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Sue Alouche,

Creativite Consultants
Mars 2013

Droog design rag chair.
This chair is layered from the
contents of 15 bags of rags.
Each piece is unique; a treasure
Chest of memories.
Let's take it slow...
Sue Alouche
Consultant, workshop facilitator, visiting lecturer, writer.
28 years design strategy experience in London Design Consultancies, such as Terence Conran
Associates, The Design Solution.
Founder of Eureka! "sustainable design" agency in London.
Founder of Crativit Consultants for the last 7 years in France.
Specialisms: branding communications, empathy and aging design.
Workshop facilitator and visiting lecturer for l'Ecole de Design Nantes Atlantique,
Audencia management School and ESC Rennes.
Launch of 1st book jointly written. October 2012. What's the difference that makes the difference?
Carlo Petrini, President and
Founder of the International
Slow Food Movement.

In 1986 he took part in a
campaign against the fast food
chain McDonalds opening
near the Spanish Steps in Rome.

Slow Food Nation: Why Our Food
Should Be Good, Clean, And Fair.

"Where the hamburger
is planted, Roquefort
dies." Carlo Petrini.
The Slow Movement "la dco colo-thique"
Slow food 1986 Carlo Petrini, Italy. Campaign against
fast food.
Slow cities 1999 "Citt Slow" Italy. Festina lente - take
some time to take some time. Tuscany and Umbria.
Slow design 2002 coined by Alistair Fuad-Luke in his
paper 'Slow Design' - a paradigm for living sustainably?"
Slow fashion 2007 (pas "fast fashion" ou "McFashion")
Kate Fletcher UK Centre for Sustainable Fashion.
Slow travel 2008 'A manifesto for slow travel'. Inspir
par Thophile Gautier - 1843. (writer, poet, reactionary
contre "le cult de fast")
Slow living 2009 Beth Meredith and Eric Storm, "Slow
Living - Learning to Savor and Fully Engage with Life".
Slow Tech 2011 Exhibition organised by Henrietta
Thompson, Wallpaper and Protein. 2012. 'Critical
Reection and Future Direction Conference'. Odom,
Banks, Durrant, Kirk, Pierce.

Slow Chair designed by Ronan & Erwan
Bouroullec in 2006/2008. Material inspired by tights.
Ergonomically Cosy and comfortable.

THE slow people...
Alastair Fuad-Luke is an itinerant
sustainable design lecturer, writer and
designer-maker delivering lectures,
workshops and talks in UK and

He sees a new emerging role for
designers in the sustainability debate
as facilitators and enablers.

He is collaborating with Carolyn F
Strauss Founder and Director of
SlowLab to develop slow design
teaching materials.

After completing a degree in
architecture, she began her
professional career exploring the
intersection of design, technology and
cultural research. She is the founder of

The Six Slow Design
" Reveal
" Expand
" Reect
" Engage
" Participate
" Evolve
'Changing the Change, Design Visions, Processes,
Tools.' 2006.
Carolyn F Strauss and Alastair Fuad-Luke.

Reveal. Life before the fridge. Jihyun Ryou "Save food
from the fridge".
experiences lost
or forgotten.
materials and
Gesture workshop Karmenn Franinovic. Experimenting with habitual and unusual sonic
gestures through everyday objects Touch in everyday places "Life without objects" (with
Stefano Mirti and Edoardo Brambilla), Interaction Design Institute Ivrea, 2003
experiences lost
or forgotten.
materials and
Julia Lohmann uses dried kelp from Japan and Ireland, which she
soaks, stretches and varnishes and then uses to create her kelp lamps.
real and
expressions of
artifacts or
"Jam the communication channels." The Social Timer is "the kind of thing your mum would use." A tabletop object
that disables communication for a short amount of time, such as a family dinner. The timers have Facebook and
Twitter symbols on the top like salt and pepper shakers, as a subtle reminder of their purpose. The Social Bomb
forces everyone to take a break by covertly cutting off all forms of technology. Afshin Mehin, Hugo Eccles'.
Exhibit at The Farmers' Museum in Cooperstown, NY, rural craft traditions and slow methodologies in American
history still have such resonance in contemporary making and slow fashion production.
real and
expressions of
artifacts or
Monika Hoinkis humanising the object. Give your umbrella a hug. Your compass
points to you. The lamp you have to support. Toildrops performance, levitating garden.
real and
expressions of
artifacts or
Life is Suite. Imagined stories from the past. Raw Nerve, London.
Icelander, Katrin Svana Ey#rsdttir's Chandelier. A cascade of highly reective glucose droplets requiring no
electricity and lasting 3 months. Use With Care. A rattan basket by Alastair Fuad-Luke tips over if it is lled too fast.
" REFLECT. Artifacts,
experiences which
induce reection.

In a white environment you could enjoy a moment of going slow; with Droog Design, Netherlands,
at the Milan Furniture Fair 2004. Senior people ew in to offer a bite and a drink with their distance
menu. Their service was slow but attentive. This concept is now a pop-up slow cafe.
" REFLECT. Artifacts,
experiences which
induce reection.
Thor Ter Kulve, Amsterdam, was curious as to whether the spaces where he played as a child were still
used by kids today. Kulve printed a map on a pillowcase for the local hotel, so that at the end of a day
exploring, the child can sleep with her/his memories.
" REFLECT. Artifacts,
experiences which
induce reection.
Human Chair needs no materials and it bonds people together. Tread carpet made of
footprints by women artisans in Murcia. Marjoral shop. All by Martin Azua, Basque country.
" Engage -
processes, open
relying on sharing,
transparency of
allowing future
Participate - NairoBits - Buttery Works - Positive Chain Of Events. A Digital Design School where
young people from Nairobi`s slums are trained as web designers and cultural entrepreneurs.
" Participate.
Encourage conviviality,
exchange, social
enhancement of
Photobox, How will digital photo collections be meaningfully experienced over time. A device intended to be used
over many years, which occasionally prints a randomly selected photo from an owners Flickr collection inside of a
wooden chest. Microsoft Research, Carnegie Mellon University, University of Nottingham, Newcastle University.
" Evolve.
The dynamic
maturation of
objects over time.
Looks beyond the
needs of the
present day.
Incredible edible. Todmorton, UK. Les incroyables comestibles Cest une dmarche
entreprise librement par des habitants souverains qui ont souhait se relier entre eux par la
pratique de la culture locale des fruits et lgumes, et le partage de leur rcolte.

" Evolve.
The dynamic
maturation of
objects over time.
Looks beyond the
needs of the
present day.
To conclude: Slow Design is in practice:
" Longer design processes with more time for research, contemplation, real life
impact tests, and ne tuning.
" Design for manufacturing with local or regional materials and technologies or
design that supports local industries, workshops, and craftspeople.
" Design that takes into account local or regional culture both as a source of
inspiration and as an important consideration for the design outcome.
" Design that studies the concept of natural time cycles and incorporates them
into design and manufacturing processes.
" Design that looks at longer cycles of human behavior and sustainability.
" Design that takes into account deeper well being and the ndings of positive
What's next... Slow
Slow Up-rising" by
Canadian rm Ja Studio for
Solar Park South, the
international ideas
competition in Calabria,
Italy. The competition brief
called for a 'Solar Highway'
by re-using Salerno-Reggio
Calabria highway sections
between Scilla and Bagnara
to be decommissioned by
the Italian Highways.
Thanks so much for your attention.

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Sue Alouche
Crativit Consultants
Mars 2013
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