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round off Tad~a are some articles from PGPD that reflect their expectations fro'm their internships. Tillie will soon tell haw true or false they are or wait. the seniors can tell them right nevm


back from their err .. , imternships. wbile the juniors are gearing up for theirs. It so eeppens that nat every.'thing that y.'ou do during Y'Q.ur internships can be kept secret fo,r long. "One's" friends and unwell-wisbers were prorllpt in sharing what went on where, It so happens that 'We know wh'at y.'Q.u did last summer. and its about time that the rest of us faund out toe.

Sampla situation 1241 Our protagonist is smoking a hukka at mocha when this k arara cere k a walks in (Kinda rhymes) with two mora gorgeous women in tow Our guy almost sprains his back trying to Itaunt the "IIM"K" printed on his t-shlrt.Now poo r-rich blondes, how on God's green earth would they know what an 11M is. aut our uev D'S legendaaarrryy)[ (Rafer: eemey Stinson from HIMYM) smile did tham in and the res! as (hay, is history ;p

'the grapevine is abuzz with oev D'S kaamame in Oelhl Our Khabri teDs us that oev 0 chased anylhing that moved and was nol of his gender, From our vast body of kncwr edge on 'flirt-ships', such romantic desperation peaks before a man makes uie major commitmant in his ~fe_ (And we guessad right his engagement was fast approaching) nev 0 was at it aD day in the office with his HRs and other 11M interns

We are not really sure about the 'smke-rete' of our pinch hitter, but the Capital will remem eer our guy for a long time

Last we heard,Dev Dis planning to writa a book for aD us stags on 'Tha Laqeeennnndaaarrryyy pursuits of an incorrigible f1irt-A guide for Dummies'

?S, can someone make sure nev D'S fiance gets this?? Because as the -Graat" George Bush once said "Forewarned is fore-armed',

extra spice to add to it with the lessons he learnt during the internship. While the rest of the junta was busy with Excel sheets and questionnaires, here was our guy whiling his time away learning the 1-2-3 of Jive with no one else than his own HR

This reaUy helped his productivity at work as these early morning Jive lessons with HR can reaUy give a kick start to the day ahead. As a matter of fact, one fine day, filled with extra vigour he slammed into the coffee table while dancing, causing chips of glass flying all over. Poor HR had \0 hush things and brush it aU up. At

from a dream honeymoon in Switzerland. Our q,lintessen\ial Sardar, JD, did us proud when me made some European colleagues perform bhangra on a busy road. Lost in their romantic revertes.uo and 1·Man once boaroec a bus wrthout any ticket Their ronunes worked to the tee when they had the Iick et-che ck er hoard th e bus and ask them for a UcketActing classes helped as they performed a delibera teinnuendoof innocent ignorance. A German friend, who himself was without any ticket, stepped in and helped them autof the situation by paying his dues and convin cing the tickerchecker to leave our Trojan heroes.

1-Man had his intentions crystal clear right from the beginning. He had to estab~sh his transnational presence by flirting with European girls allthroughou t the tour.mvesuna his efforts into a czech charmer, he was all set for a memorable date with her. And then, all that our 'K'asanova could hear was his heart shattering t opiecswhenhe found hiS czech interest had made out with someone else that very nigh\. But finally nev D got his chandramukhi the very next night when he stumbled upon a Turkish

kby,/Qlk .. ,tMt',MwI""iltlr.1tNSE _t~i"9 8,~<h,....,.ifa..rstom

dinyto SCI'.wing8ull'.a$.,SD .....

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Our very own interns at SET, Mr. A. B, C and 0 outperformed everyone else in developing dangerous liaisions v.ith their female colleagues from some far-off institute dedicated to the cause of advertising thejr communicaticns.

Mr. A,the archetypal decent and shy executive that he is, stayed away from disco par ties and bars while the rest of his team made merry. The one memorable evening thai he spent with his newly-found 'dhang kibnndrIre aoia proper girl) was eventually marred by his inability tc acceot tne invite for an imminent coffee with her I n her solitary apartmert( It all ended up by the girlsayirtg to the boy:"Se careful boy, lest the autcdriv er might rape you on your way home." To which our Mr. A'S adie'l note was: "Madam, please don't pass your fantasies on to the autocnverr

Mr.B has rechristened his name as MS.x'S hubby onlP so intense has hiS fascination and fixatiortwithherdeveiopedoverlheSummerof2009

Mr. C and Mr. 0 have had their own preferences en MSY and MS.Z in spite of carrying on with their earlier commitments. one of them is 'Insiated' and the other got smitten b y a milky-legged beaut)[ eventually waking.lp with a Chikungunya bite

Mr. E, who shared his nighUy accommodations with the SET Team. finally succeeded in his efforts to seduce some hot chrcks at a discotheque when he linaUy had his voluptuous ass passionately grabbed by one of them in the cats-to-mate process

Q) What happens when two gals are sitting together in Class? Ans) Either both study or gossip or both sleep

QJ What happens if God forbid, a guy and a gal sit together in class? Ans) Poetry _:0


'I vow to keep you happy my love

and make your life as free as a dove ccz my bride to be you're my Masakali Bina Masakali kya Malakali'


'You gotitallwrong my dear [have actually only one fear

A happy life requires plenty of money

I don't think you can give enough alimony

MasakatiMatakaliis aD fine

but who will bring bread and wine? Then there is the Question offailh you'll be n timing me with some babe"