God!