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Writing topics Top Notch 2 Unit 1-5

1. Write suggestions to a visitor about how to behave in your country.
- Greetings: Say “Xin chao", shake hands, smile
- Small talk topics: Should: weather, jobs, sports, building
- Shouldn’t: Family, salary, age, religion, sex.
- Business card giving and receiving: In a formal way: 2 hands, read carefully, say thank
- Gesture: Be careful when you use gestures in Vn. Don’t use gestures with older
2. Describe one of your experiences ( frightening, interesting, frustrating, thrilling,
fascinating, disgusting)
Interesting experience: Last summer vacation
I’ve had an interesting experience in my life.
(Use PAST SIMPLE for the following sentences)
- Where/when did you go?
- Who did you go with?
- How long did you stay there?
- What did you do there?
- How was the weather / food/ people?
- Did you meeting someone interesting?
- Did you find something new?
3. Where do you like to see a movie? (At home or in a movie theater)
At home In a movie theater
- Relaxing
- Watch movie with family
- Can stop watching then watch
- Cheap
- Save time
- Nice atmosphere
- Watch with many people
- Better pictures / sound
- New movies
- Communicate with other people
- Have good popcorn.
4. What’s your all-time favorite movie?
- Name of the movie:
- How many times have you seen it?
- Who are the stars of the movie?
- Where/ When was it made?
- Who was the director of the movie?
- What is the movie about? ( Present simple)
- Why do you like it? ( Present simple)
5. Effects of violence in filmsy/ on TV on viewers
- A lot of violence in films: blood, shooting, killing, fighting, racing,….
- Make people more aggressive, easy to get angry and fight
- Affect small children greatly: They often bully younger children, fight at school, break
rules, and disobey parents, disrespect teachers and older people.
- Make people think that violence is a normal part of life. They become insensitive.
- Make people commit crime easily. Many people act like in films, kill like in films.
 Parents should control what their children see and put a limit on the time they
spend on watching movies or films.
6. What factors help you choose a hotel?
- Location: Near the airport / in the city center/ near the entertainment center / by the
- Price : reasonable / cheap  to save money
- Services: clean, good, many services : wake-up service, bellman, minibar, free
internet, laundry,..
- Staff: warm, friendly, helpful
- Facility: TV, large room, nice bathroom, swimming pool.
7. Which factors would influence your choice of a rental car?
- Daily rate: reasonable / cheap
- Type of car: Sports car/ compact car
- Size of car: small enough to travel in the city. It’s easier to find a parking space.
- Pickup location: at the airport
8. Good or bad driving behaviors
Good drivers Bad drivers
- Drive carefully
- Be attentive / pay attention
- Wear seatbelt
- Follow “3-second” rule
- Signal before turning
- Follow traffic laws
- Expect the expected
- Control the speed

- Tailgate to make others go faster
or to get out of the way.
- Make rude gestures at others
- Honk too often
- Flash lights
- Stare angrily at other divers
- Cut others off
- Weave through the traffic
- Drive too slowly
- Speed up
- Drink alcohol before driving
- Eat / answer phone while driving

9. Cosmetic surgery: GOOD and BAD
Advantages Disadvantages
- Fast
- effective
- done by doctors
- save time
- Painful / hurt
- Take time to recover
- Expensive
- Dangerous for health
- Have to retake the surgery after a
short time
- If it is not successful, it will be
very dangerous
10. What’s the best way to improve your appearance?
- Go on a diet
- Exercise
- Have a healthy lifestyle
- Be happy
- Eat healthy food
- Get enough sleep
11. Inner and outer beauty
Inner beauty Outer beauty
- Last longer even when health and
youth have gone
- Have no cultural and
geographical boundary . ( You are
kind and good here. Everywhere
you are kind and good)
- Have many friends and many
people love you.
- Can’t be changed
- Last a short time
- Can be made/ changed by some
- Not enough

Unit 6-10

12. Do you think people are eating healthier or less healthy food than they used to?
a. I think people are eating healthier than they used to.
- Now there are more kinds of foods
- There are a lot of fresh foods. Foods are kept fresh for a long time thanks to fridges /
- People can produce more foods than they used to
- Foods can be transported to many different parts of the world. Vietnamese can eat
Korean kimchee
b. I think people are eating less healthy food than they used to
- People don’t eat much fresh food. They eat a lot of fast food
- People use fertilizers and pesticides to grow foods. Foods are sometimes poisonous.
- People are busy; they don’t have time to cook. They sometimes have to eat out.
Foods are not as healthy as home-cooked foods.
13. Favorite food, introduce it to your friends
Pho Hanoi
- Many kinds of PHO: Chicken pho, beef pho
- Best: Beef Pho with different kinds: Rare Beef, cooked beef, onion fried beef, …
- A mixture of beef, rice noodles and some kinds of vegetables, lemon, pepper and
specially cooked water.
- It tastes delicious, unforgettable
- It is good for our health, easy to eat and easy to cook.
- It is best to eat for breakfast.
14. Do you think birth order can affect a person’s personalities?
Yes. Birth order can affect a person’s personalities
- The oldest child often grows up fast. Follow rules. He is successful. He works hard and is
responsible, because he thinks that he is a mirror for his younger brothers and sisters.
- The middle child often breaks rules. He is rebellious and a black sheep of the family. He thinks he is
not important. He has a lot of friends.
- The youngest child is the baby of the family. He is creative, funny. He grows up
slowly. He often shows off.
15. Artistic talent is from nature or hard work?
From hard work
- Not all talented artists have natural talent
- Most of famous artists are successful from working hard
- Some people have artistic talent but they don’t work hard, they never become
talented artists.
- For example: the artist Van Gogh, Picasso, ……they worked very hard and very
- The right side of our brain controls our artistic ability. Our ability can be learned and
trained to become better.
16. Disadvantages of Internet
- There is too much information. It’s difficult to know which is good and which is bad.
- There are a lot of black websites. They affect young people.
- There are a lot of hackers. It is easy to lose our important information.
- There are a lot of viruses. They harm our computer.
- Young people may addict Internet, play games online. They don’t have much time for
study and other activities.
- People don’t meet each other often because they communicate on Internet.

Although, the Internet has much benefits, it has much problems. There is much information on
the internet.
17. What would you do if you found a rich wallet on the street? What would you do if you had to make an
ethical choice? (Are you honest or dishonest in ethical situations?)
I’m honest in ethical situations.
- If I found a rich wallet on the street, I would return it to its owner.
- That is a right thing I should do
- I would feel comfortable, honest to myself
- My friends would love and respect me.
- The wallet isn’t mine. I can’t use it for myself.
- Its owner works hard to have it. If I used the money, it would be wrong. My friends
would hate and look down on me. I couldn’t teach my children to be honest.
- I love to see how happy the owner would be when I returned it.

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