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MCOM Laptop Requirement

You are required to purchase a laptop.

If you declared a major in Journalism and Mass Communication in Fall 2007 or
later, you are required to purchase a recommended Apple laptop.

When do you need it?

Students who are part of the laptop program must purchase a recommended
system upon enrolling in 200-level MCOM courses. The first courses where you’ll
need a laptop are MCOM 210: Newsriting and Reporting, MCOM 220: Intro-
duction to Digital Media, and MCOM 225: Introduction to Digital Production.
You’ll need to purchase your computer and software BEFORE you begin any of
those classes.

What hardware is recommended?

Any Apple laptop meets the requirements of our laptop program. That includes
the MacBook or MacBook Pro lines. The current price for the 13” MacBook Pro
computer plus 3-year warranty is $1,282. We recommend that students upgrade
RAM and hard drive as much as their budget allows.

What software is required?

All students should have a Word-compatible word processor (Apple iWork, Open, or Microsoft Office 2008), a copy of Final Cut Express for video edit-
ing and Adobe Creative Suite CS4 Design Standard Student Edition.

How much does it cost?

Our recommended (13” MacBook Pro) hardware and software bundle totals ap-
proximately $1,650, including a 3-year extended AppleCare warranty.

Where do I buy my computer and software?

SDSU has its own Apple Store online:

1. Go to:
2. Choose any of the listed laptop configurations
3. Add RAM and hard drive space as your budget allows
4. Go to the office in the SDSU Bookstore and order an iWork/Final Cut Express
bundle for $149 and a copy of Adobe Creative Suite Design Standard Edition for

Contact Dr. Matthew Cecil ( if you have any ques-
tions about the program.

Department of
Journalism and Mass Communication