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House Rent Agreement

Location of the House: ESR Nest

Door No 1A, Alamelu Mangai Avenue
Veerakeralam ( Thondamuthur Road )

Owner: R.Ambalavanan

Tenant: --------------------

1. The tenant agrees for occupying the house on monthly rent.

2. The rent of the house has been agreed as Rs.3600/- per month and shall be
paid to the owner or his representative before 5th of every month.

3. The maintenance charges as fixed by the association shall be paid to them

by the tenant.

4. The EB charges of the house shall be born by the tenant.

5. The period of agreement is valid for 11 months.

6. If the tenant wants to extend the period of his occupation, the agreement
shall be renewed.

7. If the tenant wants to vacate the house in the middle of the agreement
period, it shall be informed to the owner at least one month in advance and
viz versa.

8. The amount of rent agreed shall be enhanced by 10 percent once in a year.

9. An advance of Rs.20000/- has been agreed by the tenant and shall be paid
to the owner before occupying the house.

10. While vacating the house the advance shall be returned to the tenant by the
owner without any interest.

11. The house shall be maintained without any damages to the soundness or
structure of the building and to the aesthetic appearance.

12.The actual cost for the damages, if any to electrical fittings, plumbing and
sanitary fixtures of the flat will be recovered by the owner from the advance
deposited by the tenant.

12. The house shall be handed over to the owner in the same condition as it was
taken possession.

An amount of Rs.3500/- shall be recovered by the owner for painting and
cleaning of the flat to restore the original condition.

13. If the tenant is using a phone connection it is the responsibility of the tenant
to surrender the phone while vacating.

14. Parking of two wheelers or four wheelers shall not be a hindrance to the
neighbors and the decision of the association is final.

15. Date of advance given by the tenant

16. Date of occupation by the tenant

Signature of tenant Signature of owner

17. Date of vacation by the tenant

18. Advance returned by the owner

Signature of tenant Signature of owner

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