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Holoscendence: Pragmatic Application of Integral Psychology, Therapy, and

Sergey Kupriyanov, MD, PhD in Medicine
(Helsinki, Finland)
Holoscendence is an approach that evokes
the essential (unique) self in both the client and
the facilitator. It allows all participants of the
process to express their individuality in the eye
of Godor True Self.

What is Holoscendence?
Holoscendence is an integral meta-paradigmatic approach to therapy, spiritual practice and
interpersonal communication that is based on Dr. Sergey Kupriyanovs 30-years clinical and life
experience. It goes beyond a set of discrete exercises and offers a seamless integration of the essence
of more than a dozen of different approaches (from gestalt therapy to process oriented psychology
to bioenergetic paradigm to tantric meditations to work with altered states of consciousness in
hypnosis and interpersonal communication and so on). It allows integrating prepersonal, personal
and transpersonal states and structures of consciousness in ones everyday living in order to open
realms of multidimensional relationships with others and Life as such.

The meta-paradigmatic approach of Holoscendence utilizes a wide array of paradigms, methods, and
techniques addressing the entire spectrum of consciousness and being in all quadrants:
Primary method: Holoscendence Method grounded in Integral Psychology Framework
Additional (reinterpreted, updated, enhanced) methods: Transpersonal Gestalt-Therapy and Shadow Work,
Arnold and Amy Mindells Process-Oriented Psychology, A. H. Almaas Diamond Approach,
Narrative Therapy, Ericksonian Therapy, Concentrative (Attention-Based) and Deconcentrative
(Awareness-Based) Meditation, Tantric and Taoistic Subtle Energy Work, Carlos Castanedas Work
with First and Second Attention (concentrated focused awareness and empty primordial awareness),
Family Therapy (including Psychodrama and Family Constellations), Existential Therapy and
multiple other methods across the entire spectrum of consciousness (both states and structures).
Target audience
People from all tiers and walks of life who are interested in improving the quality of their life and
resolving some pressing life issues as well as those who are interested in obtaining means for
maintaining stable nondual awareness while being in the midst of everyday life, work, family
activities. Perhaps, it could be especially interesting to students of Integral Theory, for it is a
pragmatic application of Integral Framework to everyday life, work, and play.

Sergey Kupriyanov, born 1955, graduated as M.D. from the St.Petersburg Medical University;
specialized in psychotherapy with Ph.D. in V. M. Bekhterev Psychoneurological Research Institute.
Worked as Director of Department of Psychotherapy at the Medical University, then as Director of
The Center of Humanistic Psychotherapy and finally in The International Institute for Human
Potential Abilitiesall in St. Petersburg, Russia. Since 1992 works as Director of The East-West
Psychoconsulting Ltd. in Helsinki, Finland, maintaining private practice and facilitating
Holoscendence workshops and extended transformative courses in different cities around the world.
The Holoscendence Approach has been presented at various conferences and events, including 1st
Integral European Conference in Budapest, Hungary (May 2014), the Towards a Science of

Consciousness conference in Stockholm, Sweden (May 2011), and the 13th Annual Conference of
the British Psychological Society, Transpersonal Psychology Section in Cober Hill, England (2009).

Photo: Holoscendence workshop at Integral European Conference 2014 in Budapest, Hungary

Info on Holoscendence in Russian:

In Fall 2014/early 2015 info in English and other languages will be posted to the website: (now under construction)
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You can direct your questions regarding organizing Holoscendence workshops in your country to
Eugene Pustoshkin ( It is also possible to book Sergey Kupriyanov for an
individual Skype session or a personal session in Helsinki (in this case please contact Sergey directly:
Further information:
Kupriyanov S. The Holoscendence Approach for psychotherapy and for advancing personal and
spiritual growth // Transpersonal Psychology Review, Vol. 15, No 2, p. 3537, Spring 2013. Available

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