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September Newsletter

To be able to add and subtract well,
students need to become fluent with the
addition combinations up to 10+10. In
Grade 2, students learn these combinations
over the course of the year. In this first
number unit, students will be working to
become fluent with the following
combinations: all combinations of 10, any
number plus 1, any number plus 2, near
doubles (5+6), plus 10 ((3+10), plus 9
(3+9). We expect students to be fluent with
all of the addition facts to 10+10 by the end
of Grade 2. Also, practice telling time to the
nearest half hour, along with counting coins
(penny, nickel, dime, quarter) with your
child this month.
Huntersville Elem.
Huntersville, NC

200 Gi l ead Rd.
Hunt er svi l l e, NC 28078
980- 343- 3835

Social Studies
Students will learn about how we rely on
the environment to survive. We will study
how natural and cultural features are
similar and different and the differences
between needs and wants.

Upcoming Events
9/1–No School – Labor Day
9/2-4 – CoGat Testing
9/13–Back to School Buddy Breakfast
9/15–Making IT Happen campaign kickoff
9/16–Chick-fil-a Restaurant Night
9/18–Spirit Store Opens (grades 2-3)
9/20- Galway Hooker Restaurant Night
9/23–Curriculum Night
9/30 – Hat Day


This month we will be discussing the
characteristics of a scientist. Also, we will
study the steps of the scientific process
and construct an experiment.

Huntersville in implementing a new
Literacy program called Balanced Literacy.
This program allows students to explore
particulars of language across multiple
genres including literature, informational
texts and poetry. Students will investigate
the meaning and structure of words
through word work and the different forms
of written language through different forms
of text.
Students will also work with teacher to
provide guidance in a variety of whole class,
small group and partner reading.

Students will have this opportunity to
write daily in their journals. To
demonstrate writing using mentor texts
(Published, student created and teacher
created). Students will learn to write for
different periods of time to compose a
variety of texts, and explore different
genres and formats for a range of
purposes and for different audiences.
*Teachers are in need of “ear bud” head phones for
the classroom. These will be marked with your child’s
name and used for activities on the computers and
IPads throughout the school year.

*In the 14-15 school year students are invited to eat a
free breakfast in the cafeteria each morning. Students
must arrive before 7:30 in order to participate.